Leaked AT&T Puccini screenshots offer a peek at HTC's flavor of Honeycomb

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| August 5, 2011

HTC Puccini AT&T

At the tail end of last month, we were treated to some photos of AT&T's HTC Puccini hardware alongside a digital stylus. Today we're getting a peek at the software side of the Puccini courtesy of the folks at Pocketnow. We can see that HTC has thrown in a few of its own touches to Honeycomb, including the addition of a pen icon in the lower left corner, which is presumably intended for use with the Puccini's stylus. HTC has also taken it upon itself to add a number pad onto the virtual QWERTY keyboard. Check out a couple more images of the Puccini's software below.

There will likely be some users that would've preferred HTC to leave Honeycomb as-is and not add any of its own little tweaks to the OS, but so far it's looking like the changes won't be too dramatic. There's no word yet on when the Puccini will be bringing its 10-inch 1280x800 display and LTE connectivity to AT&T, but the folks at Pocketnow think that we're still a couple of months out from launch. Considering that AT&T's LTE network hasn't gone live quite yet, that guess could end up being accurate. What do you all think of the Puccini's flavor of Honeycomb so far? Like it better than vanilla Android 3.x and the other manufacturer skins?

HTC Puccini AT&T keyboard

HTC Puccini AT&T settings

Via Pocketnow