Android earns the most impressions in Millennial Media report, BlackBerry and WP7 see the most growth

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| July 15, 2011

Smartphone impression share June Mobile Mix

How does wrapping up the week with an update on how each mobile OS is doing in terms of ad impressions sound? Good? Good. The folks at Millennial Media have just posted their June Mobile Mix report, and Android claimed the top spot in the smartphone OS race. Google's platform grew one percent to finish at 54 percent of all ad traffic in June, while iOS dropped one point and finished at 26 percent. RIM ended June with 15 percent of all impressions and Symbian and Windows Phone finished with three and two percent, respectively. Despite their lower numbers, BlackBerry and WP7 saw huge impressions growth in June, gaining 29 and 31 percent quarter-over-quarter. When it comes to total app revenue, Apple's OS came out ahead, claiming 49 percent of all revenue. Android took home 41 percent of all app revenue, while BlackBerry finished with nine percent. Finally, Apple took home the crown for most popular device with the iPhone. The BlackBerry Curve came in a distant second, while the Motorola DROID, Nexus S, and BlackBerry Bold 2 rounded out the top five.

Android seems to have a pretty good lead in terms of traffic according to Millennial's latest report, but today's news won't come as much of a shock if you've been paying any attention the market share reports from the last few months. Now that we've seen Android come out ahead in another smartphone report, how long do you think it'll retain the title as the most popular OS? Will the new iPhone and its rumored availability on Sprint and/or T-Mobile help bump iOS to the top or will Android and its 550,000 daily activations remain king for the foreseeable future?

App revenue by platform June Mobile Mix

Top 20 phones June Mobile Mix

Via Electronista, Millennial Media