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T-Mobile myTouch 4G Slide launch date

When T-Mobile announced the myTouch 4G Slide, it confirmed that the device formerly known as Doubleshot would be priced at $199.99 with a two-year contract. What T-Mobile didn't confirm was a concrete launch date for the MT4GS, saying only that it'd be arriving this summer. Turns out that the QWERTY-fied handset may not be as far off as some may have thought, though, at least if the above screenshot is to be believed. Sent over to the folks at Android Central, the image shows that the myTouch 4G Slide may launch on Wednesday, July 27th.

There's no way to confirm the validity of this release date just yet, but with the way T-Mobile's been handing out myTouch 4Gs like candy on Halloween, it wouldn't surprise me if the myTouch 4G Slide's launch was right around the corner. Anyone planning on grabbing one?

Via Android Central

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"Are you waiting for the myTouch Slide 4G?"

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Mohammad Khadra Any news of what colors would be available??
Kris Hawley 4G isn't even out in the U.K. yet!!!!!!! Evo 3D though <3
Marylu Garcia NO....... Samsung galaxy s2
Michael Diaz No! Iphone 5
Adonis Guerra Hell yes! Can't wait!
Mauka Side SGS 2! !
Andrew Ahn Nope all about the SGS2
Josh Alvarez Yes but im on att so idk if my parents are goin to switch or wat
Enrique Calderon I'm wanting my Gingerbread update for my G2x!
Matthew Apodaca Everyone that has picked the sensation or g2x over mt4gs most not watch reviews or info on phone dog.
Eric Kroh nope..I believe 9k tmo stores closing all across the states.
Jason Mason Nope,was going 2 get the evo3d but I think I am going hold fast and wait for the gsll on sprint
Jay Johnson hell to the yes ..ive heard ppl tell me acouple dates july 6 , the 13th and now the 27th idk what to belive just gimmie the damm phone lol
Derek C Jones Hell to the no!
Rogelio Victoria Sensation 4G! :))
Ivan Aleman I'm waiting for you to fix my evo 4g from the gingerbread update my camera flash at nite takes really dark pictures plz help or else I go buy a samsung phone
Kip Count No, I'm not.
Jullian Thomas yeah. but im thinking about getting the original slide cuz i saw the ui and wasent syked about it.:)
Jason McClellan The mt4g is amazing....once you put cm7 on it haha
Jason King The Mytouch brand has a bad rep ... No
Lucas Dziezanowski Naw, I'm good with meh samsung mesmerize.
Joshua Castro But of course!!!!!!!!!!...... NOT!!!
Yaniv Feldman Not at all
James Gustavo Hidalgo Im waiting for a customer service rep from tmobile.... -_-
Curt Popejoy Nooooooo...
Ron Bragg Nope.
Deion Sanchez Yes myt4g is sick and keyboard makes it that much better
Daniel Powell Nope my 3g slide sucks I'm waitng for a sensation :)
Steve Moore nope. T-Mob always find a way to kill every good device they have.
Lovely Jones Write a comment...
Kyrie Johnson It depends. I love my mytouch4g bit if I see a dogfight between the phone and the sensation then I will decide if I want to get one.
Mark Gittens Nah I'm good with my G2
Samuel Toles Is there a review
Anthony V Cannata Love my sensation 4g
Jordan Acosta Iphone suck....
Guillermo De León I'm waiting for a rotary dial phone.
Flako Ramirez Fuk no, Galaxy S 2 is where is at
Jordan Acosta Jesus ramos, liar anyway samsung galaxy s2 is better the iphone...iphone suck,and another thin android is better...
Richard Remigio Yes after you guy give a review about it. I'm happy with my g2 for now. Fuck touchscreen phone that's why I got my tablet if I want a big screen suckerrrrrrrrr
Tony Cervantes Nope nexus s is perfect for me
Larry Lane No I am waiting to leave T Mobile. They called, telling me I am about to have the plug pulled as I have been data roaming to much.
Kostas Pagratis Was going to but decided on the sensation 4g. Being delivered in a couple days
Jesus Ramos galaxy s2 will suck there just copyng iphone ios
Jordan Acosta Samsung galaxy s2 the best phone right now....
Jordan Acosta Nope I`m waiting 4 the best phone right now samsung galaxy s2......
Joanna Enrique Ramos The galaxy screen is very nice the color is really bright and clear is amoiled
Jason McClellan I have the mytouch 4g, sensation, g2 and vibrant and I prefer the mt4g. My sensation sucks with battery life and if it want for the qhd screen I would go right back to the mt4g
Joanna Enrique Ramos The sensation is nice too....
Nathaniel Hull Got the htc sensation, and omg the battery performance is awesome, had the reg evo on sprint, this is waaaayyy better
Jesus Ramos haha but i dont pay for data
Joanna Enrique Ramos The gravity smart aint great
Jesus Ramos just got my gravity smart and i love it
Jorge Acosta The keyboard kills it
Joanna Enrique Ramos I had mytouch 4g now my hubby got it i have the galaxyS 4g
Michael Aguilar my mytouch screen just cracked D:
Scott Bram The myTouch 4G was a competitive phone when released and this seems so too. But, even as a former QWERTY devotee, I question the demand for that format combined with premium specs. Seems likely that the 4G Slide and Sidekick will poach sales from each other.
Shayna Foushee I want it
Joanna Enrique Ramos I rather stay with my galaxy 4g
Joel Rivera No the mytouch isn't that great.
Lanh Nguyen Although I prefer all touchscreen phones I'm actually somewhat interested in this device. It actually seems pretty beastly and mysense 3.0 is much better than the previous iterations of mysense.
Inaudy Mediavilla I love my sensation too
Vidhu M. Dashora No. I'm waiting for IOS5. nigga
Nick Sanchez IPhone sucks haha
Thomas McCarty NO I am oerfectly happy with my original mytouch 4G
Heath Maddox if you need a keyboard and industry leading camera then yes... otherwise sensation has me covered.
Elis Diaz Nope, my next phone from my HTC Evo 4G will be a quad core.
Davidson Delice Dont think so .......
Erman Guido Not with T-Mobile
Kristy Pena Nope this phone sucks i have it And stuck with it!! Battery sucks..restarts by it self heats up pretty Hot
Derek J Johns I am waiting for a dog fight between Sensation and myTouch Slide before I decide which to get.
Juan Cuara Nope have my iPhone
Bryant Parsons Yessss!!!!!
Argenis Reyes Possibly it depends....maybe ill just stick with the sensation like planned or the g2x to many phones to choose from
Lionel Wright no. I'm waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S 2 to come to North America :)
Kevin Villanueva i love my sensation

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