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Been thinking about picking up a Samsung Nexus S on T-Mobile, Sprint, or AT&T? Then tomorrow's your lucky day, my friend. Best Buy just pinged us to share the news that tomorrow it'll be offering all three versions of the Nexus S for free on-contract to new activations as well as customers that are eligible for an upgrade. Running from at 11:00 PM CT (12:00 AM ET) tonight and through 11:59 PM CT tomorrow night, the offer will be available at Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile stores as well as BestBuy.com/mobile. Check out the full presser from Best Buy below.

Samsung's Nexus S may not be the freshest smartphone on the block, but getting a handset with a 1GHz processor, 4-inch Super AMOLED display, and vanilla version of Android 2.3 for free is a pretty tough deal to turn down. Plus, the Nexus S is currently sitting at the No. 2 spot on our list of best Sprint smartphones and was also a part of our top T-Mobile smartphone list for quite a while, so you know it's a good handset. Who's biting?

One-Day Exclusive Offer: Best Buy Mobile Offers All Versions of Nexus S from Google for Free on Aug. 3
Available on AT&T, Sprint and T Mobile at Best Buy, Best Buy Mobile specialty stores and online. Offer runs from Aug. 2 at 11 p.m. CST to Aug. 3 at 11:59 p.m. CST
MINNEAPOLIS, August 2, 2011 – Best Buy Mobile today revealed an exclusive one-day sale on Nexus S from Google phones valid on all carriers who support the device  - AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile offering customers the choice of 3 major carriers. Customers can receive a free Nexus S phone, either as a new phone or an upgrade purchase with two year activation at all Best Buy, Best Buy Mobile specialty stores, and online at BestBuy.com/Mobile.
Nexus S is a pure Google experience phone and runs Android 2.3, Gingerbread, the fastest version of Android available, and will be offered free starting tonight at 11:00 p.m. CST, through  Aug. 3, at 11:59 p.m. CT.
In addition to the most smartphones under one roof, including all three versions of Nexus S, Best Buy Mobile offers an array of services aimed at improving customers' experience, including Walk Out Working, Upgrade Checker, Happy 24 and a full array of accessories for customers to protect and personalize their device.
About Best Buy Mobile
Best Buy Mobile was founded in 2006 with a goal of changing the way consumers shop for and purchase mobile phones in America. Today, Best Buy Mobile is in every Best Buy store and also has 206 Best Buy Mobile specialty stores around the country. Best Buy Mobile features one of the largest selections of carriers, handsets and accessories available anywhere. Employees undergo at least 80 hours of intensive training, as well as continuing education on mobile phone technology and trends to help customers get the most of their mobile phones. For more information about Best Buy Mobile, visit www.bestbuy.com/mobile or www.bestbuymobile.com.
About Best Buy

Best Buy Co., Inc. (NYSE: BBY) is a leading multi-channel global retailer and developer of technology products and services. Every day our employees - 180,000 strong - are committed to helping deliver the technology solutions that enable easy access to people, knowledge, ideas and fun. We are keenly aware of our role and impact on the world, and we are committed to developing and implementing business strategies that bring sustainable technology solutions to our consumers and communities. For information about Best Buy, visit www.bby.com.

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"Will you be picking up a free Nexus S tomorrow?"

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Will Villarvich lol payed $349 AUD for mine and no contract
Josue Landaverde I already have one! :D haha Its a beautiful phone!! I was only sad that it didn't have an HD camera :/
Cinthia Irlanda Rodriguez Got it, I must admit ima miss my blackberry but def liking this phone so far.....
Maurice Hall @joe..... What the hell did you just say?
Joe Lowrider wow every one talking bout phone show off not have for that save that sigh rooling my eye i wish but never get it free never or win never that soo suck oh well never my life from there win or free too sound to me lying i dont know so far long time never hit i got won never no some one i heard that i say wow they talk to me real one oh cool they lucky i give up oh well i wont sign them up enter stuff not worth that waste my time no luvck for me nothing i am so serously no it not joke to every one no i am so very s erously
Marko Krstic my desire HD running miui 1.7.29 is better
Mason Hartley Nexus s is now out dated ill be wanting for that nexus prime
Truly Nice Na....waiting on the nexus prime tho
Wood Franklin Original evo rules
Zakari Ghachi why would i downgrade ? got an EVO 3D dude
Destiny Sliter I would If I was eligible for an upgrade!! =((
Ed Plnia I got the Evo 4G, Droid Incredible n Htc Hero Plus MyTouch 4G! But as of right now using the Evo 4G
Joshua Guzman I'll stick with my windows phone -Sent from HTC HD7
Glenn Rubio Urrea That's a he'll of a deal. Even with the latest crop of phones I would recommend it. I love mine. Don't see any other phone out there that makes me say wow wish I had that one instead.
Bruce W. Thomas Jr. Doesn't matter to me I got the Replenish from Sprint....
Rick Johnson So the way I think of it now is that I just paid an extra $25/mo for 8 months to get the privilege of owning mine at first launch? Ouch.
Tom Tanza Anyone have an old android phone sitting around message me please
Alan Xenos I have one. I am thinking of switching to an ES4G
Kyle Kershaw No, my HTC Merge with US Cellular is so much better!
Joe Noyola Nope good with my HTC sensation for the moment ...I'll get the next nexus phone for sure tho ...
Josue Cifuentes No contract right ?
Thomas Boehnlein No. No indicator. No microSD. Might as well own an iPhone.
Tonio Johnson I want the galaxy S 2 or the samsung within as it is being called on sprint. Samsung Nexus S is old news now, was only made really for developers. that's why there is no slot for micro sd or what have you.
Won Ho Yoo Apple BEST!!!
Jullian Thomas WHAT?!??
Dounutz Sesar Iphone 5 hahahahahahahahahahahaha funny stuff. stil waiting for samsung galaxy s2
Taynia Dejesus No. I love my phone
Jesus G. Nolasco If it was the iphone free and off contract i would definatley NOT buy it..i would buy an iphone if they paid me 100 bucks a month for two years...android all day
Joseph Alan Richardson No... One I live in the UK and two it requires you to sign over your soul *Contract*
Douglas Rodriguez Damn iJuss Bought Ah Evo 4G
Michael Miller I will be getting my $100 refunded to me.
Peter Dudycz Sure, if there is NO contract involved.
Patrick Taylor If best buy glitches and allows me too even tho I'm not eligible for an upgrade
Oscar Pena Nope cause i got my EVO 3d
George Millhouse what do you mean catch?? new line or upgrade with 2 yr and its free... why are some people so damn paranoid. It is what it is
Cory Stephen Sonustun if i can walk into best buy tomorrow and not have to create a new line or upgrade an existing line, then hell yea! but if any of that, then no...ill wait for the nexus 3
David Daniel Schwartz YES. why am i the only one?!?!
Joe Bove Hell yeah synergyGM .. super beast
Andres Barroeta I paid 99$ yesterday for my with contract :( too late
Regina Davis I'd be there but uh I have Verizon ....where's my free phone?
Jason King Free or not who in the Know is trying to buy a phone that's a 2yrs old in cell years ...Ha ha ha but there is too much competition out right now, and there's too much competition coming soon ... but im sure someone who is looking for a phone and just happens to be in best buy will get on and why not .. It is a good phone..All in All .. too bad its not on Big Red.
Warren Whitworth Whats the catch??
Timus Maximus Hell no :P
Derick Williams If I didn't already have a captivate running CM7 and I had an upgrade i would. But, right now.. CM7 offers best of both worlds since i get an sd card slot + latest updates...
Darryl Mouzone There's no micro SD card slot and only 16gb of memory on the phone. I like to put lots of music on my phone so that would be a no.
Maurice Hall Nope I only use the lastest and greatest in cellular technology... purchasing the NS would be a step backward Sent from my T-Mobile G1
James Brian Carrera EVO4G running synergy RC2+ godmode is fast enough for me
Brandon Johnson Yea right I doubt it's free for me... But I can still try.
Eddie Gutierrez No I'm ok with my optimus s
Fonzy Paniagua Sexy device but sadly no! I'll guess I'll stick with my mytouch 4g running cyanogenmod7 (Super Fast!)
Curtis Zuend nope. ordered my Evo 3D on monday from amazon!
Haldi Kuniqi I can't I upgraded to mytouch 4g in february
Andrew Veale Nope, I'll stick with my Epic.
Ed Plnia i'm not getting that piece of nothing, not even for free.. phone without slot to put extra space..only 16gb and after that what's going to happen? i rather stay with my evo 4g with 32GB o memory card
Diljot Singh Shoker The iPhone 5
Terry Likens NO are you?
Christian Crow sure nope
Aiko Minnie Yamato impossible for me cuz i cant even get a chance :(
Carlos Nava No evo 3d
Gabriel Fernandez Yeah.. if it's free off contract. :)
Yahir Montiel No tho lol.
Don Kenyon Not me.
Stefan Chapman Nope. :/
Jon Don Podolski Nope cuz I got an Evo 4g Shift :D

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