AT&T HTC Status

And so the pre-official announcement, leaky life of the HTC Status on AT&T continues. First we were treated to a press image of the HTC ChaCha bearing an AT&T tattoo above its display and then it was rumored that the device would be making its way to Ma Bell's shelves as the "HTC Status." Today a photo of the Status in the wild has emerged, proudly displaying its blue Facebook button for all to see. The screen isn't on in the image, which is kind of a bummer, but at least we've got a nice physical QWERTY keyboard to examine, right?

There's still no word on exactly when AT&T plans to launch the Status or how much it'll be charging for the messaging/social network-centric smartphone when it does, but you can bet we'll update our status to let you know more when we do. Stay tuned.

AT&T HTC Status


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"With all of the cool smartphones out there, do you think the HTC Status will sell?"

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Marrion Bell
Marrion Bell Fuck att they ain't got no type of service
Tejas Karande
Tejas Karande I agree completely
Shabbir Ahmed
Shabbir Ahmed it should....
George Craig
George Craig For hardcore FBer's yes. That form factor really sucks though.
Ahmed Jamal Ibraihimi
Ahmed Jamal Ibraihimi Instead of launching new models every week y doesn't all phone manufacturers launch just 2 or 3 devices every year, and put all their resources in making those devices standalone devices, so that they sell more. This wll also confuse the customers less in terms of choice.......... I thnk strategy of Apple in this regard is best, that's the reason their device sell well and even customers wait for next release, as they know their device will be upto standard even if they have sum less functionalities.........
Sergio Nayar
Sergio Nayar Yes, to each its own!
Jason Allen Lucas
Jason Allen Lucas Its htc of course, the only thing that might hinder it is that its on att.
Carlos Armendariz
Carlos Armendariz I dont think so its too ugly i think the evo is better
Abraham Arciniega
Abraham Arciniega the facebook phones suck. Just sayin'
Patrycja Mazur
Patrycja Mazur IPhone...seriously?!?
Jordan Brown
Jordan Brown No. There hasn't been a really impressive phone since the iPhone.
Albert Tavarez
Albert Tavarez Nope
Tom Parker
Tom Parker It will only sell well if you rebrand it as a iPhone. Lol
Steve Moore
Steve Moore Its a chick phone.
Daniel Galletti
Daniel Galletti htc is honestly in my opinion one of the best phone companies in the world today they are known for excellent build quality and great innovation. Unlike apple they love new things apple is always the same which is boring. And that I've heard apple wants to be like android which is the key market of HTC apart from windows phone7. HTC to me is the best company. I have the evo and couldn't ask for a better phone. That until I saw the evo 3d haha. But all in all congrads to HTC and the technoligy breakthrough they have brought upon the world.
Clint Gamache
Clint Gamache Teens.
Phyleece Young
Phyleece Young you guys need to teens, moms and yes grandmoms just a wee bit more credit.
Steve Williams
Steve Williams doubt it with the iphone 4 and infuse 4g available
Brian Kedersha
Brian Kedersha Yes, their market are a ruthless population who get what they want, teenage girls!
Jon Recinos
Jon Recinos Of course it will sell. It's a blackberry with a touch screen and a facebook button. True, the button is mostly a gimmick, but it's still great for marketing.
Christopher Manic Johnson
Christopher Manic Johnson Not everyone wants a dual-core slate, & the ChaCha is still nicely spec'd, plus it comes w/ Gingerbread. Let's not get jaded ppl....
Michael Rich
Michael Rich No
AleXander WaTson
AleXander WaTson Yup...of course
Tony Baird
Tony Baird It will I like htcs but I just got I blackberry cuvre
Fan OfDreaming
Fan OfDreaming I think it will sell well with the teenagers that use Facebook that much.
Steven Bucklew
Steven Bucklew A what?
Hansel Starley
Hansel Starley I work selling covers and people just come and ask me if I have a cover for an HTC. Just the brand name makes them happy.
Gordon Christie
Gordon Christie Only to those fed up of blackberry.
Kevin Choi
Kevin Choi Yes.
Ashish Upadhye
Ashish Upadhye noooooooooooo !

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