Since its birth in 2007, the iPhone has constantly been referred to as the standard for what a smartphone should be. It brought a large, capacitive touchscreen to consumers, a decent camera (relative to those before it) and a mobile web browsing experience never thought possible before. With time, an another generation down the road, consumers were introduced to mass amounts of easily attainable and affordable applications which changed the smartphone forever. One of the more important changes brought with the iPhone, however, is the most consistent, fluid and smooth performance out of any pocket-sized device.

Not long after, other manufacturers began trying their hand at the “modern smartphone,” removing hardware keyboards and fitting their phones with large, touchscreen displays. The first device dubbed the “iPhone killer” was the BlackBerry Storm – oh, how wrong we were. The keyboard specialists could not let go of tactile feedback for a second and the Storm, equipped with their controversial  SurePress technology, was a devastating flop.

Soon to follow RIM and their touchscreen endeavors was the Android platform from Google with the backing of several existing giants in the mobile realm: HTC, Samsung, Motorola, LG, Sony Ericsson, Dell and more.

Until February of this year, if you wanted an iPhone in the US, the only official way to purchase one on contract was through AT&T. With millions of consumers seeking an iPhone-like experience but not wanting to switch carriers, Verizon, with their Droid Does campain, showed consumers that the iPhone was not the only smartphone that could. Millions have bought Android powered phones on the assumption that they are a worthy alternative to the iPhone. And, for all intents and purposes, they are.

Although Android phones may be able to perform many of the same actions as the iPhone and probably much more, even the best Android phones – equipped with the most advanced processor technology – have been victims of lag and other performance issues, until recently.

The first dual-core phone was announced back in December of 2010 by LG: the Optimus 2X (AKA T-Mobile G2x). Since then, a handful of phones and tablets sporting dual-core processors have surfaced. I have had plenty of hands-on time with dual-core Android devices. Sure, they perform better than their single-core counterparts. But take the Atrix, Optimus 3D or G2x for example. No thanks to custom UIs and/or not being on the proper version of Android (2.2 and below), the performance boost is minimal and only noticeable in applications and media playback.

But what happens when you load optimized, unbloated software – like stock Gingerbread or a stable build of CyanogenMod – on a dual-core phone?

Seeing as the T-Mobile G2x is still stuck on Froyo, out of the box, it hardly performs to its fullest potential. I bought one just days ago to toy with the dual-core processor and see what I could make of it. Within 10 minutes of making it home with the G2x, I had it rooted and the latest official build of CyanogenMod (version 7.1 RC1). After four days, I have yet to experience a single slowdown. The app drawer pops and apps launch and load within a blink of an eye after tapping an icon and the camera app (which is notoriously the slowest to launch) loads as fast as I can lift my finger from the screen. The only way I can explain performance is iPhone-like or “buttery smooth.”

Theoretically, other dual-core Android phones should be able to perform just as well, but things like custom UIs and lack of optimization from OEMs make these would-be superphones perform more like their single-core predecessors. Over the past few days, my Twitter feed has been littered with retweets of users complaining about lag on the Sensation. Even Aaron experienced some lag on the EVO 3D and quite a bit with the Sensation, too. These are powerful phones in which lag should never be an issue. But that obviously isn't the case.

This just goes to show that if performance was given a little more attention by OEMs, these high-powered devices could perform like they are supposed to. Instead, performance gets sacrificed for flashy visuals and animations and Android gets tagged by outsiders as buggy, laggy and beta-like. If it weren't for custom ROMs and the ability to tweak my phone to perform as it should, I would have probably left the Android camp long ago.

Do any of you have a dual-core phone that lags? Have you tried a custom ROM on it? If so, was the difference night and day? Did you ever consider returning it for something else?

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"Can Android phones finally compete with the iPhone on a performance level?"

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Rene Rivas Yes many of them outperform the iphone 4, but they can't compete with apple's app store.
Brendon Birky i love android fones
Saad Khan Android rulzzzz...I have seen both iPhone has a useless battery ....1 thing is good abt Apple that they hav got the best touch screen option as compared to the rest but in my opinion ...Android s the best
Diontae Mays the iphone looks like a thin ice cream sandwich n cruves no real design. but with androids you have many different ones to choose from. with iphone. you only can pick a color. not to speak of the new 4G android that way faster the the iphone
Rani Hinnawi Yeah, but the operating system needs fixing up. It has too many bugs and lags a lot. Phones also need sleeker designs, like iPhone's or better (iPhone 4 looks great, but it's not as good as some higher-end Androids).
Rickardo Juan Saniel Labrador Fanboys will be fanboys. STUPID!! They just say its better but don't but can't why. LMAO!! Stupid!!!
Sonny Waraich Galaxy s2 ownes the iPhone 4 on any given day. And looking at it how far ahead it is performance wise as compared to rest of the Android phones it might even beat iPhone 5 or 4s whatever the heck they wanna call it.
Zach Carolin No never will iOS is so much cleaner
Steven Le Didnt android surpass iphone already?
Christopher Kirkland Android device have always be superior......lets not confuse popularity with performance....
Ben Conover You did a typo. What you meant was: "Can the iPhone finally compete with Android phones on a performance level?" :)
Paul Giuoco OS smoothness WinPhone7 wins...being able to do whatever the heck you want to it Android...being completely overrated iOS takes the cake.
Carlos Nava The only phone that I know can compete with the iPhone is the tmobile G2x !!
C Bryan Thomas I am a fan of both IOS and Android with the newly acqiured HTC Sensation and LG Optimus G2X. I also own an IPhone 3GS and an Ipad 32 GIG WIFI + 3G. I think that IOS is smoother and Android is more customizable and has significantly more features. Android development has accelerated significantly in the last 3 years and is undoubtedly closing the gap. Careful Apple you better continue to improve the IOS because there are allot of great Android devices on the market right now and several more beasts on the way.
Jaquan Anthony Saliard U jelly apple?
Wolfe Pack This should be titled "will the iPhone ever be up to par? Will Steve jobs ever stop being such a douche? " iPhone will never beat android. Now I do prefer my ipad 2 over any tab only because of the apps.
Dounutz Sesar Ios 5 copy of android wtf steve make ur.own shit up and not copy other competitors just because their surpasing.ur sales. Android is the best
Dounutz Sesar Android best of the best
Josh Billingsley All these iphone nut riders. Didn't iphone just hijack androids notifications panel? Lmmfao!
Cesario Brito Jr. Android over Apple anyday. Enough said.
Wei Yan Fanboys stop talking like the iPhone is the best phone. There is no best phone or platform. It's how you use it and what you use it for. My iPhone 4 lags like crazy for unknown reasons and my desire s lags from time to time. Also iOS appears to be smooth because of the transitions. You are a fool not to know that by now. The only big thing that iOS has is mainly the pinch to zoom but androids refining that as generations go on. Other than that performance wise, it's on par if not better ( especially the gs2). My internet has always been faster on the android platform especially I'm tethering. I am a fan of iOS, android, webos, and torn apart that blackberry is struggling to keep up. That's cause of perception too. A business user will find a blackberry good always. People are too caught up with these topics. fanboys will be fanboys.
Matheus Struminski Androidpt is already better than ios.
Cesar Augusto Bohorquez @drewtroitter erg? Are you high? Have you seen ios5? They took everything that makes android great and put it into ios. Who's playing catchup now? Then apple wants to sue over swyping gestures on a touch screen? Please apple is being a hypocrite...
Sean Prophecy Augustin Since last year come on people where have u been lol
Cesar Augusto Bohorquez Android kicks apple's as in performance. It's not even fair... Lol.. ANTIPOLLUTION...
Cesar Augusto Bohorquez Is that even a question?
Jordan Crawford Not really unless if.you like following apples rules about apps and downloaded content. HTC my favorite since you can do almost everything that fits you with less boundaries.
Jean Pacrim Ey phone dog ,please stop comparing those 2, because they are 2 different systems....android is crappy,IOS is smooth....IOS VS WP7...HERE IT IS
Malik Untracable Brock So far my EVO is perfect, the only thing us EVO owners need is a new UI with new widgets, amplified speakers, Gingerbread screen off animation, better battery life, and more.
Bustamante Alfonso Yes, Period.
Jon Jerico Calanio Ever since the Droid X and Evo 4G first came out, the iPhone was already outmatched in terms of pure hardware power. The only thing Android needs to literally push iOS to its knees is full hardware acceleration, in which 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich promises to deliver. And funny that despite the lack of software optimization today, Android devices can still compete with the iPhone in terms of smoothness and easily outguns it in terms of features and user control.
Danu Carrión Perales This site is making me borderline angry putting the damn iphone in a pedestal... when the iphone came out the vibrant was there and it was better, even noah said it in a review, he said it was the best device out there for the price, the iphone was just the best device for media thats all, its market sucekd asking a million times for password, its million limitation and much more... please stop with this iphone bullshit, the vibrant had even a better processor than the stupid iphone and they came out at the same time... im sick of this bullshit article that just makes iphone users pound on their chest, lol most iphone users are migrating to android anyways after so much shit talking, lets try being more open minded instead of blinded by fanatism
Eric Rico Sligh Hell yeah
Kevin Pham has an iPod touch and a G2. I believe I get the best of both worlds here. Simplicity for games and music on iOS, productivity and features on my G2.
Malik Untracable Brock I'll tell something! With Android u can send already paid for apps via Email, Gmail, and Bluetooth. With Android you have Turn by turn and apps that would never be on Android such as Sound Boards, Metal Detectors and more. Android has removable storage and can be overclocked, had a front cam first, and can change a Windows phones OS to full Android. Hmmm iPhone4?! I can only send 2 pics at a time through Email, I need itunes just to download 1 song from MY computer when I'm away from home with no WiFi, iPhone only gets 200MB when my Android gets unlimited data. What could an iPhone5 possibly have? Big screen? Better camera, a few more apps and features? Who cares HTC and Motorola and Samsung are the Kings of the Phone industry.
Aguirre Ray U meant, kan iPhone compete with android!? Right!? nd thee answer is No!!! Android took over the sec the first android phone came out!
Phil Punzo Android took the lead but when ios5 is out i think it will be evened out. Some of android is in ios5. I have a htc sensation and the phone is the best one i ever had and i even had iphones
Steve Peoples Oh PhoneDog, you and your troll posts. But yes Android is way past iphones
Antonio Pagan The iPhone is the best cell ever made hands down and 2nd is Android cell ... Point blank lol
Gabriel Johnson I'm surprised there aren't any raging Android/iPhone fanboys here, lol. But, Android FTW.
Damien Brooks I'm a die hard android fan so YESS!!!
Carlos Javier Tirado Android is a vast World and iPhone is just a town
Altaf Rahaman An android can do a large in some categorys an in this an that, an iPhone has enough to do all that it has to offer.
Frankie Paz And that was posted from my Dinc2. Because on the weekends I like to use the turn by turn navi!
Mike Wadkins The galaxy S II smokes the iphone 4, but the 5 may change that
Kerry Stubblefield I'm a mac fan boy.... and i prefer android over iOS. That should say something. I have had a totally of 6 macs over 5 years and i dont plan on ever going back to windows.
Jose Pablo Islas Finally? Lol funny...since when was performance worse?
Frankie Paz Ios doesn't suck at all. It's really a great OS! But its lacking. Voice to text, turn by turn nav etc. I love Android but ios works really well and doesn't destroy battery life. I think its really what you prefer NOW.....because ios 5 will be a game changer.
Lau Nielsen Stop being so fucking fanboy-ish phonedog, android has surpased apple in performance long ago. Not the first time you post fanboy slur like this either.
Juan Manuel Ramos Android killlllled iphone like since 2009
Hans Jaramillo iOS will keep outperforming android devices until android supports full hardware acceleration. Currently, only iOS supports it from those two. Once android supports it, iOS will lose even more users.
Anthony J Withers Honestly android hardware > Iphone. Software= Iphone. OS
James Cunningham I wasn't aware that Android was ever under the iPhone in performance
Mario Sauceda If android isn't a competitor ..they why is it taking market share from apple :p
Malik Untracable Brock I hate of when ppl say an iPhone is cool just because its made by Apple. Ppl also said Macs can't get viruses hmm I'm sure an iPhone can. Nvmnd that, Androids are well suited for all smartphone users while some are big, some are small, some have a hardware keyboard, some are shaped like a blackberry almost. But you have an iPhone, its old and there aren't many of em and besides Androids actually is customizable while iPhone has only icons.
Colton Savage Android already beat ios bc if you look apple is now starting to copy features that android has had for a while
Pascal Hertinge The question is, can iphone finally compete with Android on a performance level.
Samuel Claudio Of course, android the best.
Jair Medina I-P-H-O-N-E-'-S-A-S-S....
Rickardo Juan Saniel Labrador Surpass iOS? iOS are for ignorant trying hard techie persons. It's just easy to use. That's it. No innovations at all. Very limited functionalities and personalisations opt Too closed. This must be a trick question.
Julian Vaughn And when the I phone and sgs2 comes of course the phone will sell more cuz that's what people know best I phone and and u got some android users who know nothing about android and treat it like a feature phone which makes me mad lol
Jair Medina K-I-C-K-S
Jair Medina A-N-D-R-O-I-D
Mark Gittens I don't c why not. all of apple products are overrated. Just beacause it come in a new color doesn't mean its better
Zach Cline Ios doesn't suck.
Tammy DelVasto Pagliaro I love galaxy s 4g..android is best!
Oscar de la Rosa Prefere droids*
Joe Czo Software wise not yet. Hardware already did.
Oscar de la Rosa I think is way different...if u compare brand new android phones against a last year realesed iPhone 4 is obvious that new tech Will kick last year's technology ass!!! And even tho, is comming iPhone 5 and supposely it has something that droids dont...3D screen...so i think iOS is advanced even if i preter
Walter Manuel Bonilla Htc and android can compete and win... Iphone got nothing on the sensation...
Scott Filip Android = Windows XP
Gordon Christie If they improve them battery life they will its them only thing that lets android phones down still wouldnt swap my galaxy s2 tho
Sujit Tiyar iOS sucks Android is better dan iOS
Nathan Wright My new atrix 4g runs alot smoother than my 3GS did
Ujjwal Srivastava android FTW.... by samsung galaxy 551...
Jimmy Pop Hell yeah? IPhone is boring.
Abram Wenevermet Dennis Android is still buggy the iPhone wins hands down.
Julian Vaughn Ios is just to simple its seems to me its for teens and say I have an I phone. android can be everything u want it be (root) cough cough. One day Ios is going to get played out I see it now
Joel Gomez There are a lot of better apps in android than ios. Android os usefulness is way ahead. In ios you can just get by with mediocre functionality.
James Gustavo Hidalgo People that lack the knowledge and just go by name brand will always backup ios ...such ignorance makes me giggle .... anyone with decent phone knowledge can now tell you that ios needs to catch up to android
Matthew Fleisher Yes, but not the cheap android phones or the ones they give away. You have to get a Nexus, Galaxy, or high end HTC phone.
Kerry Stubblefield Uhh. wait... waht? I'm pretty sure some android phones have been out preforming the iphone for a while now.
Flako Ramirez Not yet...but soon lets hope
Aj Green Waiting for the SSGS2 to make that decision.
Arvydas Gr If Android and iphone had the same specs- no. Android can only compete when it has dual core processors, because it is shit. Better go and buy WP7 device :]
Quentin Lewis Yes...I thought you knew! LOL
Taylor Jones Not even close.
Mj Williams in a word. No. get some gpu acceleration and not crap gpu and stop fragmentation, then MAYBE till then ios does outperform android on a gaming level and even a sadly pathetic productive level
Kamal Halder Ya Man apple can never compete with Android, well the real threat to android is from windows 7 Mobile platform with their Mango and Nokia Rivals.
Ham Hollett android as a whole has some flaws, but these flaws are more due to manufacturers skins and not the operating system. Pick up a nexus device and you will experience what android should be.
Michael Marshall Yes. Android killed iPhone in more than just performance.
Muzammil Syed Completely Agree Wid Tracy...
Drew Trottier That depends. Android has already passed apple in hardware performance but as far as software, apple is way down the road. Android needs to start catching up in this area.
Kajari Spoon Osborne and exceed, What type of question is this phonedog?
Eric Shayna No. Nothing beats iPhone.
Jan Michael Cruz huh?? you high?? they've surpassed it year ago
Christopher Pena Uhh isn't it already beyond it lol?

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