More anonymous letters to RIM emerge from current and former employees

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| July 1, 2011

RIM logo

Yesterday we saw an anonymous RIM executive pen a letter to the ailing BlackBerry manufacturer suggesting several changes that could be made to return the company to its former glory. After that letter's emergence (and a response from RIM), today another pair of anonymous, open letters have emerged. The first is from a former RIM employee who describes the company as having an "incredibly tense and hostile work environment" due to the fact that it allegedly wouldn't promote from within and that it pitted employees against one another.

The second letter is from a current RIM employee. This worker's message talks of how some employees are suffering from low morale and are being swamped with too many projects. It also discusses how some employees either don't know about or don't care for RIM's latest spat of products and reiterates yesterday's plea for better marketing.

Obviously these anonymous letters show a growing discontent among several RIM workers, and BGR says that it's received "dozens" more messages from other current and former employees of the BlackBerry maker. We'll likely never know if these letters will actually have an impact on RIM or who within the company will read them, but it's interesting to read perspectives on RIM from people that have been actually be a part of it. Be sure to hit up the source link below and read both letters in their entirety when you get the chance.