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Get out your magnifying glass, folks. The image you see above was taken earlier this week in San Francisco and, according to the source of the photo, it depicts what he believes to be an Apple employee cradling an iPhone 5. According to 9to5 Mac, the tipster "has had an iPhone 3GS and currently has an iPhone 4" and "knows his iPhones and iPods," and he believes that the device in this photo isn't like any other iOS device he's seen.

The source believes that the handset in the photos had a body that would fit perfectly in the case we saw leak out yesterday. Additionally, the source described the iPhone as having an "almost EVO-like" screen size, a body that was both thinner and wider than the iPhone 4, rounded metal edges like those found on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, and a curved back that he thought was made of glass. Finally, the owner of this mystery product was said to be "trying to hide what he had more than the average smartphone user."

So is this indeed the next generation iPhone? The device in the photo is probably a little too obscured and grainy to give a conclusive answer either way, but there are arguments to be made for both sides. On the one hand, you have to wonder why this person would be using Apple's new iPhone in plain view, giving anyone a chance to sneak a peek at it. Plus, the device in the photos bears a resemblance to the iPhone 3GS, thanks in large part to the volume rocker on its side. Some would argue that making the unannounced iPhone 5 look like a 3GS is exactly something Apple would do, though, just like when the prototype iPhone 4 was discovered in a bar last year. Plus, Apple would need to take its new handset off-campus at some point to test how it works with cell towers in the wild. So what do you all make of the images? Could this really be the new iPhone or are you calling fake?

iPhone 5 2

Via 9to5 Mac

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Luis Lopez Of course! I'll sleep outside the Apple Store if I have to! iPhone forever!
Michael Skelton i dont know if i sould get the iphone or droid 3 or something like that. what do yall think
Hochan Hwang OF COURSE
Buddy Love I like my HTC EVO. I can replace the battery if necessary, get larger memory cards, drag-n-drop files (music, pictures, etc), I don't have to load iTunes in order to do something so simple ;)
Jun Tiston iphone is nice phone! but there are some lack of application features. Hope apple corp. will think about it? no radio,no memory card slot? built in battery.how come if battery is getting weak?can they replace it?
Rian Kapadia Crapple
Felix Gomez Never!! iam happy with sensation
Nick Koval Nah had the iPhone 4 for a week and yeah its a really boring phone...
Ed Salvesen Waiting for the g5
Ty Johnson Is this question? How can I buy something that have no image,and rumor specs.
Declan Kennedy haha NO!!
José J. Landrau HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Eric Kim YES!
Angel Ortiz I'm done with the Nazi approach Apple has on its products
Mark Mann Never
Dale Bloom Most likely not with the GS2 coming out. If iPhone has LTE and 4 inch screen it may be a possibility.
Edgar Gonzalez EL Yea! I would buy the iP5 if it went back to looking like a brick!!! Eff garbage android!!!
Andrew William Sheldon I dont see what there going to change tbh. No 3d not for me. Lgo3d for me thanks
Dharvesh Khan nope..because ios5 can b ported into iphone4 and thats gud enuf
Lorne Shaggy Sloan I see no reason to like this ( http://di.slik.es )
Miguel Banegas Yesssssssssssssss
Fernie Felix Nope I'm done with my iPhone, ready for sgs2
Jœy Mømbïni Am just gonna wait for the iPhone 6.
Rohit Mehta why nt..
Brian J. Moore I hope the iPhone comes to Sprint, this battery sucking Evo is getting old.
Zach Cline Probably not. I was all about the iPhone six months or so ago, But after messing around with android and rooting my droid x I can't say that I would have a good reason to switch to iOS . My only arguments before were that android didn't have Netflix which it does now lol. And ad far as my music goes I can drag and drop it onto my droid x. I own an iPad and iPod and love iOS , But it just gets boring after a while. At least if I get bored with my droid I can flash a custom rom.
Taavi Kala probably gonna be like 1000 € so no way, I can get an equally good phone for half the price.
Jeremy Rothgeb Android! IPhone annoys me!
Steve Doric If it has a bigger screen and dual core then count me in captain!
Allen Drewe Lmao at israel. You can keep your 2g, the rest of the world doesn't like incredibly slow internet.
Allen Drewe No 4g then hell no. Ever since the atrix got its last update its like a brand new phone. Anything less than a 4g experience is garbage.
Jun Tiston No! I think android phones are the best. Iphone has no fmradio!no micro sd card! lack of features!!!
Thee Rick Yes Yes Yes!!!
Gregory Brothers Hell yea the best in the world
Ebony Lovett Not unless they add more ways to personalize and dual core.
John Cantu If the at&t/ T-Mobile merger goes through, I'm thinking about possibly getting the iPhone 5 if comes out.
Gilberto Aponte iOS 4 evah
Robert Johnson Did you hear the latest? Steve Jobs got an injunction against the bible for trademark infringement. Allegedly Adam and Eve had the audacity to play with an Apple.
Robert Johnson What's an iPhone? Is it better than my Motorola bag phone I got in '93? :-P
Jose Sut No android is better
Huey Liggins It has to be different. I have been waiting since iPhone 4 dropped to upgrade from my 3GS. If this iPhone is similar to the last one even with the new hardware improvements I'm going evo. Not bevuase I want an evo but Becuase sprint is cheapest and I'm buying one out of contract for cheap to hold my upgrade until a new phone drops on sprint.
Martin Calderon Or if I buy one jailbreaked
Martin Calderon Maybe. If tmobile and att combine.
Rodney Sosa Blackmon I will buy taco bell instead!
Ville Vuo Not unless it has dual-core cpu on it.
James LeBlanc Gettin' a pager instead.
Chad Powell Moto razor ftw
Israel Leiva I was happy with 2G. Anything lower sucks and anything higher is too expensive and kills the battery on any phone.
Israel Leiva Also i want to add that with all the major carriers eliminating unlimited data plans, the Motorola Triumph on Virgin Mobile will be Revolutionary in a different way. Real talk.
Troy Bauman Simply......No!
Perro Rosello Ill see what hardware WP7 Mango offers before pulling the trigger
Israel Leiva The iPhone was very impressive when it first came out. Now it's just another smart phone among many. It's not a bad phone at all. Just not revolutionary like it once was. But hey, it's better than a BlackBerry and a Windows phone. LOL
Maegan Babcock Oh yeah! I've been waiting impatiently for its release!
Mauka Side Perhaps
Bryan Platt Hell No I hate apple an always have would use a flip phone
Jimmy Alex Ponce He'll yea I'm buying iPhone 5..!!
David DiPilla The iphone 5 should be atleast 4g network with a dual core processor bigger screen thinner phone customize widgets and other stuff
Paul Davis This will be another easy billion in the pockets of apple.. Say no and get something else!
Ian Medina I love my android!!!!!! I dont think i'm going back to iOS.
Mike DeHart Hell No iPhone sucks
David DiPilla Hope its not another 3gs that phone was a bandaid if you no what i mean only minor improvements that. Are not worth to spend the money on
Phillip Ith Nope, waiting for SGS2 to come to US!
Tony Joseph I'm buying an iPhone, because it makes you look like a stud.
Sunny Rattan Just wait until the people with Verizon that were holding out for the iPhone 5 jump on it. I'm sure the android platform will go down a little bit. Funny thing is I'm torn between the iPhone 5, galaxy s2 or a windows phone built by nokia with a carls zeiss lens.
Howie Eastin For me depends on what the actual specs of the phone will be, if it's not dramatically different from the iPhone 4 then no I will hold my upgrade.
Steve Gonzalez Nope, Android is the way to go
Anthony Asmari Yes, I'm just going to buy that piece of shit because their is a apple logo on it.
Cristian Henriquez Never, iPhone sucks! Team evo all day!
Norris Reber I will never buy an overpriced apple product!!! The Androd OS is much better, the Android phones are soo much better, Android is selling better than apple, why would I even EVER consider buying apple??
Daniel Powell def! gunna be my first iphone
Michael Miller ONLY if it were 4g lte w/vzw. Which probably not gonna be.
Armando Sanchez Nope, getting the blackberry 9900
Shirley Mercado Probably not. I like the way the iPhone 4 looks all sleek and smooth. If they put it back to the round corners plastic cover like the 3GS? Then I'll most likely stick w/the iPhone 4. (
Garrett Vincent Iphone 5now has OTA updates!! iphone 5 has duel core processor! Iphone 5 now has LTE!! Iphone 5 now has 4inch screen!! Now you can have widgets!!! Lets see android beat all that!. oh wait..
Byron E. Cóto Leave it to apple to make even a toothpick sound revolutionary. :) lol
David Harness Most likely. Depending on what it is like. I'm liking the OS it'll run (iOS 5) but I wonder how hardware will be compared to Windows Phone 7.1 handsets and Android handsets
Brandon Ethington perhaps if it is on Sprint
Kyle Ruben Morris- Kyrumo Nope, gonna stick with Android :-)
Dayan Inclán No. iPhone sux.
Geoffrey P. Spicer , all you people run out and buy it @ make jobs richer.
Kennedy Navarrete Hell ya i have all the iphone iphone 2g , 3g , 3gs , and iphone 4 All in there original box so ya i will get the iphone 5
David Max Jaramillo III Hilarious. People saying that you can not customize an iPhone. Have you heard of jailbreaking? There are endless possibilities after an iPhone is jailbroken. I am on the iPhone 3G and WILL be upgrading to the 5. Not even thinking bout the 4S even if it is cheaper.
Travis Lamar Pachan I still don't get why people would buy such a locked down phone. So no I won't be buying and inferior phone. I'd buy a web os device over that.
Mathew Laird Hell No! Waiting for the Nexus Prime/3....
Scott Beaudoin Hell no...... thounderbolt is way better
Patrick Ochoa Heck yea! God!
Jose Be Julme Hell no!
Tab Stockwell No Apple products for me
Tom Parker Apple is the best company going with the best products. I'll be first in line for the iPhone 5
Rico Suave I am!! And I'm gettin rid of this shit I have now. I'm so glad it's going to be able to used for any carrier!
Shawn Martinez You know i i'm !!!!

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