While HP kicks around the idea of licensing webOS to other manufacturers, and Samsung decides on whether or not they want a piece of the webOS pie, we’re still waiting to get our hands on the HP Pre 3. It’s the “medium” device that was announced way back in the beginning of the year, stuck right in between the HP Veer and the HP TouchPad. And while the TouchPad was at the top of many people’s summer wish-list, it’s the Pre 3 that most people are eager to get their hands on. Unfortunately, we’re still waiting to see it hit store shelves (let alone hear which carriers it will be launching for, whenever it does land in stores). A leaked slide may give some indicator as to when the device will make its way to the market, but it isn’t good news.

When HP unveiled their three new webOS-powered devices, they said that the Pre 3 would launch in the summer. Now that we’re well into summer, people are expecting to see the Pre 3 pop up any day now, ready to be bought and taken home. But, a newly leaked image suggests that HP has made a slight change to their original plan, and it looks now like the Pre 3 won’t be seeing the light of day until this fall. Of course, while we would love to see an exact date on there, the slide is lacking one.

I’m honestly looking forward to the Pre 3. I think it’s about time that webOS has been made available (on a smartphone) on a truly outstanding piece of hardware. The original Pre was good in of itself for a short time, but the Pre 2 didn’t cut it against the competition, and so I’ve been waiting to see how the Pre 3 stacks up since its debut. But, the trouble comes in the fact that I wanted to see how it stacked up back then, against the phones that were already out. Do I think the Pre 3 is a worthy competitor in the fall? Truth be told, I’m a bit worried.

Simply put, this holiday season is going to be a big season for phone manufacturers, and we can be sure that the major players have something huge up their sleeve. Even if we haven’t seen it yet, we can be sure something is coming. And of the devices that we do know are coming, like the next version of the iPhone, even if we don’t know all of the real specifications for the device, we can be sure it will be another device that people literally wait in line for hours to get their hands on. Will anyone be waiting in a line to get the Pre 3?

Like I said above, I’m truly looking forward to the Pre 3. I’ve still got a fondness in my heart for webOS, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. The Pre 3 may just be a larger, faster and more brutish version of its predecessor, but that doesn’t mean anything to me. It is all of those things and it’s running the latest version of webOS. That’s great news, and I want to use it. I think the problem will come in the fact that if the Pre 3 comes out before these other high-end handsets from the other manufacturers, then the Pre 3’s time in the limelight will be short-lived. Even for me. And, if the Pre 3 launches after these new devices, and it just can’t stack up in the specifications department, then I feel like it won’t ever have any time to shine in the light.

It will also come down to which carrier(s) the Pre 3 launches for. As of right now, considering the partnership that HP has built with AT&T in its launch of the HP Veer 4G (and the future release of an AT&T 4G-enabled TouchPad), it’s probably a safe bet to think that the Pre 3 will find its way to AT&T’s network as well. However, Verizon’s name has also been tossed into the hat as well, and many people are still hoping beyond hope that Sprint stakes a claim in some kind of webOS device here sooner than later. Nothing’s been confirmed, and we’re all at the edge of our seat to see where the Pre 3 lands.

So by the time the fall comes around, and if this leaked slide is telling us the truth, will the Pre 3 stand a fighting chance? Or has HP missed the mark by letting the high-end device slip into the wrong time of the year, against a market that’s as vicious as they come? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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"Will the HP Pre 3 matter versus the competition in the fall?"

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Fonzy Paniagua Im android user and web os is awesome ! But hp seriously needs a full on touch screen phone with on screen keyboard and ditch that horrible keyboard palm made.
Jason King An all touch device with specs that will crush or equal a Galaxy S2 or iPhone 4 .. Push the envelope come on ... Im a consumer and these are things we want to see ... They give you a half way product and think that you are going to eat it up, no way .. I need to be able to make an argument at a bar , a party , or a family get together that this HP device can run laps around an iPhone or an android device AND it looks cool ... if i cant do that, I don't want it ...
Jason King The people who bought the Palm Pre 1/2 who LOVE the device will be very disappointed (if they are diehard they will buy it Yes) ... my question is why put out 3 devices that have the same build , same form factor and same feel. OK it has a faster processor and a better screen , other than that whats going to make fans/ current users/ new users say yes im going to drop 499 or 199 for a new device or an upgrade when its not a real upgrade. Like i said before these companies have to make you NOT want to buy an iPhone . Yes WebOS is great, the hardware is lacking. Apple can copy the notifications and other companies can copy form factor and build quality ??? Come on HP Make
Adam Knutson I really think that if web OS was created the same way as android, that there would be a huge difference in web OS devices out there. That goes the same with ios to either if these. You can't put one device out there that has the OS on it and expect it to spread like android did. Android would be dead in the water if you could only get it on one mediocre device. HP needs to build many phones with different hardware options if they want to get their share if the pie. I do think that putting web OS on on their computers will help their cause, but by the time you see it, android or IOS will have already done that too!
Clint Winstead Once again, they've waited too long. The specs will be far too dated to be a serious competitor. Mid range device at best. You just can't announce a new device & wait 6 months to a year to release it & expect to be successful.
Sergio Rubio WebOS is a great OS but needs better support, advertising and more developers.
Luke Richards I love Web OS
Jason Ramos Nope. DOA. It's all about Android and iOS now. webOS is dead
Darryl Mouzone I wish I could see an unbiased opinion for once instead of these idiotic fanboy comments. WebOS and HP doesn't suck. It could possibly matter, only time will tell. Whether it's iOS, Android, WP7, or WebOS they all have their strengths and weaknesses. People need to relax and get lives if they get all worked up over this.
Chad Richter Web os is the best mobile os in my opinion but, palm and hp now are taking much too long to get the new devices to people. If hp wants to focus on printers with web os, then they may as well not even bother with the smartphone market. I've been patient with them because I do love web os but, the pre 3 messed to be launched 2 months ago. Now they're saying fall? Sorry hp. You took too long. They should have waited until they were ready to launch the new lineup to announce them instead of waiting so long that the public simply forgets about the devices.. Bad move.
Jerry Perales I think Hp has a market with grown ups and professionals. Android is for kids.
Carlos Graves "no HP and Palm sucks, android ftw" cry the angry fanboys
Sergio Nayar The more, the merrier
Rani Hinnawi No, Palm sucks, and HP is absolutely terrible.
Richard Remigio No, no, no and no hp suck and their marketing suck
Deonte Solomon For palm lovers as myself yes it will matter
Lucas Goodspeed Webos is living off the multitasking capabilities, aside from that they are behind
Jonas Welton Hp sucks
Joe Czo Nope
Dominique House @Jakarri The Pre 3 I believe has a 1.4Ghz CPU this will be far from slow. It's the hardware that's the issue & the singular design.
Gary Brown HP has an chance. That third spot is up for grabs behind apple and android.
Adrian Edwards I tried WebOs for 3 months, and its actually a really good system. The problem is the lack of developer support, and the lack of hardware choices... So ultimately I don't think it will be able to compete with what's out there already.
Richard Ameen I don't think they need an incredibly fast CPU they just need to make their OS more effecient. Android isn't very efficient like NOKIA and iPhones. They don't need super fast CPUs to be fast.I do think if they market it right the pre 3 will sell better. They should make web os open platform though
Brian Ward I think it will depend on WebOS success on tablets and the application of an ecosystem that appeals to their target market, which is supposedly the enterprise. They also need to build a killer app. Google had Maps and it's ecosystem of Google apps, music, etc. Apple had tons of high quality apps not available on other platforms. So far WebOS has... No Apple or Android logo and a different OS. That's about it.
Cosmic TJ If only Nokia had bought Palm in 2010...
Michael Diaz Nope iphone 5 to rule them all
Jakarri Jacobs They need to change the form factor and add an amazingly fast CPU to really compete. WebOS is awesome but we're in an age where lag is completely unacceptable.
Sicheng Weng Its the same for Nokia but the other way around; Amazing hardware but crappy software
Sicheng Weng I agree with Jessica
Anthony Evans Jr if it had come out early 2011 it could have been a win but its coming out after alot of big releases
Jessica Reese Shook Actually webOS is pretty amazing. What isn't, is the phones they put out to go with it. :(
Hansel Starley I had yet to seen a single Veer in the wild. And I sell cellphone accessories next to AT&T. I hope the Pre 3 does better though. I always liked their design.
Sicheng Weng No, WebOS is far behind android and ios

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