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Good news, AT&T BlackBerry users! Beginning today you'll finally be able to install BlackBerry Bridge on your ATT 'Berry of choice. For those not in the know, Bridge allows a user to tether his or her BlackBerry smartphone to a PlayBook and access things like email, calendar, BBMs, etc., on the slate that normally wouldn't be available. Bridge also allows the currently WiFi-only PlayBook to surf the web using a smartphone's data connection, although AT&T customers will need to be signed up for an appropriate tethering plan to use this particular feature. RIM says that BlackBerry Bridge will be appearing in App World throughout the day, but if you just can't wait you should be able to find it right now by searching for "BlackBerry Bridge."

Although it's kind of strange that it's taken this long to make Bridge available to AT&T customers, especially since all of the other major carriers offered the functionality right when the PlayBook launched, I'm sure many Ma Bell BlackBerry owners are just happy to finally see the app arrive. Get to downloading, guys and gals! Just be sure to come back once you've got Bridge up and running and let us know how it's working out for you, k?

Via Inside BlackBerry

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"BlackBerry Bridge is finally available to AT&T customers beginning today. Does that make you want a PlayBook?"

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Darren Penix
Darren Penix I waiting forever for it come out and when it finally did I lost all interest in it and in blackberry in general
Jason King
Jason King The one thing that will make me want a Playbook, It has to be FREE ... LOL
?e?? kr
?e?? kr Again you are very wrong!!!! Please go do some research about the product and stop misleading people. The playbook can piggyback on the data connection of any smartphone via bluetooth internet tethering.
Iakovos Mpelonias
Iakovos Mpelonias That's a new motivation for sure, but BB has to speed up regarding competition
Robert Centennial
Robert Centennial Whatever the playbook needs to be paired to a bb phone on 3g to work. That is dumb and on other platforms we pay money for it.
?e?? kr
?e?? kr Bridge is way more than email, contacrs and calendar. Inform yourself before you make such comments. Bridge allows BBM via your playbook, access files stored on your blacberry phone and also shared 3G connection so you dont have to pay for an additional data plan for your tablet.
Robert Centennial
Robert Centennial Its not at&t's fault stupid blackberry released a tablet with no email, im, or calendar support. For some reason rim thinks the carriers should foot the tab for their screw up. Die rim die!
Darraie Brown
Darraie Brown I just want one.
Robert Centennial
Robert Centennial Rim can't die fast enough
Tim Fuhrmann
Tim Fuhrmann AT&T finally launching BB bridge has no factor into me wanting a PlayBook. I have had bridge since PB launched. This is just another point that AT&T shouldn't be allowed to buy T-Mobile and ruin the wireless industry, they can't even get an app launched in synch with a device launch.
Susie Tracey
Susie Tracey No way... BB is dead.
Jose Sut
Jose Sut Looks very nice
Rick De La Cruz
Rick De La Cruz Never.
Isaac Salgado
Isaac Salgado Not really, looking for a way to get out of att, but contract fees are high!!!
Aaron Bergman
Aaron Bergman Maybe if it was a playbook on how to stay away from at&t ?
Albert Sexy
Albert Sexy Hell No
Dawn Stanley
Dawn Stanley Sticking with Verizon. They gave me a chance (regardless of past credit) and if I could afford a BB Playbook, I wouldn't have any buyer's remorse. I'm loyal. As far as BB Bridge, doesn't it make it so your Playbook is in sync with your BB cell? I'm still a newbie.
Eric J Wilborn
Eric J Wilborn Playbook + rooted incredible with WiFi tether.. who needs bridge?
Brian Edwards
Brian Edwards @wasim, give it time, someone will hack it to go through the regular gateway....
Brian Edwards
Brian Edwards Nope. Sorry...
Tareque Inan
Tareque Inan Not really
Santiago Conde Jr.
Santiago Conde Jr. What Exactly Is This "Bridge" Thing.?
Joshua William Garrett
Joshua William Garrett No because I hate AT&T with a passion.
Min Kim
Min Kim Who cares. Ill consider getting the 9900 tho.
Felix Molano
Felix Molano no
Wasim Mazahreh
Wasim Mazahreh But you have to for tethering so NO
Jan Michael Cruz
Jan Michael Cruz yup yup and yup

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