If you are using a smartphone, then you probably have a few applications downloaded onto your phone. Whether it’s a slew of apps to help you better organize your life, an app to keep track of your favorite sports teams from across the country, or just a bunch of games, there’s a chance that you probably spent at least a little bit of money to get your fingertips access to them. And as you look through your phone sometimes, scrolling through the many different apps you’ve got installed, do you ever find yourself looking at an application you threw some hard-earned cash down for, and regretting the purchase?

Buyer’s remorse isn’t new to the consumer. We usually love buying something new, especially when it’s something that we can get some genuine use out of. When you bought your new smartphone, you were probably too excited to put it down for quite some time. And if you had been waiting to get your hands on an application that you had heard about or seen on someone else’s phone, you probably went right to the proper digital storefront to buy it and download it onto your phone. Unfortunately, there’s no set price for any one particular kind of application, so prices can range from free to close to $100. Spending anything above $10 for an application is probably likely to cause some buyer’s remorse for some folks out there, and that’s probably perfectly understandable.

As I navigate through the different application venues out there, I can’t help but notice that it seems that the general mid-point for games’ pricing is about $5. This is peppered with many, many games priced lower than five dollars, while there are a few out there that show off a pretty hefty price tag. Specifically, it seems that games developed by high-profile developers are priced higher than games developed by smaller studios (or individuals). What’s unfortunate about this is the fact that while these high-profile games may have something going for them in technology or visuals, when compared to games developed by less high-profile studios, they may actually be shorter or less fun to play. So we aren’t paying the extra money for content, in some cases. Instead, we’re paying more for a developer.

Productivity applications are a different story altogether. While some are free, it’s a rarity, especially in one or two application venues. Spending money for an application that will help you manage your finances isn’t uncommon, and prices range pretty broadly. But, at the top of the pile are the GPS navigation applications. A quick search through these apps and you can see that while several of them range from 99 cents to $5, the outliers are $39 or $59. Some would argue that paying the money for a GPS navigation app that costs $59 means you’ll get an app that works the way it should, and you’ll also have extra features tucked inside for good measure.

I know people who have yet to put their credit card information into their respective digital storefront, because they hate buying applications in such a manner. It may seem silly, but these folks have managed to keep their phones filled with applications that didn’t cost them a cent, and they seem pretty happy about it. They may be missing the high-profile games or the feature-rich applications, but that doesn’t seem to bother them all that much. It’s not something that I can personally say I’ve tried, as I’m someone who has bought the same application multiple times on multiple platforms.

So what’s the most you’re willing to pay for a game on your smartphone? How about a productivity or GPS navigation app? Have you ever suffered from buyer’s remorse after downloading an application? Let me know in the comments below.

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"What's the most you're willing to pay for an application?"

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Hans Jaramillo @Kevin Peeler: It's stealing because you're illegally downloading someone's hard work. They may offer it for free, but they're getting money from it from ads or something.
Darwin Barker 9 Bucks for the right app
Anthony Dunlap I have no issue paying up to I'd say $5 :) but spb shell was not what I was thinking it would be
Anthony Dunlap Well I spent the $15 on spb shell 3D...what I was thinking? Smh never again
Brandon Friedman Would What Chuck Norris Say
Erman Guido No more than $2 for apps, no more than $5 for HD games
Kevin KPfivesev Peeler I aint paying shit but my phone bill.... And how is it stealing if its free?
Teron Facey 6 bucks anything past that isn't really worth it.
Marti Ruiz 99 cent to 4.99 game hd for 4.99
Eric Shayna Since I opened my itunes account in late 2007, Ive spent close to $2000 dollars on iTunes/The App Store. I've paid over 15 dollars for an app.
Angel Miguel Peguero 10 now ppl said free but remember developers need some kind of reward so downloading it for free would not help
Roy Embry No more than $4.99 for me.
Muhammad Bin Tabassum If everyone was like these people who buy cracked apps and r not willing to pay,there would be no developers developing apps! Loosers.n its no less than stealing
Khalid Alkhatib Fuck give me a 100$ ill pay 10$ for an app and save 90 for an a phone upgrade
Richard Ameen If it can give me wings than it can name it's own price
Brad Luettchau It has to be free
Jose Pablo Islas Depends on the app
Dounutz Sesar $1 the most but if an app is on top notch does wat it says $10 im wiilin to pay
Kevin Carr not a damn thing
Jeff Alamillo I paid $15 for SPB 3D..will never spend another dime on an application
Gina Guerra Haven't had to pay for any of the apps I like so far.
David E Braggs I willing to pay $150,for this reference guide I needed for work.
Facebook user I do mostly free ones. It depends on the application. I got iMovie for 4.99.
James Gregory Kulp How about $0 I get all of my apps free on myxer.com
Ryan Humrichouser most i would ever pay is 2 maybe 3 if there lucky... but all my apps are free
Ernesto Moreno I'll pay 5 bucks at most
Oscar Rubi Jr. Free thats the most ill pay lol
John Cruz i would pay for any app if it wasnt per month
Dawn Stanley It depends. All mine have been free. But, if I found one that had really cool features or was very useful, I'd consider paying for it. Cool to be able to try them first. I might purchase one that I just downloaded last night, for $4.99.
Naeem Hussain I would never buy an app..
Mathew Vasquez The app pays me to download it! : )
Zac Luna Between 2-5 dollars if its higher than that I dont need it
Carlos Nava 80 $ no more
Alberto Garcia Flores 10 Max but the app should be a really impressive one
Everett C W Byrd Zero dollars unless the app can be re-downloaded for free an unlimited number of times as I upgrade devices. I will not contribute to this new software model where you have to re-buy the app every year [because one year is a realistic upgrade time for the majority of smartphone users].
Ari Leon 99 cents
Michael Mincey Maybe $5
Mj Williams Nothing and like it ;)
Yaniv Chokron Paid $30 for slingbox app and love it!
MsStretch Sanders FREE...my phone bill is high enough.
Joshua Rivera Cromag rally $7.00 was ok but SMS touch $3 &Endless walls $2.00 after a while these apps stop working properly never again thank u Appulo! If u no what I mean aka appcake $0000 allay
Hans Jaramillo I'd say about $5. Might pay a little more if the app is really amazing. And all these people who don't want to pay anything or would rather pirate Apps make me embarrassed to be a smartphone user. Cheap assess.
Cyr Parlapiano 4shared is my best friend :) applanet if it works and the power of installous.
Rolando Candanosa I would pay max $20 for a truly great app that would help me be productive. For a game, $5 would be the most.
Joshua Bender Horton Free. Or hell thepiratebay.com xD
Michael Nestor Less than 10 I would say
Nicholas Bamburu Nothing man times are hard man......ask again when the government starts giving money away instead of taking lol
Ben Conover $4.99.......if it's an amazing app. :)
Mike Mota $5. Although I think apps should be free and on a donation basis, because you have the cheap asses who don't want to support developers and their hard work.
Geo Rge Depends on the app and what it does. If it's something I can use for my job then up to $40. If it's something for myself/fun then $5 (if it's really really good) or $1 on average.
Jon Recinos $10 at the most, and that's only for a really, really great game.
Jimmy Pop zero bucks. Sorry Aaron.
Jean Carlos Elias Whats better TOM TOM or Navigon?
Andriy Sadokha ahhh power of jailbreaking:)
Michael Stewart paid 15 for useless spb.
Rowaid Nagi 99.99 only saying that because of tom-tom
Jean Carlos Elias Nothing just jailbreak lol and there u go
Carlos Quinones $5-10. Depending on the app. No app should be more than $10 tho. Because there's no resale value in downloads.
Ken Hoey Nothing ....I get them all free!
Christopher Wesley $5. If it costs more then it better be something really useful
Ricky Ryan Ill pay as much as applanet will take....LOL
Jonathan Checchi $5.99, and I'm only saying that because of the iPhone Shazam Encore.
Edgar Llama 3 dollars
Chris Toliver $0.00 lol

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