Google+ aims to help you better connect with friends and family, Android app now available

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: June 28, 2011

Google+ Android app

Time to get our dirty mitts on another new Google project! The search giant today unveiled Google+, which aims to be a sort of social network that helps users to easily communicate with their friends and family. Google+ has a few main features worth checking out, including Circles, which allows you to selectively share information with your own different groups of people; Sparks, which gives a user a steady stream of popular Web content based on his or her interests; Hangouts, a type of group chat (including video) that allows users to sign in and interact with their Circles; and a Mobile aspect that gives folks the opportunity to add location data to every post, instantly upload photos to a private album in the cloud, and the chance to sign into a group chat room called Huddles whenever they're feeling chatty.

Google+ is currently in beta and invite-only, but you can sign up right here to be alerted when Google's ready to hand out more invitations. There's also a Google+ Android app available now in the Market for users on Android 1.6 or above. Google says that an iOS app will be coming soon. Check out clips of Google+ and the Mobile aspect of the service in action below.

Google+ definitely sounds like an ambitious project, although it remains to be seen if it'll truly take off or if it'll be a repeat of Google Buzz. The service has the potential to be big, especially if you've got a lot of connected friends and family. We'll just have to wait until Google begins sending out more invites to find out how people feel about Google+, but there's no mention of exactly when we can expect more people to be admitted. Time to cross our fingers and wait, I suppose. What do you all make of Google+? Does it sound like a service you'd get a lot of use out of?

Via PhoneScoop, Official Google Blog