Nokia's first Windows Phone, codenamed Sea Ray, gets caught on camera

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| June 23, 2011

Nokia Sea Ray Windows Phone 7

Like what you saw in the Nokia N9 the other day, but wish it had more of a Windows Phone 7 vibe to it? You're in luck, my friend, as photos and videos of Nokia's first WP7 device have shown that it looks positively N9-ish. As you can see in the video below, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop asked folks to put away their cameras and not take any photos or videos of the device, a request that you know at least one person will ignore, and then showed off the handset that's said to be codenamed "Sea Ray." The phone is running WP7 Mango and, while it does look a lot like the recently unveiled N9, there are a couple of differences to be aware of. On the Sea Ray, the LED flash is placed differently than the N9, and the Sea Ray also features a physical camera key along its side that's not at all present on its MeeGo-powered brother. Check out the clip of Elop revealing the Sea Ray below.

The N9's hardware was loved by many, so it's pretty exciting to see that Nokia has decided to carry that design over to its first Windows Phone 7-powered handset. Of course, we don't know when or if the Sea Ray will actually make it U.S. shelves, so for now we'll just have to drool over it from afar. What do you all make of Nokia's first Windows Phone? Do you like the fact that it looks basically like an N9 but runs Microsoft's mobile OS?

Nokia Sea Ray side

Nokia Sea Ray rear

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