Texting –  tweeting, Facebooking, emailing and any other form of cell phone distraction – while driving is dangerous. Need I say it again? Probably not. You've likely been warned a thousand times by parents, law enforcement, teachers, coworkers...you get the point. It's dangerous, yet we continue to do it without hesitation.

As we become more connected by the day, we tend to rely on our phones more. And we tend to check them more often for updates, new mail and essentially anything else that keeps us in contact with those we “know.”

A recent study by the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) revealed that electronic devices are the cause of 25 percent of car accidents. While this does not directly reflect texting while driving, I'm positive texting plays a major part in that 25 percent. GHSA stated, “Cell phone use increases crash risk to some extent but there is no consensus on the size of the increase,” and “Texting probably increases crash risk more than cell phone use.”

As quoted by GHSA, two-thirds of all drivers reported using a cell phone while driving while only one-third admitted to using one regularly while driving. One-eighth admitted to texting while driving; fewer than one percent were observed texting during daylight hours in 2009. That said, this study was done two years ago and texting while driving has been a rapidly growing problem.

Not only is it dangerous, it's illegal. Currently, 34 states have passed laws that ban texting while driving. In some ways these laws have helped. More often than not, however, people who continue to text only become more dangerous as they try to hide their phone from lurking law enforcement eyes. Dropping the phone further away from their face, they are forced to physically look down or drop their eyes from the road, effectively turning the fast traveling hunk of steel into a deadly, (essentially) unmanned weapon.

I will admit that I used to text and drive, that is, until I had been in a few fender benders myself. Being thrown 100ft from a motorcycle in the blink of an eye and my truck hydroplaning and tail whipping into a patch of trees (which saved my truck from toppling down a hill) grabbed my attention. Just realizing how quickly things can go south – without distractions – is enough for me to draw the line. I'd rather not know how much worse things would have been had I not been paying full attention.

When you text and drive, you are not only putting yourself in danger, but also those around you. Whether you want to believe it or not, if you text and drive, you are hardly different from those who down a few beverages before taking to the asphalt. If you have to respond to a text message or email, pull over and respond or place a call. If it can wait a few minutes … wait it out.

I know it's been said a million times before, but it needs to be said again and again until it sticks. Confucius says, “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.” The result of texting and driving is not something you will want to remember, if you even can.

Image via SciNewsBlog

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"Should texting while driving be banned nationwide?"

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Zach Cline And people wonder why we are losing more of our rights every day. what's next? Banning drinking coffee while driving? Getting a ticket for eating and driving? Jesus Christ. .I agree people shouldn't be texting while driving but they're going to do it regardless. The government needs to get out of people's lives.
Oliver Ojtj whats the 2nd and the 3rd ticket?
Marrion Bell Yeah because people can't malti tasking ppl in cali wreck with out texting
Luis Castrodad Yes, it's worse than talking on the phone while driving...
Ross E. Yes for goodness sakes
Steve Arnold Absolutely. I despise the jackasses that drive at their own leisure with no respect for others. I've been in countless situations where someone on their phone has almost killed me just to send a text to their buddy. "wtfz R u doInG 2NiTe"
Joseph Atkins Yes texting while driving should be banned while driving.
Michael Diaz Nooooooo
Tiffany Taylor Also, to agree with an earlier poster, texting while driving would fall under state laws not federal. The only federal jurisdiction Im aware of is DOT and that is on commercial drivers/vehicles.
Richard Sherrod Big time!!
Richard Biernacki Hell yea,some people have a hard enough time just driving.
Valerie Hunter Yantha Common sense really isn't so common anymore. You can't legislate stupidity, unfortunately.
Tiffany Taylor Most, if not all, states have laws against distracted driving. Why do they feel the need to create additional laws that already address this issue? So, I guess my anser is NO there should not be a federal law re:texting.
Bryan Kawashima Yes ban it! Bad enough drivers with faster stopping cars *I.e. Toyota camry! So don't follow anyone to close or you'll be sorry!
Janet Benny Matt frappier yes it may be yours but people get killed because they are on their phones while driving
Darryl Mouzone Yes and for the people who bring up the constitution, bring that up when someone who was texting and driving runs into you or one of your family members and they end up getting hospitalized.
Tracy McPhaul Yes indeed
Matt Frappier Really, if you think about texting while driving from a constitutional standpoint, you own your car and your phone. Once you buy them, they're legally yours. Whether you decide to do stupid things like texting whil driving should be up to you.
Cody Lee Courson Hell no. Girls put on make up. Guys drink coffee, people eat while driving. Are you gonna ban everything and make us bored where we might fall asleep while driving ???
Arxi Kay Police be trollin
Erica Reid I thought it already was. It should be.
Casey Garfi Great in theory but drinking and driving is illegal and look what happens. Wont matter if they do it. I've heard of people having their license taken from dui violations and still drive
Phong Trinh yes, put your own life at stake when you aren't driving a killing machine.
David L. Clark Sure. Go ahead and ban texting. But what if I'm emailing, working on my Google Docs, shooting with Hipstamatic, or on Facebook? Can't ticket me for that!
Teron Facey Anybody who says no really needs to get their heads checked out.
Jeffrey Ford Yes and make all law enforcement enforce that law or lose there jobs.
Jamil Oquendo It hasn't yet? Wow.
James Tantsits IOS need to make an app that allows automatic SMS response (like an out of office)!!!!
Kate Angelo Only if they make Dragon Dictation mandatory on all text-capable phones. I say it, it texts it.
Kryptik Slawter No matter law or no law. People will still text and drive!
Aldo DAlencar Michel Yes and make the penalty as severe as a DUI or people won't obey and make talking on your phone without an earpiece illegal as well while we're at it!
Shane Warren How could it. They ban it on military posts and they can't even enforce that!
Derrick Wimberly Jr. Yea it should
Dounutz Sesar Yes an to create someting in where the phone can kock itself in the car n ulock out of a car and wen receving a call it would go into speaker or bluetooth
L.c. Tooflyforafullname Carter At least until we all have our Google cars that drive themselves .
Rian Kapadia Yes!!!!
Gaylon Asha how about women puting on makeup while driving
Randy Halphen Beyond a doubt!!!!
Jason McClellan I think half you people should be tested on the laws and how to actually drive. I see more idiots driving than there needs to be. There was a study done that proves talking to a passenger is just as bad as talking on a phone while driving. We should ban having passengers who talk also. No kids in the back seat either cause they are distracting as all hell. No one over 60 should drive, no one under 5' because if you can't see over the steering wheel, how can you see the road. Asians and women suck at driving and shouldn't he out there. Teenagers are terrible at driving and cause more accidents before the age of texting. Radios distract people, gps' do also. applying makeup while driving is dangerous. But where is everyone's sense of adventure? I actually watch the road and have avoided my share of accidents.
Patrick Maheux Criminalogic YES... should be world wide!
Brandon Ricker Yes, should be more then a 155 dollar fine (ontario,Canada) should be treated as a D.U.I. and more inforced
Kevin Morrison No. People who cause accidents while texting and driving were going to cause accidents anyway, for a whole list of reasons, and texting doesn't even make the top five. Cell phones don't kill people. People kill people.
Bethany Whaley For sure. I can't begin to explain how many times I've heard a little child on a bike or an old person getting the mail has been run over and killed because someone just COULDN'T wait til a stop light to send or read a text. Which, if you think about, it sends the message that to us, a visual message on our phones is more important than human life. Which is pathetic. I'm definitely guilty but I've been making it a point to stop. Enough is enough, its time to grow up and learn some patience and gain some respect for the lives of others.
Fritz Kocher Even airline pilots are not expected to do that! Speech, yes. Texting, no; that is why they have the co-pilot!
Kurt Ault yes, and internet access too
Nic Hitchins Yes. And that's from someone who totalled his car texting and driving.
Junior Santana Heeeelll yeah !
Rob Wiley yes no homo trust me i party nd all tht shit but still never drink nd drive i think texting nd drivings worst than drinking and driving
Remco Vroom hell yeah!
Adan James Salinas Death penalty should be a good judgement for the morons that do this.
Saul Macias Yes it should!
Francisco Willmore yes because my friend drives me crazy doing that!
Fan OfDreaming If u want 2 prevent some car accidents, then yes it should b banned nationwide. But honestly something like txting whole driving should b considered a no brainer
William Smith Yes!!!!!!
Matt Ranzenberger It already is! Distracted driving laws are on the books that cover situations like texting and driving, reading, eating, even yelling at your kids. If you cannot devote all of your attention to driving, it's already illegal!
Tom Chavira YES. Texting while driving should be as illegal as it is drinking and driving.
Joshua Santangelo tealking on the phone and texting is banned in canada
Christopher Tyrone Truitt Yes it should why put ur life and someone else life in danger
Austin Jae No. Voice to text makes that a non issue.
Barry Lemoine We took the leap in Ontario Canada a couple of years ago. It works!!!!
Gabriel Freeman Give me better public transit and leave my phone alone. Hah.
Kyle Huff Absolutely
Jordan Butler Yes. Texting while driving is just as bad as drinking and driving. I do agree that there would be a handfull of people that would still do it even if it was against the law. -__-
Edgar Rangel Yes!!!!! O god yes. It should
Nicklas Hagelin yes :)but only texting.
Anthony Roddy It would be just another law that no one will follow like drinking and driving you know you shouldn't do it but people will do it any how they just passed here in nv on 7-1 no talking or txting but you see people all the time on their phones
Ernesto Moreno Yes! Inconsiderate are those who do it, they endanger not only themselves but others around them.
Anthony V Cannata absolutely yes
Jules Albright @Melanie, No. You don't HAVE to take the call! NO one is that important that they can't wait 5 minutes to get off the road.
Sharad Khandelwal You kidding me!!!!! off-course it should be,only Voice Messages should be allowed...
Jules Albright Yes, but it won't matter anyway. They need to make it so they don't work.
Luciano Ace Escobedo If u text while driving Ur a dumbass just saying
Corey Bisson It shouldn't HAVE to be banned. Be responsible enough NOT to do it, WITHOUT the need for a blanket law. We shouldn't have to keep making laws to protect the idiots - how many people here need that tag on your hairdryer saying not to shower with it? Really?

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