Over the past year, the mobile market has been flooded with Android devices of every shape, size and flavor imaginable. We have traversed from the land of the Snapdragon to the era of the dual-core, from tiny displays to a-little-too-large displays and we're quickly approaching the age of pocket-sized HD displays. But what I simply cannot wrap my head around is why manufacturers are holding back the specifications of some phones and releasing them with last year's specs.

What do I mean exactly? Earlier today, Phone Arena revealed that Samsung is currently working on an Android smartphone that will come with the highest resolution and ppi found on a phone to date, a 4.5-inch display at 768 by 1280 pixels (332 ppi). Sounds great, right? It sounds awesome until you read that the device is sporting a single-core 1GHz Snapdragon processor (MSM8250). Seriously, Sammy?

Let me be clear, not every phone needs to ship with a dual-core processor. There are tiers of phones and not every phone needs to be a flagship device. In addition, not everyone will need the power and speed incorporated with dual-cores. My point is, however, that manufacturers constantly release phones that have every awesome feature in the book … except one major component. There is no phone that has absolutely everything.

Take the Droid 3 as an example. It comes with a 1GHz TI OMAP dual-core processor, 512MB RAM, a 4.0-inch qHD display, 16GB of built-in memory and a decent 8-megapixel camera with 1080p recording. What's missing here? 4G, of course. Some may argue that the Droid 3 is fine without LTE because it's already a quad-band phone, but what about those users that want both LTE and a QWERTY? Both the Sensation and EVO 3D are missing NFC and a sales manager at HTC leaked that the Taiwanese company is working on a "slightly better," NFC-enabled device for a September release. What about the unreleased Bionic? It ships with a measly 512MB of RAM.

All of these missing features probably seem like nitpicking, but this has been going on for as long as I can remember. Even RIM was guilty back in the day. They would release a GSM version of a phone with either GPS or Wi-Fi. CDMA users usually got no love with both GPS and Wi-Fi missing. What is it that makes OEMs choose one core feature and cop out on the rest?

Phone Arena notes that this mystery Samsung device may be the upcoming Nexus Prime. I think it's safe to say that the next Nexus phone will not ship with a single-core processor. The Nexus S should have been dual-core, seeing as Gingerbread introduced support for multi-core processors. While I don't think Phone Arena is entirely wrong, this exact device is not the Nexus Prime. That said, it could be a prototype of said phone with future plans to upgrade the CPU.

Regardless of whether it is actually the Nexus Prime or not, let's hope this phone doesn't ship with a single-core. Having such a beautiful display go to waste for lag and low frame rate would be a terrible shame.

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"Why do manufacturers hold back some specifications?"

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Jonadab Debe It would a terrible shame.
Jason King @Brandon Yea its hard to keep up with android phones ... But i think the GS2 is gonna put an end to that ...
Adrian Salazar Ok, man was that a huge dump! Anyway back to topic....
Adrian Salazar I was about to comment on this topic but had to take a dump...
Brandon Salyer @Jason. Lol for pointing out IPhone. They've made 4 in 4 years. The Android camp pushes what? 4 a day
Gordon Christie Its a shame that samsung dont talk to their customers too wont.get another no matter how good phone is going back too htc next time
C Bryan Thomas If Samsung releases the Hercules with a single core processor they will undoubtedly lose allot of potential customers and I will be the first one to run!!!
Sasha Torres http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i02yOOG6URw
Teron Facey lol @ some of these Apple jokes. Maybe they hold back cause of battery life and price.
Zach Cline Because hardcore fandroids salivate over anything with a big screen and dual core processors
Equaknox Knox O yeah..its like showing a fat kid..cake....cant let them have it all...there wont be anymore left...then what...gonna want more cake..ctfu....
Equaknox Knox pgone dogg...ya need an app on the market..c'mon..with all tgis knowledge..n ..power...lers get an app on the marker...
Paul Davis Because its okay to be gay...
Anh-Tuan Le Apple has never held back any magic. That's for sure.
Robert Centennial Rim is embarressed
Hatim Earl Jason and Steve said it all lol
Steve Moore Ask Apple, they're the kings of that! Don't hear any Jobs suckups on this one.
Kevin Belliard ?f? The need to just come out with all the tech they got already
Brian Walden You would think it would be to keep competing manufacturers from copying their products. But the real reason is probably more stupid.
Gregg Borden Steve doesn't want us to find out that the a5 is underclocked :O
Corey Williams Just cuz
Jason King Why would a cell phone manufacture give you everything you would want or need in one device ???? They hype you on one device but oh wait .. its missing this or missing that .. You get it anyway because you want something new but its not the best possible device , the reason for this is they want you to come back for more ...... Look at Apple every yr or so you get a new iphone i.e. 3g then the 3gs same device just a little better and guess what people are in line to buy it and they have a 3g in hand. People always want the best and all the manufactures tap into this need.. personally i don't see anything wrong with getting a new phone every year. In a year technology changes so much why not.
Alana Blake I been thinking this so true phonedog
John Zanatta So that 4 months later they release a "new" device with said feature included. Look what Samsung did.with the TMobile Vibrant and the TMobile Galaxy S 4g. Add in a FFC and speed up data speeds and voila! We have a new device to sell.
Jose Pablo Islas Its all psychology
Anonymous Carriers mostly jack us off. But if the manufacturers would speak up the carriers wouldn't do so. There are no carriers without devices.... PERIOD!
Josue Cifuentes so they can suck the money out of us lol
Scott Ingram So no other companies can look at what theyre exactly producing and start manufacturing something better
Lee Maxwell I hear it's actually the carriers that opt-out of certain features for handsets because each feature costs' them more money to include in a handset.
Steve Doric Because they are gay
Moses Estrada To keep prices somewhat reasonable?
Ronnel Edrosolano cuz we have money :)
Joshua Mitchell so that we r always buying
Sean Reece cause they are greedy
Arnulfo Barajas cause they want to...
Gregg Borden cuz apple thinks all of us r stupid.
Kevin Tiu to suck our money
Mustafa Sidiqee To be dicks
Stefan Chapman Cause their dumb xD

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