If you think that tablet manufacturers should slow down, those same manufacturers would probably tell you that that’s just not going to happen anytime soon. After all, the tablet market is one of the most vicious, so slowing down would surely mean an instant death for those manufacturers in that particular market. And they can’t have that. However, there are a lot of tablets out there, all of which focus on the mobile operating system in some capacity or another to sell their product. The hardware matters, sure, but it’s the software that attracts the eye, and eventually the dollar. But, does your choice of software for a tablet matter in comparison to the software you’ve chosen to use in your smartphone?

As of right now, it would seem that iOS- and Android-powered tablets are the most generalized of all the tablets out there. This is easier for the iOS-running devices, considering there are only two variations to deal with. For the Android side of things, though, it’s a bit more of a feat, with the ridiculous number of Android-powered tablets out there. The only trouble in that department comes in the fact that most of these tablets aren’t running the same version of Android, but for this discussion, that’s not an important factor.

Research In Motion and HP have both launched their very first tablets recently, the BlackBerry PlayBook and HP TouchPad respectively. Both tablets are powerhouses in their own right, and both devices run the very latest versions of their mobile operating systems. (In the case of the PlayBook, it’s a brand new OS in its entirety.) However, the biggest difference between the tablets from RIM and HP, when compared to the iOS- and Android-powered competition, is that the PlayBook and TouchPad are marketed as natural extensions to their mobile phone counterparts. For Android and iOS, the tablets are meant as extensions of you, and don’t really have any specific features that connect your tablet to your similar smartphone.

Both the BlackBerry PlayBook and HP TouchPad have very specific features that link their smartphones to the tablet, and vice versa. For the TouchPad, it’s the touch-to-share feature. This allows for someone to put their HP Pre 3 phone against an HP TouchPad, and share a URL with the TouchPad (or to the Pre 3 from the TouchPad) just by touching the devices. For the PlayBook, it’s all about the bridge, and pretty much needing a BlackBerry smartphone to access things like email and calendar.

Both of these features, and a few others within the tablet devices, make them unique in their own right, but also mean that if you want the absolute full experience with them, then you need to have a similarly-branded smartphone. While this may seem like a non-issue to some, especially to those who bought one of the tablets mentioned above without having a webOS or BlackBerry OS smartphone, it would seem to me that this is more of a deterrent for the average consumer, rather than anything else. After all, using a smartphone and using a tablet are different, and even if someone loves webOS on a tablet, they may not like it on their smartphone.

It should also be mentioned that iOS is coming closer to this strategy as well, thanks to their brand new iCloud service. It’s an integral part of iOS 5, and it makes it possible for someone with another iOS-powered device to share media from one device to another, all from the cloud. While it’s not exactly like the aforementioned features from the other manufacturers, it’s obviously a way for Apple to make sure that people with an iPad 2 are more likely to carry an iPhone in their pocket as well.

If you’ve got an Android-powered phone, are you more likely to buy an Android-powered tablet? Or are you willing to get a tablet with a different OS, based solely on its hardware or software, without needing it to be the same OS as your smartphone? Or, are you someone who’s skipping over these other tablets, despite being attracted to their features, because you don’t carry a similarly-powered smartphone? Let me know in the comments below.

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Cristian Reyes i want windows 8
Taavi Kala No, I just don't have anything to do with a tablet. Moreover they are a bit on the larger side.
Eric Quach but I will take one for free. I think the logic behind tablets is that, the makers of Tablets except Apple, got confused with all the hype behind it. except its just the apple fan boys who buy whatever Steve jobs make. I mean seriously, is it really better to do work on a virtual keyboard, compared to a full size physical keyboard?
Eric Quach no point of tablet. its like a smartphone but bigger. less convience, I'd rather watch movies on a Laptop, do work on a computer, and carry around a phone.
Dae Hwan Kim im skipping cuz right when i was about to buy a tablet, news of the kal el by nvidia came out. damn you commercial obsolescence!
Kevin Rousseau Tablets are still too expensive
Marco Duran I'm getting one tomorrow cause I can get the 64 gb for half price I would never pay the full price that's way to expensive
Prabhath Jay bcoz buying a 4.3inch phone is like having a phone and a tablet..
Jaime Andrade Not really, I just can't afford them
D.j. Eze Love my Acer a500 it can do everything a netbook does and faster I'm a college student and a business owner I can do all my reports and documents on the go using my wifi on my rooted HTC HD 2 I can print all my documents using Google cloud print you can do anything on a tablet I believe it worth every penny I can get thru the day what out my tablet
Tony Abiama Can't justify even wanting a tablet at this point... my evo 4G and laptop do just fine
John Zanatta Are you skipping a smartphone because it has a different OS than your computer? I have an Android and WP7 phone, Honeycomb tablet, and a Windows7 laptop. Each has their place and time. None are stupid.
Gerardo Armenta I am waiting for some samsung tablet that might come out next year, it will have 1600 ultra high definition and a kal el processor. Trust me I know.
Melody Dawn Uhl I skip tablets because they r pointless if ya have an android phone...its the same flipping thing jus bigger n more expensive
Leo Sjöberg As many comments seem to have been liked, so Will this one!
Jason King IM Skipping tablets because you don't need it ... You have a phone and a computer that does what a tablet does ... Now if you want to be cool yea a tablet is fine ... but i will keep my $600
Jason Ramos Overpriced, overrated, useless and unnecessary. A netbook is ten times more powerful. Try editing video or cad files on a fucking tablet. Unless you like read books and/or do an extensive amount of traveling on planes, buses or trains and need an outlet for entertainment, you don't need a tablet. Even then, a netbook would be more than suffiicent.
Jerome Patricio Everyone who thinks they are dumb are just not getting the point that they are aimed at the general.public and because they know it will sell, they will make it. Dumb or not, those things are selling. I do think its unnecessary but when you do have one, you enjoy it. If I were ever given one I'd love it. Would I got out of my way to buy one right now? Probably not because this stuff is way overpriced .
Rommel Balahadia no, im skipping tablets because devs arent optimizing Android apps for the 10.1 screen. there's no point in having a tablet whose apps look exactly as it does on my phone.
Chad Richter Tablets are useless. End of story.
Aj Green Tabs are stupid. My phone does everything the tab does... Besides I have a laptop.
Brain Roopull @Andy Austin I'm not mad. I just think they're dumb. For me, the more productive a device, the more willing I am to pay for it. I don't see the point in spending MORE for something that does LESS. I wouldn't mind having one, but if I bought one, it'd have to be priced slightly below netbooks. See, I think they're pretty cool... they're just generally priced about 3X what I think they're worth. That being said, I also don't quite understand how any company can sell a $1000 laptop in 2011 and NOT equip it with a touch screen. Seriously... The only one I think is vaguely worth the money is the Transformer... at least it can act like an actual computer.
Chris Payne I want the Xoom but I'm holding off until more info is available on the upcoming quad-core processor Android tablet. The Galaxy Tab 10.1 looks nice but after my last two Android phones from them I don't trust them anymore. Their hardware is very unreliable to me. Plus they made the stupid move in not having a MicroSD card slot so you're stuck with whatever space they feel like giving you (very Apple-ish to me). I'd like to be able to upgrade my storage by putting in a new memory card.
James Tantsits I have an IPhone 4 and the new Galaxy Tab 10.1. I like the Tab because of the larger screen and Flash. I guess it's personal choice.
Brian Edson I have a droid incredible an I'm praying to win the phonedog sweepstakes an get an asus eee pad transformer
Faison Gowdy i'd buy one but i need a damn job.
Vic Espinoza Andy Austin ur the man. I don't care if they don't match, only if they interact with me...
Nick Koval Cant afford it....
Sunny Patel Nope, I'm skipping tablets because I don't have money :) , but I would like and icecream sandwich phone and tablet
Ravi Amruth I bought the Asus Eee Pad Transformer, despite the fact that I own a BlackBerry for a phone. It's kinda annoying that I can't tether my phone to tablet, but it satisfied me Android Envy very well.
Chayse Collier Like everyone keeps saying... if you have a phone with 2.2 then it's better than a tablet. And my laptop was half the price of a tablet and it does so much more
Daniel Devine Remember you are paying for convienience with a tablet, of course you can get a netbook cheaper! For me my ASUS Transformer Honeycomb tab is perfect for me, I need the battery and portablility!
Ricardo Lopez Tablets are to expensive in my opinion i got myyself a laptop for 300 that can do eveeything a tablet can do and more
Ibrahim Njoya The only reason I don't have one is because I can't afford it right now.
Jeramie King Tablets Suck Right Now! I'll let everyone else be the test dummies. Maybe in 5 years or so.
Andy Austin @Brian, you may think it's stupid..but they are quite practical if you need one. You have a right to your opinion, but if people want to buy one why be mad? I travel a lot between football or fun and the iPad is perfect for me. I don't regret my decision at all, it's way easier than taking my laptop with me. Plus the battery destroys that of my phone and laptop.
Tim Gruber I skip tablets cause I can't get a job
Dayan Inclán I really have no justifiable reason to have a tablet. Android phone and a PC. It would be a superfluous luxury. Now, if I were given one on a PhoneDog giveaway, I'd be joyously grateful. ;)
Brain Roopull Or... and this is even better, let's say HTC advertised the new EVO Shift 3D would be 4 times as large, but wouldn't have a keyboard, wouldn't be 3D, wouldn't be 4G, wouldn't be 3G, would only have wi-fi & couldn't even make phone calls. MAGICAL!
Brain Roopull If they marketed a tablet as a "keyboardless netbook," people would think they're the dumbest things on Earth. Tablet makers owe Apple a debt of gratitude for convincing people to turn their brains off & spend MORE money for less product! Only Apple could make something so stupid "magical."
Christian Perez Webos!!! Btw: pre3 is coming before the leafs fall ;)
Carlos Valenzuela No just because the next day a new one will come out
Cyrus Concepcion waiting for a new web os phone, and the tablet.
Micah Watkins Don't need a tablet so why waste money on it
Joshua Mitchell what's the difference between a phone n a tablet
Andy Austin no, I do a lot of research before I buy technology and buy what is right for me. I have a droid x, hp laptop, and an iPad. All are right for me.
Muhammad Yousuf no i dont care for tablets because between my phone and laptop it is obselete.
Brian Busyapongpakdee I have a Motorola Xoom but my phone has iOS.
Elliott Rodriguez Because its wayy too much for an uneccesary technology

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