T-Mobile G2x Gingerbread update available via LG update tool

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| July 21, 2011

T-Mobile G2x Android 2.3 Gingerbread

Well, this is a bit of a surprise. After months of waiting for the T-Mobile G2x to get its own taste of Android 2.3 Gingerbread, the update has finally be made available via LG's own software update tool. The new software carries the build number GRI40 and weighs in at 178MB. Those of you interested in getting a taste of the G2x's new treat will need to download LG's updater right here in order to get the ball rolling. It's worth mentioning that the update tool is Windows only and that there's been no word from LG or T-Mobile about an over the air update (or any update at all, for that matter), so those of you without access to a Windows machine seem to be out of luck for the time being. Also, those of you that aren't totally comfortable with downloading LG's tool and trying to update your phone manually may be better off waiting for an OTA.

Keeping up with the Gingerbread news, today a leaked version of the T-Mobile G2 Android 2.3 update hit the Web for all to try. There are a few issues with the leaked software, like the lack of a 3-button reset and some keyboard backlight issues, but it's also said to be packing a better radio and speedier boot-up and response times. There's no way to root or revert back to Froyo if you install the leaked build, but if the pros of the leak outweigh the cons for you, you can find all of the links and installation instructions you need right here.

We're glad to see Android 2.3 making its way to more devices, although it seems kind of strange that the G2x's Gingerbread update has been made available through LG's updater without so much as a peep from either it or T-Mobile. When we hear more about the update from either company, we'll be sure to let you know. In the mean time, be sure to let us know if you decide to load up Gingerbread on your G2 or G2x! (Oh, and as usual, be careful when loading up leaked software. We here at PhoneDog can't be held accountable if you end up borking your handset.)

Via Android Central, XDA, Android Police, T-Mobile Support Forums (Image credit)

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