Is anyone else feeling like watching Windows Phone 7’s growth is like watching grass grow?  When it launched we all stood at the sidelines and gave a huge cheer only to watch it waddle off the start line like..a tortoise.  Ok, maybe we didn’t all line up to watch; there were some watching the Android hare and others the iPhone porcupine...ok, the analogy breaks down from there.

The point is that while many of us want to see Windows Phone do well it is just painful to watch it’s slow advance.  It truly is a nice OS with so much promise but is still lacking features blah, blah.  I don’t want to beat up Windows Phone here as I do like it and use it daily but I can’t help but drag out and use Android and iOS more often now.  I want to use and love Windows Phone more but there are too many compelling features that the competition has already.

While we all know there is a huge update coming for the Microsoft mobile OS it just feels like it has been forever in getting here.  There have been discussions about, demonstrations on and much ballyhooing over the next version but it’s always just over the horizon, at least right now.  Mango will have great new features like multitasking, improved email experience, better browser, integrated chat and lots more, all of which will make us cheer on our tortoise to new speeds!  Until that update comes along we are left yawning and filing our nails as she waddles past at a glacial pace.

Let me be clear; I love Windows Phone 7 and do believe the Mango update will be like adding power windows, power door-locks and A/C to an RS car.  It will make the experience of using Windows Phone much more enjoyable as a daily use device but will that be enough to get over the finish line first?

While we all know how the storied race ends lets just keep in mind that this race is actually just continual laps.  There may be a different winner each lap but around they go again and next lap there could be a new winner.  Will it be the tortoise or the hare?  Or RIM...nah!


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"So do you agree? Is watching Windows Phone 7’s growth like watching grass grow?"

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Arvydas Gr David, have you seen Windows Phone 7, Windows 8? They are unique and inovative. Android is open, yes, but it is iOS ripped off version. Microsoft isnt making anything like competitors, these products are great
Nick Kalman The only lack with windows phone is that it doesn't have great hardware. They don't have a lot of phones out. Software is way better then any Android out there. It's very stable no lags. You need to use it first to understand beauty of WP7
Arvydas Gr Mitch what the hell are you talink? The OS is great, there are no security holes!
Michaelangelo Hernandez Wait, I've never seen grass grow. Does it grow fast or slow?
Mitch Lopez Windows Phone sucks. It's not even remotely as good as iOs, Android or WebOs yet it'll succeed. HP lacks the innovation to do anything meaningful with WebOs. The hardware is terrible and no one is interested. With Windows Phone the hardware isn't bad and the software is average at best. Due to Microsoft's heavy ties to business they'll succeed despite it's security holes and lackluster OS.
Hansel Starley Why does watching paint dry has to do with growth?
Andrew Cornford I prefer the term "watching paint dry" much better!
David Vaughan Should use android underneath and put the MS name all over it then have the ms home screen. Would be just like all the other ms op systems only mobile. Microsoft, "we steal your open source ideas and label it Windows and sell it back to you"
Scott Belbin i have a htc hd7 myself! not on mango yet, but i have never had any trouble with it! a very smooth os windows has! when mango gets added to it in the fall,( or earlier!) it will be an amazing device! i also sell windows phones myself and i have never had anyone bring one back for issues of any kind!
Ty Johnson If you going complain about fragmentation just get the nexus s it's every good on battery life too Napoleon dynamite voice "gosh "
Tommy Klein I almost got the Samsung focus but I went for android instead and got the Samsung infuse because I like how u can customize android
Gordon Christie I lovery my galaxys2 but had a look at a wp7 not bad looking and os is good would try one if I hadnt won this phone
Jean Maxime Pierre There is to much force close. I hate the fact that not all android have the same android version. I switch to the iPhone after 3 years because win7 don't have enough app for me as soon the have more apps I'll go back to them and VZW need to get the win7 pro.
Ty Johnson lol "force closes " and "battery drain".even fragmentation is common for a noob android user. First off android is an open source so can easily put a custom rom that will make your phone faster and at time will run the most up to date os. I bet they hav live wallpaper, widget on every screen brightness to the highest and complaining, secondly do your research on a phone with good battery life b4 complaining remember android do a lot of multi tasking smh
Jean Maxime Pierre I think win7 is great their need more apps I'm a big fan of android but the is
Mike Molina WP7 rocks and for those complaining about bugs.. I am on Mango beta and it is ultra stable. It is really great and now my android and iPhone are collecting major dust.
Matthew Krawcheck Not true at all, heres the breakdown of the three major OSs. IOS is simplistic, for people that love apps and are apple fanboys. Androids OS, more home screens than anybody will ever need, another app drawer...., and the developers get off with not having to do much work because android users flash different ROMs so they can brag about some minor difference in their home screens. I think Windows 7 is the best because the live tiles make it so you dont have to use apps to do everything and its fluid looking and fast.
Nathan Parks Wp7 isn't buggy. It's super smooth and a well executed OS. However, they need to pick up the pace and also get better handsets like the Mozart
Danu Carrión Perales Lol! I love everyone is talking shit about mango update, I'm sure that when it comes out wp7 wont be as speedy and will start getting more bugs than they already have
John Zanatta My HD7 moves as fast through the OS as my Sensation moves through its. Don't doubt WP7. Everyone's eyes will open when Mango is released into the wild.
Chase Anderson Oh yeah I really miss the constant "Force Closes" and being married to my charger. Android......fragmentation...... Gets old really fast. Those that have never used and I mean really "used" a WP7 honestly haven't got a clue about the os.
Hans Jaramillo Wp7 will be like iOS: all phones will look the same. There will be no uniqueness. Customization seems almost nonexistent; just change a few tiles and bam. Sure, there may be no fragmentation now, but look at iOS: no fragmentation in the beginning, now only the iPhone 4 can take full advantage of iOS 4,while previous iPhones get watered down versions of the OS; I don't even think the iPhone 3G can run iOS 4. What's that called? Fragmentation. Same with their iPod Touch line. All mobile OS's will have fragmentation sooner or later.
Joe Czo To me wp7 is like iOS very stable and not that buggy and slow like android. Yes you can customize android but it lags a lot. At least that happened with my thunderbolt. Now I'm using an iPhone. I used to have an hd7 with tmobile and my experience was pretty good.
Scott Threet Sr. windows phone and its lack of speedy grow is why i bailed....one word android
Kamal Halder It is nothing but lack of confidence in windows, they are afraid of competition and the results.
Jamil Oquendo Once they get Nokia to release a phone as a sole hardware provider, things will pick up. Right now, they don't have any dedicated hardware provider in the market like Android has with Motorola and to a large extent HTC and Samsung. Windows mobile is a hinderance to the transition to WP7, it confuses potential buyers.
Tony Simboli I didn't think they were still making wp7 phones.
Arvydas Gr Microsoft mobile OS? Windows Phone, not mobile... But I love WP7 experience and Mango will be huge. We need new phones with better hardware :)
Jeremiah Allan Johnson I got a pro 7. It's smooth as butter no force closes, and zero lag not sure what your reading. Must of been a fandroid site.
Lau Nielsen With the competition, just the fact that they're growing is impressive IMO
Randy Gastelum No.. they wish they grew as fast as my lawn.
Hansel Starley I was really looking to get Android as my first smartphone but I had different opinions on everyone I asked. The high end Android users, all say I like it better than Iphone, even when I didn't asked them that question. I didn't wanted to become that insecure or in a battle I shouldn't be fighting since I love IOS. The low end Android users, all complain about their phones, crappy battery life and lots of bugs. I end up with an LG Optimus 7 when I saw someone with it, I try it for a couple of minutes and give it a try. Great phone, shame it never came to the states.
Stephen Alleyne WP7 is hardly buggy, dont know what you were reading. Just switched from Android and is way more stable and I have the most up-to-date OS!!!!! Just like everyone else, no fragmentation is beautiful, no worries about my processor and ram is also a beautiful thing!
Anthony Dunlap im not a fan of wp7, i have an evo and i like iOS
Hansel Starley Good Article, being that Windows Phone is my first smartphone and really amazing but I can't help to shake my head when it didn't had things my LG Neon had. I wouldn't kick rim out either, there's more new blackberries out there than WebOS and WP7 phones combine. I hate their software though and every blackberry owner that I know is saying they might switch to Android.
Daniel Ricany Android is better. Theres nothing to do on wp7
Brandon Salyer Loved WP7, easy to use, straight forward... Only left to feed my geek.
Erik Rosli On the positive side, at least it's nothing like RIM, running the opposite way...
Chris Turpin Actually switched from Android to WP7. Enjoying the crap out of it, truth be told. Android is becoming an unmanageable clusterfuck, and it feels like Google doesn't know what they want to do with their own OS. Maybe if Ice Cream Sandwich shows some promise and direction, I will switch back. But Google has a LOT of cleaning up to do.
Logan Walker It is like watching grass grow. I'm going for android here soon.
Hansel Starley We all know that when the tortoise was running the race slowly while the other bunnies where busy suing each other.
Claire Murray Was reading this morning that all Win7 phones are buggy. Just a normal MS release!

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