HTC Sensation 4G

Just a little under a month ago, HTC gave us a bit more insight into how its bootloader unlocking process will work, saying that a software update would be rolling out to the global Sensation this month to prep it for the unlocking, with the T-Mobile Sensation 4G and Sprint EVO 3D to follow. Late last night HTC posted another update on the unlocking process, explaining exactly how the entire thing will work. HTC plans to launch a web tool this month that'll do all of the dirty unlocking work for you, although you'll only be able to use the tool after providing your email to HTC, getting an unlock code, and then clicking the "I Agree" button on the legal disclaimers that'll tell you that unlocking your device's bootloader will void some or all of your warranty. After jumping through all those hoops, you'll need to plug in your handset, install the Android SDK, type in your unique unlock code, and then BOOM! Your beloved phone will be ready to be tweaked to your heart's content.

One other thing to note: HTC has said that it'll continue to ship its devices with locked bootloaders. This is because it feels that unlocking the bootloader "provides extensive control over the device" and that some mods could cause major issues when it comes to security and device operation. If you know what you're doing when it comes to hacking your handset, though, the unlocking tool will be there for you.

Overall HTC's unlocking process sounds pretty painless, and it's pretty awesome to see the Taiwanese-based firm working hard to please its hardcore users that want complete control over their products. How many of you plan to unlock the bootloader on your HTC-made phone when you get the opportunity?

P.S. If all of this bootloader talk sounds like a bunch of gibberish to you, Taylor's got a nice write-up of precisely what a bootloader is and what unlocking it means to you that can be found right here.

Via MobileBurn, HTC

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"Is rooting worth it?"

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Arturo Salazar
Arturo Salazar yah it is but mit mes up ur phone
Tanner Dempsay
Tanner Dempsay Yes it is. !00% It makes Android what ios can never be. completely open source. I believe all smartphone makers should have an official rooting tool.
Jason King
Jason King Yes ... We get board too easy ... Customization rules ....
Trevor Sawyer
Trevor Sawyer On Moto...Hells yeah! AOSP beats Blur to a pulp! Plus changing ROMs and themes is the shiznit.
Erman Guido
Erman Guido I will try it with my new Xperia Play, I hope it's good!!
Mundo Castaneda
Mundo Castaneda Yes sir
Diego Akd Aranda
Diego Akd Aranda hell yeah its worth it
Gabriel Freeman
Gabriel Freeman Heck yes. Cyanogenmod + Setcpu on Mytouch 4g. Over 20hrs battery life and Gingerbread .
Geoff Meza
Geoff Meza si
Mike Pfeifer
Mike Pfeifer It is 100% worth it. Rooted I've seen nothing but better performance and huge leaps in battery life. Too bad the big companies are shown up by devs who do it for fun.
Michael Morabe
Michael Morabe Like some of you that posted, I too was afraid to start rooting my phone (G2x). However, when I finally read on xda developers how easy it was to flash CWM and custom ROMs, the sky has been the limit with my phone. Do yourself a favor and read about the benefits and ease of use. You will never regret it.
Evan Fleming
Evan Fleming Absolutely. My Thunderbolt kicks so much ass now with Sense 3.0 and overclock/undervolt.
Fudge Sohumble Deshields
Fudge Sohumble Deshields I need my DROIDX rooted please help im in philly
Ismael Vargas
Ismael Vargas Yes it is worth it!!!!!! MyTouch 4G and LG Optimus T with Cyanogenmod 7 and they are smooth and better battery life.
Nick Kathrein
Nick Kathrein Yes. It's great. I was able to keep my wife's older Moto Defy up to date with 2.3.4 which is not coming from moto.
Steven Le
Steven Le Need someone to root my nexus s
Steven Le
Steven Le Yes
Andrew William Sheldon
Andrew William Sheldon Not really its to hard to find everything! Is there even a cydia like app? lol.
Lee Grip Gresham
Lee Grip Gresham Yeah I guess, I did it one time. I undid it because I was paranoid about it.
Richard Levasseur
Richard Levasseur Yes it's worth it, and it's your phone it you should have 100% control of it. For some of you who are interested in how to there's a couple of sits like xda developers, ppcgeek, and smartphonejunkies.
Joernie Berrios
Joernie Berrios Rooting and flashing Roms is like hooking your car up wit new music system and Rims(chrome).....stock is so lame...wack
Sachin Swami
Sachin Swami yeah im not rooting anytime soon....... but i got it worse with the buggiest MAP
James Vincent
James Vincent YES...
Joel Diaz
Joel Diaz I never rooted but judging by the comments, I guess yeah its worth it. I don't know how to root and would probably be afraid to do so lol
Taylor Chase
Taylor Chase If I didn't ever root my Inspire, I'd never get more than 3 hours of use. Props to MIUI
Rajesh Ramsaroop
Rajesh Ramsaroop My Nexus one was amazing before I rooted. Then I rooted once the warranty ran out and it was even more amazing. I am on an evo 3D right now, and I like it so far. I will probably do the same thing. So yes, rooting is worth it
Felix Gomez
Felix Gomez Yes it is worth it!!
Jason Allen Lucas
Jason Allen Lucas Ah duh yea
Sunny Patel
Sunny Patel Always worth it... mytouch 4g 2.3.5
Ryan Lampkin
Ryan Lampkin Rooted every phone I have had and I'm going to keep rooting my next one and the one after that. So yes, definitely worth it for me.
Diego Pereira
Diego Pereira Yes. Rooting unlocks potential.
Ben Broyles
Ben Broyles Rooted my Droid x and running miui Rom. Its just fantastic! I use to change my phone all around every couple of days cause I'd get bored with it and I'd have a crap load of launchers and apps that would do different things. But since rooted I can just flash whatever I want! And run my phone at 1.3 gig instead of stock. So yes absolutely worth it to me.
Eugene Borodin
Eugene Borodin Yes, until manufacturers start producing roms with no bugs and optimize them properly (yes, I'm looking at you HTC and LG!) If my stock rom would work the way it supposed to work , I wouldn't even think about rooting my Sensation.
Jason McClellan
Jason McClellan Richard ameen, it isn't our fault you aren't smart enough to root and flash a custom rom on the nexus s. why would any one just "accept" what they had? I didn't accept that me evo had 215hp stock, now it had over 600 awhp. I didn't accept that I was making 45k a year and now I am making 75+ k a year. Why would you accept less than you want? You won't achieve anything in life that way...
Dawude Esa
Dawude Esa Wen u have a mytouch 4G slide that apparently has the most retarded version of HTC sense 3.0 then yes we need to root it
Matthew Burchett
Matthew Burchett Its the only way my htc dream is still running...thank god for cyanogen
Mark Hartzel
Mark Hartzel As a disgruntled Motorola Cliq XT owner, I'm much happier now that I rooted and installed Gingerbread
Jason McClellan
Jason McClellan Those who say it isn't worth it to make your phone run smoother, have better features, longer battery life and get rid of the programs that you will never use and take up space, have never rooted a phone or are plain ignorant.
Richard Ameen
Richard Ameen Nah not really. I tried on my nexus s 4g and did it but when I was done all my stuff was wiped, and when I tried a rom it never fully rebooted. So I had to use risky odin to flash the stock rom back and thank god it did. Just accept what your phone can already do and stop being spoiled :/
Equaknox Knox
Equaknox Knox m i able to root my EVO 4G..now..i updated to 2.3..anybody..somebody...hit me up...
Phillip McGriff
Gerard Hyacinthe
Gerard Hyacinthe i need to find myself a geek.
Phillip McGriff
Anh-Tuan Le
Anh-Tuan Le One word: Cyanogenmod
Roney Desousa
Roney Desousa Yeahh, not necessary but rooting is nice because you get more options and can really make the phone truly yours
Diedra Thorpe
Diedra Thorpe I root!.... lol... for ROMs and Overclocking
Ian Medina
Ian Medina Worth it!!!! You just need to be careful =)
Jon Jerico Calanio
Jon Jerico Calanio S-OFF, ENG-OFF, CyanogenMod 7.1 and MIUI. :D
Stephanie Wall
Stephanie Wall Yes its worth it for someone like me who wants a new phone every month because of what another phone has lol. Now I don't get as bored with my phone I just change the rom. Plus I hate waiting for carriers to release the lastest update.
William Robles
William Robles Yep
John Murchison II
John Murchison II I think it's worth it if you have a phone with a thick UI like Sense. Sense is very nice of you don't care about Android's stock goodies. I personally loved that my EVO was rooted, but my Photon is a lot closer to stock than Sense.
Seth Price
Seth Price Yes
Ryan Hunter
Ryan Hunter Yes
Gabriel Sotomayor
Gabriel Sotomayor Android without root is like iOS , root and modding is the fun of android IMO
Quentin Hickman
Quentin Hickman Wat is "rooting"
Austin Hawthorne
Austin Hawthorne i had a samsung replenish i rooted and it was pointlesws i could do is tether. but i i got a nexus s 4g totally worth it so many roims !
Daryle Barden Jr
Daryle Barden Jr So worth rooting! I like to do what I want, when I want, and how I want. Rooting gives me that ability to have that power. I despise being controlled.
Alex Dunbar
Alex Dunbar No
Eric Quach
Eric Quach I suck at this rooting shit. lol, I can't do it. D:
Terry Knab
Terry Knab Its not just that, but I want to get crap like Amazon's stuff off my phone that I have no intention to use.
Scott Ingram
Scott Ingram I think if a mobile version of cain and able was released on android and a booter on mobile would be more worth it than rooting
Ishy Pas
Ishy Pas Yes, rooting is very much worth it. Can't tell you how many times having to use a FUNCTION that was already ON THE PHONE (such as wireless tethering) was useful to me in sticky situations. Being able to have control of MY phone and no fucking bloatware? I'd say it's well worth it. Most people won't give a shit about rooting and won't try it and don't need to, but for us select few that do, it's WELL worth the effort.
Shawn Meadows
Shawn Meadows Yes! Every since I rooted my EVO 3D its been 100x better than it already was
Christopher Wesley
Christopher Wesley No. I don't look at or use my phone 24/7. I don't care about speed. It's not like I'm in a race because my phone is faster than the next. I don't get paid to make a phone look good. I leave it as is
Ryan Nunes
Ryan Nunes Rooting so worth it. Waiting for OTA updates is lame. But if your rooted then you can load a custom rom with your favorite Vanilla or GB build. As well as get a chance to eexperience something like Sense 3.0.
Nick Lush
Nick Lush 100% worth it!
Ernie Navarro
Ernie Navarro I say its worth it. Smartfones are finicky, so when they mess up or need a tweak, rooting provides better options.
Josue Cifuentes
Josue Cifuentes If your a noob no... Yes it I rooted my G2X :)
Micah Madru
Micah Madru Yes.
Rene Wisler
Rene Wisler Interesting that you have to provide some information to HTC to use the unlocker. I wonder if they will some how be forwarding this information to the Carriers
Chris Mcnug Michniewicz
Chris Mcnug Michniewicz yes bc im running leaked tbolt 2.3.4 bc they dont know how to make dead lines
Fallon Rivera
Fallon Rivera No
Robert Zurita
Robert Zurita Um the sensation already been rooted with s-off I'm tuning leedroid now, works with the EVO 3d too
Mike Miller
Mike Miller If you don't root, your locked down, and can't use your phone for all it's worth
Jeffrey Ly
Jeffrey Ly yes, to delete the crapware
Terrance Murphy
Terrance Murphy i wish i was able to root my phone:'(
Xue Xiong
Xue Xiong New phone ...
Hector E Craig
Hector E Craig Yes it is tether custom roms all the good stuff.
Nate Riley
Nate Riley Yes!
Xue Xiong
Xue Xiong Yes it is .....its like having a whole
Dre Ill
Dre Ill Of course, but the people that ask that question usually own a IPhone!
Roger Schubert DeOliveira
Roger Schubert DeOliveira Eh I'm happy with stock android 2.3
Victor Rios
Victor Rios If you're an impatient person who has a device that lags to recieve updates and you know what you're doing then yes it is worth it
Juan José Sebastián Garcia
Juan José Sebastián Garcia Rooting is worth it, and custom ROMs are amazing.
Ricky Rodriguez
Ricky Rodriguez So worth it like you get everything from it
Amir James
Amir James Yes, the pros outweigh the cons, and you can undo it.
Moaz Bambi
Moaz Bambi no, S-OFF + Rooting is worth everything!!!!
Tony Abiama
Tony Abiama Yea...it is.
Danu Carrión Perales
Danu Carrión Perales hell yes it is!
Edward Madera
Edward Madera Heck na!
Joel Neil
Joel Neil Yes it is
Don Ovan
Don Ovan ask your mom -.-

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