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Will Sprint get the iPhone now that it's no longer locked to AT&T in the U.S.? That seems to be the question on everyone's mind as of late, and if Citadel Securities analyst Shing Yin is to be believed, the answer is a resounding "Yes." According to Yin, the iPhone will be making its way to Sprint before the holidays this year, a move which he believes makes sense for Apple because of Sprint's (comparatively) cheaper plans and the fact that, after tomorrow, it'll be the sole carrier in the big four with an unlimited data plan.

Yin wasn't the only analyst making Apple-related claims today, as FBR Capital Markets analyst Craig Berger chimed in with his thoughts on a successor for the iPad 2. Berger believes that Apple may be preparing to launch an "iPad 2 Plus" with a higher resolution display that'll be around 250-300 pixels per inch (ppi). To compare, the current iPad has a display that's132 ppi while the iPhone 4's Retina Display is measured at 326 ppi. According to Berger's supply chain sources, the iPad 2 Plus may launch in late 2011.

So will we truly see a Sprint iPhone this year? This isn't the first time we've heard that the iPhone will be Now Network-bound later this year, and one report even suggested that the device was in advanced testing. Plus there was that job listing Apple posted that showed the company was looking for a "Carrier Engineer" near Overland Park, Kan., which just so happens to be where Sprint's HQ is located. The evidence of a Sprint iPhone certainly seems to be adding up, but as with most rumors and analyst claims, this report should probably be taken with a few grains of salt for now.

Via MacRumors (1), (2), Barron's, International Business Times

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"Would you buy a Sprint iPhone?"

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Mel Myers YES!!! That's what I've been waiting for :)
Chris Keener Well the choices are pretty much between the Evo line up right now for smartphones. If i was on sprint I think I would try an iPhone, but I would rather stick with HTC
Rhonda Brown Neal Yes I would give up my epic for iphone on sprint. Since I have iPhone on vzw now and luv it
Ian Mcclendon Why the hell are you all debating over which OS is better? I highly doubt either of you are getting paid for the free advertisement
Jose Sut I hope LTE iPhone
Rocky P. W. Watts Why the hell not! I'm a fan of all phones
Mitch Lopez No! Sprint sucks!
Cedric Dorcely @ Rodger by the way we can download apps that cost cash for free too ... thats nothing new ... but loosing my phone grabbing a random android phone log in to my Google account and in 5 min all my contacts and apps back on the phone without the need of a computer is something special ... ANDROID FTW !
Cedric Dorcely @ Rodger explain why apple just integrated OTA and Notifications ? thats something that has been in the G1 from get go ... your saying all that because you havent been a proud owner of a nexus phone ... no rooting required because out the box they are developer phones ... little did you know most android phones have a extra software stored in the background that allows you to fully unlock the phone ... apple truely does not have much of android but the app store and only reason why is because they go a head start ... after that apple is still behind for being out the longest ... i can upload anything to a android device with no restriction or jailbreaking ... a iphone is no fun until its jailbroken ... need i remind you that apple runs the top google apps ... you guys ( apple fan boys ) cant even get a decent gps pre-installed with the phones OS ... you have to go to the app store and download tomtom ... smh
Clint Winstead If Sprint doesn't get the Pre 3, then it's the iPhone for sure.
Juan R Evangelista yea they are the only one with an unlimited data plan!!!
Rc Cavin hell yeah i been waiting for that!
Fernando Arias NO!!!!!!!
Rodger Samiie Myers @Cedric I have rooted my android phones..from the G1 to the Samsung Charge to the Mytouch 4G...you can change operating systems..and thats it...I havent seen the full exploited capabilities of the Android...the only thing it has extra is flash...thats it...but I can do all that and more with my jailbroken iphone...+ be able to download apps that have a $$$ amount for free..and watch Live TV anywhere with Verizon..
Diljot Singh Shoker i hope they get the iphone
Carlos Obando Hell No!!
Ian Mcclendon I'd but for the rebate then sell em, Motorola photon!
Marco Lanuza 79.99 unlimited everything would be the only reason
Nathan Sheaffer No, I don't get sprint worth a darn in my area. At home, signal is laughable. at work is only mostly 3g not good.
Jorge Irribarra Yes, I would and unlimited data, yes I would...
Jonathan Zurcher Yep I would.In white please for me.
Clint Gamache I would not, but my girlfriend would.
Thanh Phan Tmobile or AT&T so I can travel!
Mark Anthony Colindres I would. Love iOS as much as Android. Coming from EVO 3D
Kory S. Deberry I will never buy anything from Crapple, from my EVO 3d
Jason Russ We just need the I phone to bog down sprints already slow network
Joel Diaz Android is boring me now after a year and a half. I think im switching to ios soon.
Roman Galysh Hell no!
Jud Trautvetter Depending on what it comes with in the Sprint version, price , gigs, 4G, plans ? All things that remain to be known yet. As far as Apple in itself would be a good purchase, but Android makes a serious force to be reckoned with. Still to soon to say
David Piepho Possibly a future i-phone 4G model if it is competitive with Andriod
Rafael Cepeda Sprint 3G slow, sprint 4g bad reception ......... He'll no actually I just cancel de 4 lines I had and when with Verizon and for 3 iPhones I only pay 30 dlls more per month then sprint for better coverage, better speed and I hope a LTE IPHONE
Brandon Meier AW HELL NAW.
Rafael Guzman But I love Android more but still would.
Rafael Guzman Yes especially with the Sprint rates.
Chris Payne Any iPhone is crap
Chris Payne Hahahaha no
Mendel N Helen Esteria If it has 4g and easytether or pdanet I would heck yes
Merl Bonham Definitely would buy. While I do love my Epic, rooted and with Gingerbread, Apple just has a better unified device and there's only a generational fragmentation as opposed to Android's major issues.
Arafat U. Chowdhury Shahan Will never buy iPhone when I have android.
Salomon Murillo Hell yeah i would the Iphone is cool and im with Sprint so ut makes sense.
Sina Balouch probably but i would have to choose between the evo 3d and the iphone!
Ayham Hasan Well considering I have a samsung transform on sprint I would love havin an iphone
Danetta Adams Doncer Not no.... But heck NO! I'm not joining the mindless zombie iPhone cult.
Cedric Dorcely @ Ryan DeClue just say if its like your current android phone ... lol ... i like the way you stated that by the way
Donald Archuleta No!! As soon as they get the iPhone Sprint will limit thier data plans just like ATT and Verizon did ... Bad news ...
Rommel Balahadia I have been waiting for AT&T to lose their hold on the iPhone for yrs now. Yes I will buy one asap from Sprint as long as plans stay the same as now.
Alfred Johns IV over the Galaxy S II? What you you ppl smoking?
Ryan DeClue If it has a 4.5 screen, HD display, HDMI output, is factory unlockable, and has a dual core tegra 2 or snapdragon, then sure. :-)
Bobby J. Woody A lotta peopl just dissin Sprint.. the service doesn't suck EVERYWHERE. I know that where I'm at, I get great service. And the iPhone seriously lacks some stuff it should have, such as flash. The servie at AT&T is overpriced with the dataplan And there's bad service (here at least)
Jeramie King I would buy my wife one, she needs an easy brainless phone.
Cedric Dorcely @ Timothy Smallwood do you also know why Microsoft is household name now ? integration ... even apple laptop and phones run Google base software ...
Bryan Burroughs I am trying to figure out what the iPhone can do that Android can't. With so many good devices on Sprint, why do they need it?
John Zanatta No, but in Sprint's defense I wouldn't buy one from another carrier either.
Cedric Dorcely @ Timothy Smallwood its funny how you cant tell sarcasm apart from a real comment ... well since you read fortune 500 i would think you would have been smart enough to know that apple is on company manufacturing 1 phone for a limited amount of networks ... so with that said no they can not produce or release 2 phones a year ... do you even read the articles on technology ? ever heard of limitation on products to produce the iphone 4 ? there was a shortage on the glass and screen they used on the iphone 4 when it was in production ... did you forget most people buying iphones are coming off contracts ? 2 year contarcts my friend so you think it would be in apples best interest to release 2 phones or more a year when they are only on 2 carriers ? 2 words SUPPLY and DEMAND ... Did you ever think why 50 mill companies use android ? Open source genius ... something apple cannot dare do ... yea you will state that i has the app store blah blah blah ... but at the end of the day you fail to state the restrictions it gives you ... apple is so far behind ... you guys finally and i state FINALLY received OTA ( OVER THE AIR updates ) and notifications ... where do you think apple got that idea from ? steve jobs ? smh ... you crack me up man ... take a look at how vast the integration of android is compared to IOS ... even third world countries can afford a android device and still be up to date with technology
Rommel Balahadia Long read so I'll reply with a short one.. Lol.. Sprint seems to have a new pricing structure in the works already with the coming Evo View 4G.
Marti Ruiz Sprint when 4g will be available in my.city? @ oh we are working for that jus t wait .. Lol waitin g for one year
Kelly Iwai If Apple wants to dominate the mobile world they should be on all carriers! Then they can brag more about how many iPhone users there are.
Adam Fontaine Nope. Doesn't work where I live!
Alfredo Avila I would if Sprint keeps the unlimited everything deal not like Verizon
Mikey Morris U could have stopped at "iPhone" and my answer is 'no'
Matthew Dyer Just like always Sprint is the last to get any new phone that was last on their list when the razor was out Sprint got it last too I used to be with them I kind of thought I wouldn't have to switch but for the last 4 years AT&T's service was ok up to now but I'm glad I didn't have any issues with them but I'm still going to Verizon!!!
Roy Portillo I already have an iPhone but idk. I would but what if they drop unlimited like verizon and att? :(
Scott Ingram I wouldnt buy any iphone
Javier Segura Hell yeah I would rather have Wimo 6.1 phone the Android crapware that infects carriers. I had an EVO it lagged, crashed, and ran out of battery after 20min on YouTube. IPhone murders Crapdroid all day any day
Dominique House Yes let Sprint get a piece of that pie. I live Android & WebOS but there are a lot of iPhone fans so why should Sprint lose any money or customers to other networks. Imagine the iPhone with 4G & a great unlimited plan?
Harry Whitehurst Dang straight I would. And another thing, to everyone who says sprint has terrible coverage is smacked. They have good coverage btr than I can say for AT&T or tmobile. They are very spotty in plenty of places -__-
Clark Misul I'd buy a T-mobile iPhone and then switch back and forthwith my android G2...
Michael Stewart when t-mo goes south all options are on the table.
Nehemiah George Even tho I have the EVO 3D, I would hop on it. Well, if it has Adobe flash get it.
Jesse Maldonado YES!!!!!!!!!!
Dominique House @Darryl Mouzone Really? I'm an OTR truck driver & I've been with every major network besides Verizon & I can say that Sprint has great coverage much better than T-Mobile & AT&T hadn't been worth much since the Singular days. I'm all over the country & never had a problem but I can't say the same about AT&T & T-Mobile I can't speak on Verizon but I can't see paying Verizon's rates nor AT&T's as well.
Luke Schumacher Cheaper plans, unlimited data, and good coverage and 4+mbps speeds with there 4g
Ed Plnia Amazing the things u can read on this kind of post! The only thing iphone need to get is adobe flash, after that I don't see why not!! Iphone 5 should be great
Jennifer DeAlmeida Apple is a day late and a dollar short. Actually about 2 years short. If they came out with iPhones on all carriers a year it 2 ago they might have been able to stay above Android. They are falling too fast now. Last year I would have bought a Sprint iPhone but now I can't wait to upgrade my EVO to an EVO 3D! :)
Cedric Dorcely @ Rodger Samiie' Myers please clarify ? better yet state those things
Jamal Khan Nope. Android rocks
Christopher Wesley People who live in the boonies must have bad service. I've had all carriers and always had a good signal. All carriers ftw.
Richard Boo Colaluca Andriod can do alot more than iphones...
Arthur Mmayie I would buy it just because the plan would be cheaper and also add to my collection of smart phones.
Henry Murillo Nah. Sprint is really bad. No 4g indoors and coverage is very, well... It sucks :/ loving my sensation 4g anyway! And haven't had issues wit tmo at all. I even got the phone for free ;)
Chris Ransom BTW shouts out to Casey Anthony
Rodger Samiie Myers I had android and now a iphone 4...they are both great..android may be customizable but..iphone can do so many things that android cant...yet
Ricardo Franco Hell yes....i would trade my android phone to an iphone
Armando Sanchez hells yeah
A Tee Gee yes i would.....
Jourdan Fletcher hell no with the nexus s evo 3d and even the htc arrive, hell no!!
Chris Ransom Who still cares about iPhone's
David Jung LOL whoever buys a phone from sprint is outwardly retarded

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