Windows Phone, you're a tortoise

Darren Humphries
Columnist from  Oshawa, ON Canada
| July 21, 2011

Is anyone else feeling like watching Windows Phone 7’s growth is like watching grass grow?  When it launched we all stood at the sidelines and gave a huge cheer only to watch it waddle off the start line like..a tortoise.  Ok, maybe we didn’t all line up to watch; there were some watching the Android hare and others the iPhone porcupine...ok, the analogy breaks down from there.

The point is that while many of us want to see Windows Phone do well it is just painful to watch it’s slow advance.  It truly is a nice OS with so much promise but is still lacking features blah, blah.  I don’t want to beat up Windows Phone here as I do like it and use it daily but I can’t help but drag out and use Android and iOS more often now.  I want to use and love Windows Phone more but there are too many compelling features that the competition has already.

While we all know there is a huge update coming for the Microsoft mobile OS it just feels like it has been forever in getting here.  There have been discussions about, demonstrations on and much ballyhooing over the next version but it’s always just over the horizon, at least right now.  Mango will have great new features like multitasking, improved email experience, better browser, integrated chat and lots more, all of which will make us cheer on our tortoise to new speeds!  Until that update comes along we are left yawning and filing our nails as she waddles past at a glacial pace.

Let me be clear; I love Windows Phone 7 and do believe the Mango update will be like adding power windows, power door-locks and A/C to an RS car.  It will make the experience of using Windows Phone much more enjoyable as a daily use device but will that be enough to get over the finish line first?

While we all know how the storied race ends lets just keep in mind that this race is actually just continual laps.  There may be a different winner each lap but around they go again and next lap there could be a new winner.  Will it be the tortoise or the hare?  Or RIM...nah!