Since buying Palm back in April of 2010, HP has tried their best to breathe life into Palm's web-based mobile platform, webOS. Much to their dismay, HP quickly realized that they are up against much stronger competition than what they bargained for. Apple's iOS has remained strong, Windows Phone 7 entered the scene and Android has grown immensely over the past year and a half.

In February, HP announced three upcoming devices for the year, which, at the time, looked to be rather intriguing. Two of those three devices have since launched and were met with little to no fanfare. The Veer is too small for most smartphone users to enjoy comfortably and the TouchPad hit shelves bug-ridden and hardly ready for consumers.

The HP device that has easily grown the most hype, though, is the elusive Pre 3. It is the first of the webOS phones to sport more adequate hardware – a larger display and faster processor – in comparison to its Android counterparts. It will sport a 3.6-inch (480 by 800 pixel resolution) display, a 5-megapixel camera with LED flash and 720p video capture, 512MB RAM, 8 or 16GB of built-in storage and a larger keyboard (thankfully!).

Until this morning, everyone could agree that the Pre 3 was set to ship with a 1.4GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 8x55 processor. Now there is a rumor afloat that HP has decided to swap the 1.4GHz single-core for a 1.2GHz dual-core – the source being HP UK's website.

The Pre 3 was originally scheduled to launch sometime this summer, but as we slowly edge pass the middle of summer without word of the extra large Pre, it appears as if we may miss the original deadline. With rumors of an eleventh hour decision to swap processors, that launch time frame seems even more bleak.

I've already expressed my feelings about manufacturers countless device delays and lollygagging about getting said devices to market in a timely manner. When devices already launch with an air of irrelevance, further delays are that much more detrimental to each phone's sales. Being zero for two with their recent launches, HP's priority needs to be getting the Pre 3 to market, working smoothly as is – not making last minute changes. With quad-cores on the horizon and fifteen Android phones launching each week, delaying their phone even further is a terrible mistake, even if it is to nearly double the CPU. Then again, the delays and rumored price bump could be a result of such a change – meaning this change was made a while back and we're just now learning of it.

Luckily, Pre Central thinks that the information on HP's site is simply a copying/editing slip-up. The listed processor is the exact processor in the TouchPad. Not to mention, they have a pre-release Pre 3 (it was loaned to them with the TouchPad review unit to demo the touch-to-share feature) which sports a 1.4GHz single-core.

My guess is that Pre Central is correct and the dual-core listing is nothing more than human error. Either way, I suppose we will find out in the next month or so. If not, we will all have forgotten about it and moved on to the next iPhone or flavor of the week in Androidland.

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"Should the Pre 3 launch with a dual-core processor?"

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Sam Rick Should I care???!
Mohammad Kamal Yes cuz this is their flagship phone of the year
John Sanchez umm the pre 3 should remain at HP
Logan Astorga Idk. I really like the look of the Palm Pre. I just wish it didn't lag a lot, or freeze, and was just a smidg faster. :3
Nic Gruwell better screen resolution
August White No take the time to do it right. And I just signed a contract with Sprint so yeah no hurry.
Steve Mahoney It needs a better app selection. The hardware is just fine and I like the form factor but the app selection blows. A phone is only as good as it's app selection. Just sayin!
Hansel Starley It doesn't have one?
Cody Sulouff Depends on what demographic they want the phone to appeal to
Kiran Uttarkar They should launch it in India as soon as possible that's what I want.
Gordon Freeman no mobile os has took advantage of the dual core yet so its a waste /...
Radu Tanasescu it didn't need a dual core processor when it was first announced, it wouldn't need it now for performance, but if hp doesn't launch it soon it won't even matter, both palm and hp screwed up gloriously with webOS, they had the best os technology and managed to worst than samsungs bada os (which is a joke) I still use a webOS phone, don't know how long I will wait for the pre 3 though, or for more apps in the market
Jason Vargas HP should just manufacture Android phones. But to answer your question. YES. Other wise. It won't compete at all
Ellis Markman It's not gonna sell either way, lol.
Salomon Murillo Oh hell yeah it will be the best pre ever since the original and a lot of people would want it, i know i would.
Michael Buchko Jr. Yes, dual-core. webOS needs it.
Jason Chappell The pre 3 shouldn't launch period.
George Deleija My question is why hasn't HP entered the 4inch+ screen superphone specs of today!?! Wanna compete in the wireless arena? Strike us with something that will leave everybody's jaws open. You guys have to come out swinging with hardware to match the already kickass WebOS. I had the 1st Gen palm when it came out and I tell u it was waaaay ahead of its time. The first to bring multitasking so fluid with cards. There's room for another competitor they just need to get caught up.
Chris Vollmuth look away
Chris Vollmuth your all fags, inquisittly smart super cock suckers
Tim Watson Of course it should, if it doesn't how can it compete with current smartphone's on the market that have it
Chris Vollmuth fuck you lol
Aaron Taylor Ork Yeah!! it needs it!!
Kieron Davies Yer it seems fantastic :)
Parker Ray Hutto indeed it shall!
Dustin Martin It should launch with a better form factor and larger screen first
Matt Frappier If it wants to compete with the latest high end smartphones, it should.
Blaine Collins It might make webOS more popular.
Jason Ramos webOS was a good idea but poorly executed. I wish Nokia would have bought Palm instead of HP. webOS would have done wonders for them. WP7 sucks
Wasim Mazahreh I guess, but but hp isn't gonna get any buyers if the carriers don't price it right and not steer customer from webos.
Kevin J. Lee This really sucks for HP, WebOs devices are phones that deserve to have as much fame as Android and ios, but they JUST CAN'T get their feet off the ground! WTH.
Adrian Fernandez Android fans care about specs. Look at the iPhone 4, it runs smoother than all Android devices. It's about the experience, something HP can control because they control both software and hardware. To answer the question, sure. Does it need it? Probably not, if HP tunes the software correctly.
Charlie Kuroiwa why not. web OS is fantastic
Matt SnowPaw Dalton Sure! It wont, but I wont care once I get mine, I dont need a ton of power on a phone..
Tariqul Iblis Wouldn't make a difference for webOS.
Joe Czo Yeah it needs to if HP wants to compete and people to buy them!
Daniel Galletti tegra 2 processor atleast this fone will most likely be a good seller and to top it off 1080p video recording with a front facing camera and we have a super phone power house!
Chris Williams Yes, to compete
Daniel Galletti Ok well in my opinion yes it should palm has always been about multitasking which is a big bonus. It should have atleast a 1.5 ghz snap dragon or the nvidia
David Harness Yes. Not because it needs it, but because of all the people who pay more attention to specs than the actual performance of the phone.
Mike Wahoski because the last two Pre's did soooooooooo well hahahahaha
David Vo y the f not?

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