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You thought we were done with the giveaways?  Oh no friends, we're just getting started.  We've taken the best things from all of our past giveaways, and combined them into one epic giveaway.  It's so epic, it's the greatest tech giveaway ever.  No, seriously.  Introducing PhoneDog's Greatest Tech Giveaway Ever!  The PhoneDog is BACK yet again, and he's bringing some new prizes with him!  As always, it's our way of saying thank you.  From viewing our content, to commenting on our posts, to interacting with us on Facebook, YOU are why we're here.

Want an ASUS Transformer?  How about an Apple iPad 2?  HP TouchPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tickle your fancy?  You can win one of these tablets just by playing our game!  We'll be drawing a ticket number every Tuesday and Thursday beginning on July 5th, so tune into PhoneDog TV (http://bit.ly/PhoneDogTV) at 6 PM Eastern/3 PM Pacific for your chance to win! 

As if it wasn't amazing enough, we're continuing the "You Win, We Both Win!" program.  If you refer a friend, and they win, YOU win a prize as well!  There's no limit to the number of friends you can refer, so if you have 100 friends, refer them all!  If they sign up, your chances increase dramatically!  For an easy how-to guide on how "You Win, We Both Win!" works, click here.

Keep reading for more information on how the game works, and check out the gallery at the bottom of the post for more information on how to enter.  Good luck!


The basics:

  • Do I need to be a facebook user? Yes
  • Where can I enter? Enter at: http://apps.facebook.com/pdsweepstakes
  • Where do I view my Ticket Numbers? http://apps.facebook.com/pdsweepstakes under the MY ENTRIES tab
  • How do i know if I won? Compare your ticket numbers to the winning ticket number posted above after each drawing
  • When are the live drawings?  One winning ticket will be drawn every Tuesday and Thursday evening at 6pm EDT
  • Where can I watch the Live Drawings? http://bit.ly/PhoneDogTV
  • If I miss the drawing where do I view the Winning Ticket Number? On the top of this post
  • Can I get reminders?  Yes, enter your email address under the REMINDERS tab at http://apps.facebook.com/pdsweepstakes
  • How long do winners have to claim their winning ticket number?  24 hours after each drawing
  • Will you redraw for any unclaimed ticket numbers?  No.  You snooze you lose. 
  • What if I still have questions?  Please use the comment section below as we will be actively answering questions throughout the Sweepstakes period


YOU WIN, WE BOTH WIN (Refer-a-friend)

"YOU WIN, WE BOTH WIN" is a nice new enhancement that allows you an even greater chance of winning!  Think of it like this: when you refer a friend and they enter your profile ID, you're getting access to their ticket numbers as well.  If any of your referrer's ticket numbers are drawn, you both win!  Let's say you refer 10 friends.  Those friends add you as the referring friend, and then they choose a prize (1 ticket), LIKE PhoneDog (1 ticket), and LIKE the seven (7) network sites (7 tickets).  That's a total of nine (9) ticket numbers for them, and nine (9) ticket numbers for you!  Multiply that by 10 (number of friends you referred), and that's 90 new ticket opportunities!  If one of their ticket numbers are drawn, both you and your friend will win an Apple iPad 2, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, ASUS Transformer, or HP TouchPad!

Start sending those emails, tweets, and Facebook messages to get those referrals going.  Remember to give them your Facebook profile ID so they can enter it in the Sweepstakes application so you both get the credit for it!

A little more in-depth:

All you have to do is accept and submit the sweepstakes entry form at http://apps.facebook.com/pdsweepstakes and "LIKE" facebook.com/phonedog and/or any of our other network sites from the time of registration through the sweepstakes period.  Existing PhoneDog Facebook fans are able to enter as well - just go into the sweepstakes app and submit the entry, and you're entered to win!  A total of nine (9) direct entries can be obtained immediately - one (1) for selecting a prize, one (1) for liking PhoneDog, and seven (7) for liking our network sites.

PhoneDog's Greatest Tech Giveaway Ever runs until September 29, 2011 at 6 PM EDT/3 PM PDT.  Winners will be selected starting on July 5, 2011 via a live broadcast on PhoneDog's UStream broadcast page  (http://bit.ly/PhoneDogTV) at 6 PM EDT/3 PM PDT.  For more information on drawings, event times, and dates, check out http://on.fb.me/pdevents.  Additionally, you can always view your total entries and ticket numbers by going to the "MY ENTRIES" tab within the sweepstakes application.

I have a winning ticket number, how do I claim my prize? 

Send an e-mail within 24 hours of the drawing for that ticket number to claimprizes@phonedog.com.  We'll need your name, mailing address, copy of legal identification, Facebook Profile ID, and your prize choice.  If you'd like to change your prize selection, you're free to do so when you e-mail the address above.  Winners can expect a reply within 24 hours.


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"STARTING TODAY, The Greatest Tech Giveaway Ever! Our last giveaway was so much fun and successful to boot, we decided to go "Bigger", "Grander", "Huger". Check out the official blog post at http://bit.ly/gtgsweeps and be sure to enter the sweepstak"

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Sam Donovan I take it your first drawing is THURSDAY the 7th?
Oliver Ojtj i wish i could win :3 im excited TAB 10.1
Warren Saunders cant beleive i diddnt like this page ages ago,been watching phonedog on youtube for absolute months lol.anyway,im just waiting for the UK release of the evo 3D,anytime now i beleive :)
Facebook user @Chris I: Just because you always enter doesn't mean you should win, we have 10's of thousands of people entering, not everyone can win or we'd be broke!
Ks Liew i wish a malaysian can win...
Silver Diaz i better win this time!
Pierre Ware I entered the last sweepstakes and won But then found out I was to young:-((
Joshua Payton Age limit is 13 and older I believe
Richard Smith Is that the 10.1" galaxy tab?
Fitzroy Henry free things don't come easily :D i saw asus as one of the prizes did you guys ever do an asus review? maybe I missed it
Chris Isono screw this. i entered every contest you guys ever had, and never won a thing.
Susie Tracey OMG you guys ROCK !!
Facebook user @Fitzroy: Its def very expensive, but its a great way for us to attract more fans while giving back to our fans
Justin Peahi Sweettastic
Fitzroy Henry How can u guys afford to do this :) Well it's good for us anyways good luck to all...we don't need a little bit of luck like the commercial says we need a lot of luck...
Roy Portillo You guys are awesome!!!!! I Love the prizes you give. :)
Pierre Ware What is the age limit???
Jason Loraine I wanna win!!
Brian Busyapongpakdee I still won't win.
Jadore Hatcher What is the age you must be?
Wyatt Slate Darn! That's the one I wanted :(
Tim Miyashiro Never had a tablet before, would be interesting if I won one.
Simon Yu Apparently the Playbook doesn't count ;)
Wyatt Slate Why are there 5 different tablets on the picture, but only 4 choices? Confusing..

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