Do you suffer from mobile OS fatigue?

Evan Selleck
Contributing Editor from  Arizona
| June 25, 2011

If you’re not just a fan of your mobile phone, and you love to dabble in other mobile operating systems, then you have probably suffered from fatigue in one part of your life or another. This is probably something that the majority doesn’t suffer from, considering the majority tends to keep their phone for two years. Or, perhaps that means that the majority do indeed suffer from fatigue, even more so than someone who gets a new phone all the time. It’s a serious issue, and one that can change lives forever.

All right, it’s probably not that serious. Or, even close. But to those who don’t mind keeping one phone for an extended period of time, seeing someone go through more than one phone in a span of months may seem like a problem. Especially when it comes to the money situation, considering that buying a phone out-right is usually the easiest way to get a new phone, without having to deal with a new contract. To those who don’t care about having the latest and greatest (when it’s the latest and greatest), getting a new phone and paying a (usually) ridiculous amount of money for it just doesn’t make sense.

The first step is acceptance, and the truth is, I suffer from mobile OS fatigue. I’ve been in the mobile industry for quite some time now, and I’ve seen and used almost every major (and minor) operating system out there. Through those trials and tribulations, I’ve discovered that there will always be significant aspects to each and every mobile OS out there that I absolutely love, and absolutely hate. Truthfully, it’s not just about fatigue, but also about withdrawals. Because despite how much I may love Android, there’s just something about BlackBerry OS that pulls me away. Or, what I may dislike about HP’s webOS, Microsoft’s Windows Phone may offer.

And that’s the great thing about choice. That, despite the fatigue that will inexorably set in in an undetermined amount of time after me obtaining a new phone, I know that there’s always going to be something else out there that offers me whatever it is I’m missing in that particular platform. But, while withdrawals for one mobile OS are a big deal, it’s the fatigue that will kill ya’. Truthfully, the more fatigued you grow of a particular OS, the more jaded you become to all of them. Because, if you’re a fan of iOS, but there’s just one part of it you can’t stand, then even when you get something that does exactly what you want, you’ll find something else that makes you just as unhappy. Probably a lot faster than you did with the first OS.

The fatigue can impair your judgment regarding an OS, but most importantly, it can prevent you from truly enjoying your mobile OS of choice. Because let’s face it, folks. Even if you sign a new two-year contract to get your new phone, it’s not a permanent decision. Those two years will fly by, if you decide to hold off and wait the full length of your contract before getting a new phone. And hey, if you decide to bite the bullet and get a new phone beforehand, then you know you can do it again.

My fatigue has made me have more phones this year (and we’re barely crossing the mid-point here) than I can count. It’s made me go back to a phone multiple times, and it’s made me get rid of a phone just after days of use. But it’s this same fatigue, coupled with the withdrawals I talked about earlier, that makes it possible for me to enjoy (and dislike) each and every mobile OS the same. Truthfully, I don’t believe any of them stand out all that much from the competition. But that’s only because I have choice, and I know I can go to any one of those mobile operating systems whenever I want, if I make the conscious decision.

So do you suffer from mobile OS fatigue? Have you gone through a plethora of handsets in a year, or are you someone who suffers through one device for an extended period of time? Let me know where you stand in the comments below.