One of the main draws to Google’s mobile operating system, Android, is its level of customization. It’s no secret that the manufacturers out there do their best to bring Android on a whole new level with each new high-end device, featuring the latest software (hopefully) and plenty of alterations to the user interface to make them interesting, especially when compared to the competition. For HTC and Samsung, their custom and proprietary user interfaces are some of the most popular, leading them to some of the highest sales of Android devices to date. If a new report pans out, then it looks like Samsung is going to have the ability to start tweaking another mobile OS here in the future, called webOS.

When Palm launched webOS, the praise was well received. But through the years that the mobile OS has been available, there have been plenty of people waiting to get their hands on new hardware. Unfortunately, even after HP acquired Palm, we’ve got the Pre 3 and Veer, both of which take plenty of aesthetic cues from their predecessors. So, if HP won’t provide “new” hardware, then perhaps it would be wise to let other manufacturers dabble in a little webOS goodness.

That looks to be exactly what’s happening, according to a new report. HP’s CEO Leo Apotheker has said in the past that HP was in talks with various companies to license webOS to their hardware. We are now hearing that those talks are still on-going, and Samsung’s name was thrown in there as one of the potential companies. Samsung is no stranger to utilizing multiple operating systems to further their presence in the mobile market. The company is not only strong in the Android world, but their presence in the Windows Phone market is notable as well. So for Samsung to start using webOS isn’t a surprise, but it could potentially be a dream come true for a lot of folks.

Samsung has begun to make hardware a focus of their handsets in the recent years. We’ve seen a constant rise in the statistics for their handsets, especially when it comes to the high-end devices. As the picture above suggests, seeing webOS on a Samsung Galaxy S II-like device, with all of the specifications thrown in there, would be drool worthy. Especially with the latest version of webOS tucked inside, the mobile OS would fly along at a quick pace, and multitasking on the device would be a breeze. webOS is a mobile OS that’s perfect for a device like the Galaxy S II or any other handset like it – and people want differentiation in their devices.

But the big question is: will Samsung be allowed to customize webOS at all? If the company does indeed bring webOS under its umbrella, and we start seeing Galaxy S II-like devices promoting the mobile OS from HP, will we see customized user interfaces, too? The proprietary UI that’s pasted over Android is called TouchWiz UI, and it would be very interesting to see that same UI attached to webOS. It would be interesting to see how well the UI, let alone any in-depth customizations to the OS from Samsung play with the inherent layout of webOS and its card-based system. Could TouchWiz UI even be used effectively?

If you’ve used webOS, and if you’ve taken a look at the jailbreaking scene, then you know that webOS can indeed be themed. But the level of customization that TouchWiz UI could bring to the table would be entirely different for webOS and it could indeed breathe a breath of new life into the mobile OS. Specifically, it wouldn’t be necessary to jailbreak the device to have access to customizations, and that would mean more general customers will be interested in taking a look at it.

If Samsung pulls the trigger on using webOS and we see devices in early 2012, it will be exciting to see what high-end hardware gets put together with the high-end software. Whatever new version(s) of webOS come out in that time will just make the whole deal that much sweeter. But what do you think of the prospect of Samsung getting to use webOS? Should they do it? Should they customize webOS if they are allowed to? Or should they leave it alone? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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"Should Samsung customize webOS?"

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Ben Conover They should stick to touchwiz on android. That looks good. :)
James von Veit WebOS is cool. I have Android, iPhone 4 and a spanking new iPad2 and I regret the 2 months I had the Palm Pre because of its design. While I enjoyed webOS, all three platforms are smooth and multi- task delights, regardless if its in the form of cards or a app window behind the current running app or web page. unless you have a bad case of ADD, who cares as you can only concentrate on the one you're working with and when you're done you close it and work on the page behind it. these webADD fanatics want to open all their apps and tell the world, then they probably forget which card they were interested in the damn first place. webOS is nice but the creator worked at Apple if I'm not mistaken and probably got the idea from the think tanks at Apple. Everyone copies Apple. Bill Gates bought DOS, then over a matter of a decade completely imitated MacOS. Apple are the Yankees of silicon valley and we all know mostly everyone hates the Yanks. I'm no fanboy. I like my DROID X & X2, HTC Incredible, even the Samsung Galaxy S all better than the iPhone 3 & 4 but I know without Apple, these other platforms probably don't exist. HP over paid for a good mobile OS but HP Sony and everyone copies the best. Apple. they just release their technology slowly to milk every dollar out of their faithful, the questionable crazies that camp out for a device with two different features than the last iThingamajig. There, I can sleep better. btw, I'm on my sixth MacBook Pro going back to power books but I walked right in. Didn't wait on any lines then and won't ever.
Samuel Toles Yes there should be a BIG change...lol I don't even use samsung phones
Fahad Wahid Yes it sucks SANDY BALLS
Kristoffer Bertelsen just let htc do the work plzz...
Haider Alshamma NOOOO,, the last thing I want is touchwiz on top of webOS..
Craig Allen It's pretty awesome on it's own!
Nic Kolas htc should
Henry Guerrero @Lizardo Gonzalez Jr. haha until the next iphone comes out right?! it's crazy how apple can make you buy
Lizardo Gonzalez Jr. Screw you nerds!!! iphone4 all fucking day!!!
Angel Miguel Peguero u cant thats not android lol
Sandy Lloyd Jr I hate all overlays. Google designed Android perfectly. Why reduce the usefulness of an os with pathetic attempts to "customize" an already beautiful design. I own a Nexus One, and I must say I couldn't see myself switching to touchwiz, motoblur or sense. As far as webOS, I don't care. I am vanilla Android fan all day!
Shawn Hazel no but they will make it look and work just like ios. remember theyre just "customizing"
Sergio Nayar NO!!! Touchwiz is so lame!
Sonny Waraich Touchwiz 4.0 on the galaxy s2 is way better than their previous version. I couldnt stand the captivate, but i now ive been using the galaxy s2 for almost a.month and its grown on me. So it'll be interesting to see a smasung phone running webos software
Brian K Smith Samsung needs to focus on the galaxy phones and update them to the latest version of android. Touch wiz needs updating, let web os as it is.
Hansel Starley Good for Samsung and HP, The more competition the better. That being said, I really want to see a Focus 2.
Luciano Ace Escobedo Webos on iPhone :o
Fahad Waraich I don't know why everyone is discussing that Samsung should customise WebOS. Does Samsung really have the creativity to design or customise the UI? It didn't do any wonders with the Android. It simply copied iOS. First, I don't think that there is a need to customise WebOS but if it needs to be customised then I think none can do it better than HTC. They offer the best UI in Android. Even Samsung's hardware designs are not worth mentioning. Simply putting a faster dual-core processors in a hardware doesn't make a phone look good and that's what Samsung does. They had just one design for their Galaxy phone and that's being carried on constantly...No changes. While HTC offers a variety of hardware designs and they are aesthetically good looking.
Phillip Bauman Even though I hate when companies customize UI without companies customizing UI's, the UI environment in question will eventually become stagnant and boring. Just think if every Android phone on the market used the stock UI, there would be no differentiation and the Android environment would become boring
Danu Carrión Perales Why are there morons still crying about not having froyo on their samsung devices? In fact theres even gingerbread for them already its no ones fault that your carriers suck ass now stop biyching about it and flash them for yourselves instead of being lazy you tards... anyways, if samsung puts the new touch wiz 4.0 like they did on android on webos it should look nice, the transitions and menus are really cool, not to mention pretty nice and fluid
Nick Kalman Samsung should stay away from webOS. HTC should customize it but not Samsung.
Zach Ortstadt No. What webOS should do is get more developers so I can get better apps. Please I can't find anything useful. Get some iPhone apps to the catalog
Akash Sukhija yes yes yes... The new Touchwiz is really cool...!
Gordon Christie No leave it alone just send the android 2.3.4 update please
Kalob Martinez NOOO!!!touchwiz sucks!!however sense would look AMAZING!!:)) do it please!!
Darryl Mouzone For the love of Odin NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
Ramon Quintero Nobody should customize anything. They just ruin the os by making it laggy and taking forever to update
Dalton Aeschlimann Web OS doesn't need customizing. Samasung would make it look to much like iOS
Mitch Lopez No, Samsung sucks! HTC should do it.
Cody Sulouff Sure why not? I'm not going to buy one but I'm sure alot of people will.
Chris Payne Manufacturers need to stop messing with the interface of an OS they put on their device. They think they're making it more appealing when all they are doing is hurting themselves and their customers. Especially when it comes to updates. Instead of getting the update when it's ready for the OS you have to wait for the manufacturer to update their crappy overlay too.
Jordan Brown I don't know since I've never used WebOS.
J Kasey Haggerty Sure, put TouchWiz on it and make it shitty
Renan Eduardo Well I want to see both UI. Stock webOS is really cool but Samsung can surprise us. It would be cool to be able to choose one of them...
Henry Guerrero samsung has nothing (when is comes to OS) it takes from others and uses it. the ONLY good thing about samsung is how cheap they are! unlike webOS original and fresh hardware will come in time
Dominique House No!!!!!!!! No one should.
Sujit Tiyar samsung's Bada os is better dan webOS
Henry Guerrero FAR Away!!!
Ryan Ruth Id rather it just be stock webOS
Adrian Fernandez Haha no way, make it like Windows Phone and follow a strict OS. Keep webOS on there stock and just make awesome hardware. TouchWiz is disgusting. webOS is the best OS on a mobile platform.
Jason Ramos Why are they even bothering. webOS is dead. This doesn't make any sense
Anonymous No! Samsung should take those bullshit devices and kill themselves! Seriously! Their devices are all plastic, run well for about a month, they can never update, honestly they are trash. I don't see how you keep giving them such high praise. The Epic still doesn't have froyo working properly on most phones. Samsung really doesn't care about their consumers. So no, don't touch something with potential like webOS... Please!
David Harness I guess. I'd prefer to just have more dev support
'Shaun Mukiria 60 Days until Infuse so i hope so, and when is 2.3 coming for the Infuse?
Patrick Singleton They need to do something. Touchwiz is not a beautiful cover. HTC is nice.
Henry Guerrero Samsung needs to stay FAR!!! away from webOS!!!
Philipp Welsch NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Not SAMSUNG! dont you remember what they did to Android with touchwiz?!?!?
Ronald Ramsay II I think if they did....Samsung would be a beast! Especially if they integrated the smoothness into Touchwiz for Android...
Kristopher ßankhead Yes.. Web os needs to be revamped for a different target group...

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