Motorola DROID Bionic Verizon launch date

Motorola's been pretty coy about when it plans to launch the revised DROID Bionic, saying only that it's coming sometime this summer. If a newly leaked image sent to the folks at Android Central is to be believed, though, we could be just one month out from Verizon's next 4G LTE smartphone. According to the screenshot above, which correctly shows that the DROID 3 is launching July 14th, the DROID Bionic will be released on August 4th.

Now I'm sure you know what's coming next. As always, leaked launch dates can and often do change, so don't go picking out which disease you're going to fake when you call into work just yet. The Bionic did recently pass through the FCC, though, so an August 4th launch is certainly within the realm of possibility. Stay tuned!

Via Android Central

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"Are you waiting for the DROID Bionic?"

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Jason King Yes i am waiting for the competition to the Galaxy S2 even tho not on big red yet . The Bionic sounds and looked great ... this will be my next phone if Moto perfects the user experience ...
Oliver Ojtj sir what came out in FIRST DRAWING ?? please help
Rani Hinnawi No, it's 512MB RAM is already out-dated. It's going to be lagging a lot, dual-core 1Ghz processor or not.
Anonymous , it better be a really something
Zach Cline Has anyone heard anything about the samsung galaxy s2 coming to verizon? I read somewhere that it was just a misprint.
David Harness If I was on Verizon, yes. LTE and dual-core should've happened right away not months from the launch. But I'm on AT&T, so yeah...
Kory S. Deberry NO am waiting on HTC next generation of excellence phones
Hansel Starley The what?
Mike Chiou Not at all, got an S2 already.
Jasé Phillip nope waiting for that 5
Bill Roche Yes bring it on!
Jose Sut Samsung galaxy s II
Huy Tran i was , until they decide to make a sequel to duke nukem forever . now it's a waiting game that has no winner , except for that one troll that refuses to die .
Terry Nolting Lets hope so Zach, lets hope so. We've all seen it before only to be disappointed yet again.....
John Soliz No lol
Zach Cline Droid bionic august 4th, Motorola droid 3 July 14th.
Tyler Cook Omg yes!!!!
Jon Jerico Calanio Dual-core TI OMAP processor and 4G LTE capability? Count me in. But then again, Motorola better hurry with its release or it will be eclipsed by the Galaxy S2 and Google Nexus Prime.
Nick Sanders We may have to wait longer for the Bionic than a Cub's World Series win!
Zach Cline @Anthony. Lol, Like fandroids Don't troll all over posts about iOS/ iPhone and windows phone 7.
Michael Mincey You ever wonder why so many iFans comment on Droid specific posts?
Andres Barroeta No I am waiting for the nexus 3
Michael Mincey Hell yes. It's the phone to bring me back to VZW.
Oscar Zavala Yes I am I can't until it comes out so I can get it!
Darryl Mouzone No. Have an Atrix and an iPhone 4. I really don't need a third phone.....or do I?
Justin Crouch No. I'm happy with my pure nexus s. Yes, I'm a purest.
Jesse Clark Nope. Waiting to see if there will be a G3.
Vicki Figueroa No.. waiting for the Galaxy s2!
Gary Brown Yes I am. Can't wait.
Nathan Wright Got my Atrix so no =)
Mina Morcos Only since CES. Wtf is taking so long ?
Pat Burns I like the droid 3 better
Sunny Patel Nope just nexus prime
Alex Lopez Galaxy s2!!!!!!
Blues Canales Gs2, whenever sprint decides to put it out
Tom Parker Droid. Darn autocorrect
Tom Parker Omg. Come on and let the piece of crap stood die
Jamel Taylor I will be getting this or sgII
Jimmie Waverly im awaiting this bionic
Hywel Thomas Galaxy s2 is the best.. loving mine!!
Anthony Cifani typical apple fags trolling
Hugh Hemsley Droid bionic with the dual core processor...hoping the price isn't too high!!!
Anthony Cifani yes i am waiting
Keundre DeWayne Will there even be a difference from the Galaxy s and the Galaxy s 2......besides the sceen being bigger
Derek Blaney Yesssssss!
Michael Benjamin Jr. I can only wish...
Ryan Lampkin Either this or the GS2 will be my next phone.
Ryan Etzel No im not im waiting for he iphone6 for Verizon n march 2012 :) I HATE ANDROID :S
Erman Guido No not interested anymore...
Jeffery Dee Smith Yes currently have t bolt and dislike. Just patiently waiting for Bionic and possibly the webtop for the device.
Zach D Lasky i was gonna get it but i rather have unlimited data then an AWESOME device..so i got the charge
Michael Hamilton iPhone 4s / iPhone 5 whatever Apple makes up its mind what they will call it.
Aguirre Ray For the photon what's goin on with it!?
Zach Wagner Nooooo samsung galaxy s II
Derek Lombardi No Motorola phones.. No Verizon.. Nexus 3 when it releases to finally retire my Nexus One
Stephanie Fields Nope im waiting 4 the motorola phonton!! Anybody hve any news on it?
Adam Khana Charsi LOL nty SGS2.
Jordan Acosta Samsung galaxy 2
Enrique Vasquez No cause I can't upgrade anytime soon. Hopefully in a year ill be getting the droid bionic 2.. lol
Nathan Parks Nope. Maybe if this phone would have came out when it was supposed to, it wouldn't be old news before it was even released
Cariana Elisabeth Spivey yes i am waiting for it! :)
John Cruz yes or the droid targa
Rolando Moreno Noo but I'm waiting for the motorola triumph!!! :D
Ryan Cole Burrow No I am not. iPhone

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