If you are an Android user, raise your hand.  Now put it down before anyone wonders what your problem is.

Ah, Android.  What a great mobile OS.  We love that it comes in all shapes and sizes and that there are so many free and wonderful apps.  But live with Android for a while and you may start to feel a bit tired of it. Well, not Android itself but rather the version of Android you are stuck with.  Official upgrades for these Google smartphones have proven to be more illusive than was on the bill of sale and you may be just as frustrated by that as...84.5% of the other Android owners.

So, that upgrade to the Chocolate-covered-ice-cream-with-hazel-nuts version of Android that you thought you would get has been delayed; perhaps indefinitely.  Now what?  Well, one option would be to rant and rave in every forum you can find (while maintaining a brave face for your iPhone-owning co-workers) or dive into installing a custom ROM. ROM dive!

I should probably just throw in here that if you decide to try installing ROMs PhoneDog is not responsible for anything that may happen...cause something bad might!  Generally, you can get out of most sticky ROM crises but if you aren’t prepared to shelve your phone you probably shouldn’t bother.

For those that don’t know, a ROM is generally a customized version of Android and will often be an updated version of the OS itself.  There tend to be many different flavors for any particular phone as there will be many developers with their own take on Android nirvana.  You will need to do your research to figure out which version to use.

For phones that are dead-ended on Android updates - something that happens FAR too frequently - this may be the only way for you to maintain that puppy love with your smartphone for the long haul, or at least for the length of your contract.

Flashing a custom ROM should NOT be taken lightly.  Some phones are a breeze to ROMify while others will require...a geeky friend.  You will have to unlock, root and then flash your ROM but that may be a nasty go for some.  But once you have that shiny new OS on your phone you get to jump up and down clapping your hands...if no one is watching.

Now, here is where the problems start.  Ah, you thought you were done, right?  I’m here to tell you that your problems have only just begun.  Sure, if you did everything right your phone works better than new but now you have tasted the coolaid, and it is gooood!  Your evenings will now be consumed with pouring over forums to decide on which ROM to try next.  Which one looks better, or at least newer that that one-week-old ROM you flashed?  Wait!  There’s a ROM that has the system font as Comic Sans!  And that one over there has a Teal theme rather than the greenish blue one from yesterday!

No, the problem with ROMs is not the install, the problem is the addiction that results from your first taste.  If you decide to try installing a custom ROM just be warned!  You are committing to far more hours than you think...but will probably have a mad-scientist smile after each successful install.

Happy ROMifying!  You’ve been warned!

Image via Cyanogenmod

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Brendon Birky
Brendon Birky phone dog is the best to learn about phone and plabooks
Barker Benjamin
Barker Benjamin companies should have their phone UI's be as customizable as the peeps that build them out
James Myers
James Myers HTC inspire 4g running HTC flyer port running at 1936ghz
Shamarien Harris
Shamarien Harris Wellz... Im sooooo addictied to Android Phone! I need one REALLY Bad!
Frank Rivera
Frank Rivera :D add me people!!!!!
Rilo Leighton
Rilo Leighton So many happy Android users... Of course, I'd be way too terrified to root my phone when I get it, lol. :)
Zach Cline
Zach Cline I can't root my droid x since the gingerbread update. But I'm sure devs are working on that as we speak. Then I'll probably root again.
Muhammad Bin Tabassum
Muhammad Bin Tabassum My froyo on inspire 4G was flawless and perfect and so stable it never crashed and I thought I had the best Rom ever till I rooted and got leedroid :D I never knew it could get even faster and more customizable :o
Noah Beiter
Noah Beiter I was addicted, until I found me the best ROM, now my incredible is loving up some sense 3.0 :)
William Martin
William Martin I love flashing
Zac Luna
Zac Luna Yeah I'm seeing this on my cm7 vibrant
Mark Schleupner
Mark Schleupner Nope. After getting the gingerbread update for my DROID X, I am very happy!
Richard Allen
Richard Allen Posting from Droid X CM7 nightly #10. Nuff said.
George Buickus Jr
George Buickus Jr Yup, my son showed me his phone after he rooted and flashed a Rom and that got me hooked!
Zach Cline
Zach Cline Nope.
Sam Rick
Sam Rick guilty as charged!
Utkarsh Sharma
Utkarsh Sharma Yup..
Utkarsh Sharma
Utkarsh Sharma Yup..
Leonardo Mico
Leonardo Mico Yes! I hate it. I'm tired of finding a ROM that works well. Google needs better quality control.
Patrick Rhodes
Patrick Rhodes Of course I'm reading this on my cm7 captivate...
Jeff Alamillo
Jeff Alamillo Yes...yes I am -___-
Zach Cline
Zach Cline Some android devices are more than the iphone. I get so sick of hearing that.
Sergio Nayar
Sergio Nayar Yeah, I want my Atrix ROM fix now!!!
Vlad Valentine McBride
Vlad Valentine McBride Android 2.2 does a great job pretty much same thing as the new 2.3 or whatever but with different makeup
Michael Spotts
Michael Spotts @marrion like customization and widgets?
Kevin Pizana
Kevin Pizana I was addicted bad....I had 7 on my phone in the 1st 3 days....I miss my of Droid cause it was so easy to do....
Sunny Patel
Sunny Patel Is there a cm7 running 2.3.4 for.mytouch 4g , and if so hows the battery life ?
Ryan Hunter
Ryan Hunter CM4D2 FTW!!
Daniel Andrus
Daniel Andrus Grabed the EVO 3d today and frankly I can't wait to root and load custom roms, however will say that Sense UI is rather nice out the box.
Patrick Finch
Patrick Finch Acs syndicate frozen 1.2 with honeycomb 2.0 theme....epic 4g....
Michael Spotts
Michael Spotts Ifags need to stop trying to compete. HTC EVO running kings Rom
Harold M. Goldner
Harold M. Goldner Guilty. Nearly a dozen different ROMs since January.
Marrion Bell
Marrion Bell IPhone is shitin on android cuss what ever android does iPhone does too plus without freezing
KoDy Designed ByCrime
KoDy Designed ByCrime Nope touch wiz is all I need :-)
Gilbert Ramirez Lomeli
Gilbert Ramirez Lomeli Android rules. Iphones cost too muchhhh
Ravivardhan Prakash
Ravivardhan Prakash Megatron
Jon Jerico Calanio
Jon Jerico Calanio
Alycia Smith
Alycia Smith I put froyo on a backflip w a rom
Mick de Raad
Mick de Raad Come on people, you're all way ahead of time..! Slow down people.. MS DOS for the win!
Lim WK
Lim WK My name is Lim, and I am Flash -a- holic ...;)
Jon Jerico Calanio
Jon Jerico Calanio I wonder OC kernels interact with Tegra 3 and quad-core phones. I smell 2.0-2.2 GHz overclock for massive giggles.
Cyr Parlapiano
Cyr Parlapiano I want to root a Droid 3 and Oc to 2004mhz stable with an extended battery and a cm7 2.3.4 rom and play chrono cross perfectly
Cyr Parlapiano
Cyr Parlapiano No i can't root evo gb!
Jon Jerico Calanio
Jon Jerico Calanio CM7 represent!
Melvin Mejia
Melvin Mejia Who cares IPHONE RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!
Josh Foster
Josh Foster hi my name is josh.....and im addicted to rom flashing
Paul Davis
Paul Davis Loving 2.3.4 on captivate
Basil Mahmud
Basil Mahmud BAMF Sense 3.0 ROM!
Pierce Swan
Pierce Swan Biwinning V3 with BaliX overclocked undervolted kernel. Sticking with this set up.
Tony Abiama
Tony Abiama As of late, I really am... It's almost sad, almost ;-)
Christopher Johnson
Christopher Johnson Don Nadon ;P
Jeremy Schneider
Jeremy Schneider depending on the time of the day and what town I'm, its either MIUI, MikG, or a nightly of the Synergy Rom for Evo.
Kemal D Ebanks
Kemal D Ebanks HTC Sensation needs to be unlocked, I need roms
Bas Verhoog
Bas Verhoog Hell yeah I am. If anything, I'm addicted to flashing :P
Dan Endthoff
Dan Endthoff Yes! I switched to WP7 to break the habit.
Dominique House
Dominique House Syndicate 1.1.1
Frank Mendoza
Frank Mendoza Gotta love gingerbread and sense 3.0 on my inspire 4G
Ernesto Moreno
Ernesto Moreno roms are the best I love mexdroid mod on the HTC G2.
Fonzy Paniagua
Fonzy Paniagua Yes i flash roms like no other on my HD2 >.
Bryan Sandoval
Bryan Sandoval Yep running bionix 1.3.1 now had bionix nextGen v2 earlier this week gotta love tw Tom's.
Luis Robles Figueroa
Luis Robles Figueroa What are saying you are getting tired of Android. My ears can believe what I hearing.
Christopher E. Truty
Christopher E. Truty Flashing cm7 destroyer v2 for my evo tonight!
Rc Cavin
Rc Cavin I'm tired of Android. Didn't even have it for a year.
Steve Catti
Steve Catti TB+GingerTh3ory=Awesome
Terrance Thompson
Terrance Thompson The Captivate on Cog5 GB is awesome! Cog5 beta 3 on the way soon. All Att bloat gone and have awesome features, non market app install, reboot and into recovery on power of button
Paul Yoon
Paul Yoon Cm7 is all I ever use.
Terrance Thompson
Terrance Thompson Just flashed Cognition 5 Gingerbread 2.3.3 on my Captivate and this baby is humming to a new tune!! Smooth as butter
Steven Davis
Steven Davis Yep currently running the com rom 2.1 on my fascinate w/voodoo
Frank Pagel
Frank Pagel Jailbreak iPhone 4! Lol FTW
Shawn Meadows
Shawn Meadows Yes!!!!!
Luc Rohan Stuart Vincent
Luc Rohan Stuart Vincent *well
Luc Rohan Stuart Vincent
Luc Rohan Stuart Vincent I've been flashing TB roms to get a good one for battery life. The Das Bamf remix rom works wekk
Carol Conway Fleisher
Carol Conway Fleisher I <3 to flash my roms
Brian Jones
Brian Jones I was guilty but I've finally settled on MIUI for my EVO.
Robert Zurita
Robert Zurita i flash at least 3x a day, but im not addicted i can stop i swear....................lol
Danny Blau
Danny Blau i was. then i ditched android and went to WP7. don't regret it at all.
ManGuy DudeBro
ManGuy DudeBro Very. Very guilty.
Mike Mota
Mike Mota Absolutely, love having new features and small little tweaks here and there. I make the phone how I want it, not how I'm told to use it...apple..cough* cough*
Bryce McSherry
Bryce McSherry I would be but support for the Vibrant is falling off so I'm running low on new roms
William Lai
William Lai Yeah! CM7 nightly on my nexus one!
Brian Edwards
Brian Edwards Crackflasher here.... to the point I've made my own OC/UV kernel for the infuse over at XDA.......
Steve Moore
Steve Moore Um, yup.
Mark Navarro
Mark Navarro My name is mark and yes I am a Rom a holic.
Richard Remigio
Richard Remigio yes will all, with cm7, miui, sense, and xperia i have flash so many roms is crazy i have spend a whole day just flashing rom. but i love htc sense and vanilla stock roms
Carlos Alberto Nava Piedra
Carlos Alberto Nava Piedra Hi, Derek xD
Kourosh Parsee
Kourosh Parsee Just flashed my Incredible S with CM7 today haha
Dalton Aeschlimann
Dalton Aeschlimann yes...
Joe Bove
Joe Bove Who isnt? Flash new roms everyday ... I had 7 different roms flashed in a day... Driving on the freeway. To right on the toilet... Straight up!
Benjamin Wilson
Benjamin Wilson Nope. I just stay with CM7. Rom Manager Premium keeps me up to date.
Derek Lombardi
Derek Lombardi Hi, My name is Derek and I'm addicted to flashing CM nightly builds on my Nexus One
Thomas Carullo
Thomas Carullo I get bored quicker than I'd like to be.apex, liberty, stock...it pretty much goes day to day..DX
Dominic Jessup Reid
Dominic Jessup Reid uhhh...yeah!
Luis Reich
Luis Reich Hahaha... Uhmmm yes. Flashing new roms on tbolt all the time
Emul Myguy Perez
Emul Myguy Perez Man I had numarus iphone for years it Gita be da best I switch to android a couple times but its deff not worth it android messes up all da time, iPhones the mother of touch screen phones
Nnandi Cason
Nnandi Cason i find this funny because im putting cyanogen on my phone right now
Buddy Rikard
Buddy Rikard yep!
Sunny Patel
Sunny Patel Yes I flashed a lot before finding the perfect one...now my phone is phenomenal~mytouch 4g running royalginger v2.1 android 2.3.4 1300mhz

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