Windows Phone has a bright future. We know that the next large update for the mobile OS from Microsoft is set to bring a plethora of new features to devices, and plenty of those new features will make their old phone seem like a brand new one all over again. But unfortunately for Microsoft and Windows Phone, it seems like a few key people aren’t really jumping on the bandwagon quite yet, even if they have stuck their toes in the water. Specifically, with a recent leak outlining the future releases of some of Verizon’s biggest handsets for the end of 2011, Windows Phone is a missing element.

First, let’s just point out right here and now that these leaks aren’t definitive by any means. Things change, and plans for devices, strategies, and plenty of other things can turn up sour or stay right on track. The leaks are a good judge of what’s coming, though, even if we can’t definitively say when a device is coming out. With this latest leak, Verizon subscribers have plenty to be excited about, especially if their upgrade is coming up here in just a few months. But, going just off this leak mind you, if you were waiting until this holiday season to get yourself a new Windows Phone-powered device, you may be out of luck.

This isn’t the first time that Windows Phone hasn’t been seen in the best light when talking about Verizon. A few months back, the wireless carrier’s Chief Technology Officer Tony Melone painted a pretty clear picture as to how he thinks Windows Phone stacks up for the network. If you’ll recall, Melone suggested that Big Red didn’t “need” Microsoft and their mobile OS, even with the partnership with Nokia. It’s actually because of that comment, and the fact that Verizon even managed to stumble over the release of their first (and only) Windows Phone handset, the HTC Trophy, that has me so worried about this latest leak.

As was aforementioned, there could be –and probably are—other handsets coming down the pipe before the end of 2011 for Verizon. This leak may or may not show every phone that’s coming, and so there’s a bit of hope that some high-end Windows Phone device is just waiting to sneak attack unsuspecting Verizon subscribers. But if past comments from company officials, along with the launch strategy for previous devices, then it doesn’t look like Windows Phone has a bright future on their hands within Verizon’s ranks.

Whether or not Verizon, or perhaps more specifically key officials within Verizon, think that Verizon “needs” Windows Phone, it shouldn’t be about that. The carrier should be providing new, bold, and engaging options for their subscribers. And let’s face it, Microsoft is a huge company, so why they would be shrugging them off seems odd to me. Then again, sales of the iPhone 4 and all of their Android-based handsets have been quite lucrative, so maybe Big Red just believes putting any effort, and especially marketing effort, into another mobile OS isn’t worthwhile. I think it’s worth noting here that the Pre3 wasn’t on that list, either, and it was originally believed that that device would be landing on Verizon’s network sometime in the future.

That last tidbit will either enforce the fact that we’re basing this off a leak, and that it’s perfectly plausible that a lot of things are going to change; or it could mean that Verizon’s sticking with their current focus, and there isn’t much room for additional operating systems. But where do you stand on Verizon’s rumored lack of Windows Phone devices? Do you care? Are devices like the Motorola DROID Bionic and HTC Vigor keeping your eyes firmly placed on Android? Or have you been waiting to get your hands on a Windows Phone device this holiday season, and hope this leak isn’t accurate? Let me know in the comments below.

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"Can Windows Phone compete this holiday season?"

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Luke Sparidaens I like wp7 but iPhone and android are just too far ahead in the game.
Athier Mohammed ok then........?X)
Tony Allen I think the real question should just be, " Why is Microsoft still trying to compete in the mobile space? "
Jason King I'm sure WP7 is Nice but unless your online heavy searching for new phones, new features and are up to date with all the new OS's out there i don't see how in the world Microsoft is expecting there new line of phones to do well .. You don't hear anything about any new apps coming to WP7 & you don't hear Anything mainstream about WP7 .. People who are in the know ... Tech surfers like myself who know more than the average user, knows about WP7 & will not buy until Microsoft make the argument why anyone should buy a windows phone. Its the responsibility of Microsoft to make me want to buy a windows phone Not BGR , Not Phonedog, Not Engadget, Not phone arena. Microsoft needs to own this system, put a face to this phone and push it forward. Until then this OS will fail. SN: Just for the record when i talk to anyone about a windows phone whose not in the know, they always bring up the Palm Treo Lol, that their last memory of a windows phone. I know better but they don't.. Microsoft get on your job.
Tommy Klein Well I would rather have a windows phone than an iphone.
Nick Kalman Of course it will. IPhone still the same as it was when it first came but it works which is good. Android sux freezes all the time. You need to restart every now and then. Windows phone is awesome. Very smooth very fast no lags whatsoever.
LovingLife Robinson Hell to the nah..
Jason Torchy To tell you the truth, I really can't wait to see the offerings that nokia has in store.
Jason Torchy People willl never forget how shitty of an operating system windows mobile was back a couple of years ago. Just like the desktop front... There will always be market for many opearting systems, but only 2 will matter.
Warren Saunders The android empire only grows stronger.
Alexander Rojas not with the new NAEXUS
David Martin Absolutely not the Android's hitting the market as well as the i-phone 5 just won't leave enough room for the windows phone to be considered competition for either!
Steve Moore Not if they keep coming up lame with some wack ass specs... single core and 480x800 ain't cuttin' it anymore.
Itsok Imawelder NO. Maybe if they would of stuck to the original windows mobile 6.5 platform. they screwed themselves into a hole with "WINDOWS PHONE" RIP Microsoft mobile.
Ross Silva @Ethan Young....wtf?? do you even KNOW what youre talking about??..."windows phone runs windows mobile"?? Windows MOBILE is Microsoft's OLD pda/smartphone operating system!!...now, Windows PHONE 7 is Microsoft's NEW smartphone OS Seems like youre still stuck in the stone age, your mind is full of sawdust
Orewa Najib When does nokia going to release their windows phone device ... although i had prefer ios over wp7 but im using android now .far superior than wp7 and ios
Brandon Peters I'm not going to buy a windows phone for the foreseeable future, and though ppl r saying that it would compete, how many of them r gonna put their money where their mouth is, with Iphone 5 and a new Nexus coming, I really don't see much left over for WP7 Mango....
Donald Cerda Don't care, android all day... Verizon is crazy expensive and all but the POSSIBLE "4G SGS2" and " PRIME" might be well worth the extra cheese
Ross Silva with Mango, ANYTHING is possible!
Timothy Powell Idk. But ima force bill gates to step it up. He already let zune down
Arvydas Gr Yes, new phones will be very good. Mango is a really hit. I love that update
Talon Meyer oh yea it can!
Matt Jackson Not a chance in hell.
Robert Centennial IOS 5 is a refresh of a dated os. Its boring and ugly.
Robert Centennial I just got one and it is a breath of fresh elegant air
Felipe Silva I believe wp7 has a chance but small.
Andres Barroeta Nexus 3 will
Brandon Johnson Fact: Fanboys are weak, also another fact, if WP7 gets it together by then they can take marketshare from Android since they apparently have it to lose.
Ethan Young No. Probably not. If windows phone runs windows mobile. Definitely not! The windows mobile operating system is all user made apps not approved by anyone. And most of them are crap. And windows mobile has no store by windows
Cameron Ahmed @David Harness
Cameron Ahmed No they're not. Don't be silly
Marrion Bell Windows phones suck ass period iPhone or android
David Harness Yep! Because no matter what any fanboy of any kind says some people prefer Windows Phone 7 and it'll always be able to compete as long as even 6% of the market supports it
Ben Landwehr I don't feel like buying a phone where the OS look looks like the icons are zoomed in x10.. it runs smooth, but definitely no competition.
Darrell Cunningham as a friend to an industry insider, MicroNokia is about to turn this market upside down, all the naysayers beware, you have been warned my friends, you have most suredly been warned.
Darren N Anderson Nope, won't EVER be able 2 keep up, its 2 far behind now. Out of da game.
Stuart James Baucum all it needs is a huge app store like Android and iOS, then it should be up there with Droid and iOS. and also videocalling support?
Luis Valenzuela no highly doubt it, with the new iPhone and the pretty sweet dual-core android devices from several makers coming out it's going to be really hard for the Windows Phone to compete. Even though they're fun to play with, I wouldn't want any of them as my primary phone.
Sean Reece is this even a question? I hate iphone but would pick iphone over a windows phone anyday i have an android and wouldnt trade for anything!
Gabriel Fernandez Yes. Definitely.
Cameron Ahmed Anyways, NO. Windows phone 7 is pretty cool, but it's just too far behind iOS and (the far superior) Android
Stephen Wagner Wow so far only one iphone troll. Hopefully they can
Kenny Hernandez Hell yeah windows phone isn't an android or iPhone killer but if you see how fast it is and how smooth it runs you'll feel as if your using an iOS product and no one can talk crap cause we've all used it and we all know it's very smooth to use an iPhone
Cameron Ahmed They still exist?
Cameron Ahmed Nokia, LOL
Paul Gicewicz I know I want one.
Sonny Waraich Heck yeah.... With mango.... New phones... And most importantly Nokia phones.... It's gonna be big this holiday season.
Andrew Hansen No. Nexus Prime will decimate all !!!
Diljot Singh Shoker No the iPhone 5 can
Cristian Tomasito For those of you doubting Windows just remember they thrive on being the under-dog. Microsoft doesnt care how much money they have to spend in order for there products to be successful they will not stop until WP7 is up there as the top mobile OS. Dont believe me, just look what they did with xbox. Not to mention wp7 bringing skype,and new live tile features,multiplayer xbox gaming n much more to list.
Mike Molina WP7 will begin to compete if the devices come in time and are worthy
Camilo Saldarriaga Haha.... No
Aaron Sussurus Rowe Yes Windows Phone will be able to compete this holiday season.
Jamil Oquendo Windows phone 7! Verizon will get new devices later in the year once mango is released.

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