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If you've been anticipating the arrival of the Motorola DROID Bionic since it debuted back in January, well, you've got a little bit more of a wait ahead of you. Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha just confirmed on the company's earnings call that the Bionic will be hitting Verizon in September. An exact date wasn't mentioned, although a recent report claimed that September 1st could be the day that it all goes down.

Although August 4th had been kicked around as a possible Bionic launch date in the past, more recent reports pegged the Bionic's arrival for sometime in September. Precisely when in September the Bionic will be launching remains to be seen, as does the device's pricing details, but those details should be outed sometime in the next few weeks. Now that the Bionic is nearly here, are you still excited about it or has the long wait driven you into the (metaphorical) arms of another smartphone?

UPDATE: Sanjay wasn't done dropping hints on new products after outing the Bionic's release date. The exec said that Motorola is planning to have a total of "at least" 5 LTE-enabled products out by the end of the year. Unsurprisingly, Jha didn't get into specifics, but he did say that Moto has another LTE phone and two LTE tablets up its sleeve. Could they all be destined for Verizon? Is Moto planning to release a device for AT&T's spiffy new LTE network, perhaps like this mysterious Atrix 4G successor? Did the chicken come before the egg or was it the other way around? All questions that we should learn the answer to over the next few months. (Except for maybe that last one.)

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"Will the DROID Bionic be relevant in September?"

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Ken Clement I would of gone to the Verizon network for the Bionic if they still offered Unlimited package. As for now Ill wait for the Galaxy S2.....
Marco Heras hell yah
Jason King Personally i liked the first Bionic Design ... The new design is just OK I Guess !! I don't know why they went for the change but its over our heads i just hope the user experience is better than the Droid 3 ... But i will say they need to take pointers from record labels when releasing new devices ... If a big artist is going to drop you need to push back or push forward ... iPhone5 is coming in Sept and im not sure if Motorola or Verizon can compete with those Apple marketing dollars ... Im no fan boy just stating the facts ... At CES you show us a top notch device and say its coming out early summer next thing you know its not coming till fall AND its changed .. Moto dropped the ball. SN: anything the Verizon salesman tries to sell me i avoid .. they dont know ish ...
Mitch Lopez Nope! Idiots took too long. Can't have mishaps like that in the wireless industry.
Brent Legendre if you go to a Verizon store and a salesman tries to persuade not to buy a certain phone you can be certain that that is the phone you should buy
Lawrence Gonsalves As a disappointed t-bolt owner, I could care less. VZW has pretty much sucked the fun and excitement out of new devices for me. They are devices made to simplify our lives, keep us in touch with people we care about, allow us to interact with one another and schedule/complete daily tasks. They are NOT 600.00 palm sized billboards for your crapware.
Ben Bartholomew ha dont care anymore
Cory Wood Nope, your all wrong the true bionic was and the targa aka bionic is the second! Haha!
Cesario Brito Jr. Verizon is always late in the game. With the Galaxy ll coming out, its too little too late. Oh and BTW Sprint is a great network.
Matt Frappier There's already a bunch of Motorola Droid phones (and other droid branded phones) on Verizon and none of them are the best, (if they are the best, they are usually beaten out by another phone a month later) and I believe it will do just about as well as the Thunderbolt. The Droid moniker is only used to make people think than they're getting the best phone. It's overused and completely irrelevant. Look at the Droid X2 and the Droid 3 if you don't know what I'm talking about. They barely set themselves apart from their predecessors!
Nathaniel Hull I say just wait for the galaxy s 2.... If ur wanting onna the best dual cores
George Millhouse uh cory yes it is. its the first dual core lte
Brady Cox @Cory, yes it will be the first dual core *LTE/ "4G"* device.
George Millhouse anthony are you on unlimited now? if so then why switch? especially to a network as horrible as sprint.
Påsqüål Sålåz Manufacturers are making phones as fast as rats pop out babies.
Anthony Douglas I don't care about the Bionic anymore, it has been delayed until everyone is blue in the face...I just want OUT of my Verizon contract & switch back to Sprint where it's TRULY unlimited
Robert Skeen Not once the G2 comes out in August
Gaylon Asha I still love my droid x. 1
Cory Wood @jesse no it isnt!
?????? ????? I have the Atrix itz freakin & the successor to it is going to be just as badass even without the fingerprint scanner
Jesse James Castro Well it will be Verizon's first dual core LTE phone...right?
Marvin Oubre I gave up on the Bionic, just like I gave up on Verizon after they started using tiered data plans.
Adam Pritchard I don't think it will sell as well as it would have had it come out sooner, but whether or not it's relevant remains to be seen. We'll have to wait and see what the true specs are, how it actually runs, etc.
Jamil Oquendo At the rapid rate that phones are being released these days, probably not. There are about 30 new android phones everyday lol.
Dave Holmes I hate my life.
George Millhouse well its officially in september which makes it less appealing to close to other phones now
Dre Day Dammit it better!
Sean Reece a agree with nathaniel verizon's "awesome" thunderbolt that came out 1 year after the evo 4g was $50 more and the new evo 3D is still cheaper then the thunderbolt but verizon is very greedy even though they are the largest
Cory Wood Yes, the targa aka bionic will be released with the i5 is and whenever that is! Haha! Suckerd
Nathaniel Hull Probably not much, att has the atrix, sprints gettn the photon in like om 31st... Its def not the 1st, but verizon kinda isnt 1st when it comes to latest android devices, they usually getem after others then charge more for them
Steve Hartsock Relevant? Just because a phone isn't the LATEST doesn't mean it's not relevant. There are plenty of phone that are two or three years old that are still relevant. We are too caught up in specs anymore and the phone manufacturers are loving it.
Cesar Macareno Hopefully
Adam Schulte I thought it was supposed to be released this month

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