Leaked HP webOS slides tip white spec-bumped TouchPad for August, Pre 3 and Opal for fall

Alex Wagner
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Published: July 4, 2011

HP webOS roadmap TouchPad Pre 3

Ready for a deluge of new info on upcoming webOS products on this fine Independence Day, folks? Good, because that's exactly what we've got for you. Our friends over at PreCentral just got their hands on a few leaked HP product slides that detail new webOS devices that are on the horizon and have posted all of the juicy tidbits for us to enjoy. First up we've got a pair of new TouchPads coming next month: a "glossy white" model with 64GB of storage and a processor bump (possibly a 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon) as well as a black AT&T-compatible model that's 32GB in size and will connect to Ma Bell's "4G" HSPA+ network.

Moving on to the more vague "fall" launch window, HP plans to roll out both the Pre 3 and Opal in the autumn months. If you'll remember, the Opal is said to be a webOS tablet with a 7-inch display. Details on the smaller slate are still light, but a trademark filing has revealed that the Opal may come to market under the name "TouchPad7."

HP has said in the past that the Pre 3 would be coming sometime this summer, so the news that it may not actually hit the market until this fall is a tad disappointing for anyone that's been lusting for some high-end webOS hardware. Certainly the addition of new TouchPads that are faster and feature cellular radios are nice, but waiting to launch the newest (and possibly most anticipated) webOS device until the fall isn't going to help the platform's adoption rate grow. What do you all make of this news? Does the prospect of a newer TouchPad interest you? What do you think of the possibility of the Pre 3 not arriving until this fall? Give us your two cents — or even more if you'd like — below!

HP webOS roadmap white glossy TouchPad

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