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Which carrier is the latest to announce plans to jump on the tiered data bandwagon? Why, it's U.S. Cellular! Today the carrier released its second quarter financial report and, during an earnings call, it confirmed that it plans to move to tiered data plans sometime in the next two to three quarters. No other details about the switch were given. U.S Cellular also said that its LTE network is on track to be launched in November and that it's working with manufacturers to get LTE-enabled devices ready to go. Back in June, U.S. Cellular said that it plans to launch an LTE Android handset this year.

Considering that carriers like Verizon and AT&T have already made the switch to tiered data, it shouldn't come as much of a surprise that U.S. Cellular is also going to tier things up in the future. It sounds like the change is still pretty far off, though, so those of you that'd like to get in on U.S. Cellular's existing 5GB data plan should have plenty of time to do so.

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"Tiered data is the new reality. What are your thoughts on it?"

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Theotis Washington Yeah, I got grandfathered onto an unlimited data plan also, but I'm pretty sure those who got to keep their unlimited data are going to get our arms twisted into giving it up. Eventually they (the carrier) is going to blame us who got grandfathered for hogging bandwidth from those with tiered plans. They are going to come up with some kind of BS in a year or two after the dust settles. We are really in control of nothing except whether we choose to buy it or not. Now, if everyone would band together and acknowledge the fact you are getting screwed by the carriers and demand change...maybe change will come.
Equaknox Knox Funny, about these coments,,i say this because a lot of ppl dont even have the phone to know if they r even tiered or not,,n dont use there phones like someone like me..whatcha call a #Superuser,,haha,,o well,,i will stick with Sprint,,cause in my area,there 4g..is good,,n another not..there bigg Corporation,,a way to make more mny,,n we call that,,The American Way...right..so stop griping,,pick a phone,,pick a plan,,then pick ya carrier,,,n hold on for the ride...lol
Blake Bjorlin Sprint will not follow suit. They have more bandwidth then the other 3 combined. Big ass pipe to flow all the unlimited data thru. Join the Sprint party and get $125 for bringing your current number with you.
Jacob Piehl Sprint will follow suit. I may just give up having a smartphone if they do. Greedy Damn corporations doing what they do best. Screwing over the consumer any way they can for more dough that they really don't need.
Ryan DeClue I never have to worry about sprint doing this. :-)
Donna Armstrong forgot to mention, i don't agree with the tier but there is really nothing we can do....Corporations are going to do what they want. We will bitch and complain but i do that already with gas prices!
Jason Vargas @Brandon oh and as for the Data usage l. I'm pretty sure that number is now higher then 5% . Because Verizons numbers have gone way up this quarter due to advancements in phones. And as for the people who don't use more than 200mb. That's because they either can't afford your rediculously overpriced phones. Or the rediculously Data plans now and days.
Brandon Worley @jason v...proud to say VZW
Jason Vargas @ Brandon what company do you work for?
Jason Vargas @ Brandom W. So to pay the default of other customers you charge OThER customers. Yea that's a good argument
Rodrick Darling These smartphones over-capacitate everything ...... they werent expecting phones or our lives to be this intertwined wit data.... the web for ya
Rodrick Darling More sense to me than them bending you over every bill or throttling, when this way you can pay for what you need/use
Simon Yu I said they started Tiered data, fail L2read.
Matthew J Callaway @Simon Yu Um no buddy......you fail, Ive been grandfathered in to unlimited data because I already had it before Verizon started tiered data. Get your facts straight.
Justin Edwards Tiered data is the worst idea ever! I switched to sprint just in time!
David L. Clark Unlimited! Wootles!
Derek Nguyen I believe it is okay because now people can get the smart phone they want with with out paying the full price of data, plus this will reduce the data traffic, but I do not like verizon for putting up a smartphone data tier, they should join the smartphone and dumbphone column together instead of making each pay a different price
Thaat Blackguy They need better tiers.....if I am going to pay 30 plus monthly for data, then the tiers need to be at least 3-4gb per tier. 10bucks per Gb.
Israel Leiva Any Sprint phone flashed to Boost Mobile. Nuff said.
Anthony Douglas ...and you better uninstall your favorite apps that use data
Anthony Douglas Its unfair...cant wait to go back to Sprint where its truly unlimited
Brandon Worley @jason v. The deposit that we collect is only to cover the default for those w a history of not paying their bill & leaving the servicer ie. Lender utility etc w an outstanding bill that may or may not be collected on... As to the 2gb we did tims of research and 95% of our users never exceed that...the other 5% chew up so much data that could effect a normal users speeds and then we be debating that fact...
Zach Cline My thought is that I don't care. I'm grandfathered into my unlimited data.
Erica Reid I don't care as long as I don't see no data overages. I have used 2 gb of data so far and my billing cycle started about a week ago though so I don't know, we will see.
Tim Davis They need to include unlimited texting then if this is supposed to stop bandwidth hogs #yeahright
Peter Pain Ferguson It sucks why the hell am I paying almost $100 for this crap if I have to watch how much I tether
Erman Guido It sucks for the ppl that got a smartphone after the deadline. I got unlimited!!!
Tyrone Rupert Tiered data is not a problem if the data slows a little and not to kb speeds. All companies are Moving towards it. hopefully sprint doesn't do it within a year or two from now. IM going to move to team yellow if t mobile is bought by the devil business.
Jason Vargas Tiered data is when they give you a limited amount data usage. Like 30$ for 2GB of Data.
Bryce Schwem What is tiered data?
Mina Morcos greedy companies trying to screw the consumer in every possible position
Jason Vargas I use over 2GB of data every month and its easy to go over if u have Netflix. And tiered data does not make plans cheaper cuz with T-Mobile you pay more now if you want 2GB of data. I used to pay 60+tax for 1000/min UML/txt and 10gb of data at Max speed. Plus $10 for 4G. Now its 79.99 for Unlimited min. Which 90% of people don't need. Unl/txt and 2GB of data. Then add 10$ for 4G. So 89.99+tax! T-Mobile should be bought by ATT cuz they're prices are almost the same already. T-Mobile used to be a good company but have fallen off lately. Now they're not even Number 1 in customer service.
Aaron Couts I use between 3 to 5 gb a month so I am glad I still have unlimited, if I had tiered I would drop my internet altogether. What can I say I'm a all or nothing person.
Dustin Steiner corporate greed and highway robbery at its best! +1 Simon Yu
Simon Yu @Stephen you're turning a negative into a positive, thing is its only good if they provide both options, Tiered alone is a way for them to get you to get overages; unlike any other plan (I believe) Data has gone backwards from unlimited to limited.
Stephen Norton If people didn't do those things they wouldnt need to tier. But like I said it actually works out to be cheaper per month. And 90 percent of data customers I see use under 2gb per month. I check peoples data usage on their accounts everyday.
Simon Yu @Matthew fail, Verizon has started Tiered Data.
Simon Yu It's all your fault At&t. LOL.
Matthew J Callaway Verizon unlimited data.....sweeeeeeet!!!!!!!!
Stephen Norton You people are ignorant and don't understand how it works. First off how is it a rip off when some people are payoffs less? Some people legit only use a small amount of data. Instead of paying for 5gb they can pay 10 dollars for 200mb unlimited at t-mobile, or 20$ for 2gb. So the companies are actually generally making less money. I would know, I work for T-Mobile. Secondly the main reason for the tiered data besides being able to offer cheaper rates, is that people take advantage of the data plans and use them for things tthey were not meant for and or violate their agreement. Tethering large amounts or downloading torrents on your phone slows down the data for everyone else using it in that particular area.
Matthew Dyer It kind of stinks I was going to get out of AT&T next year and go over to Verizon for 3 reasons 1 to get my Mom a Blackberry because I can't afford one and I'm very illitterate when it comes to smartphones so she'll have her own plan and I will too. Reason 2 is I never expected to pay alot of money to pay for myself and a phone for my Mom but that's just how the economy is for right now and I want to go for something a little on the cheaper side lol. and finally reason 3 I want to get out of AT&T because of the merger with T-Mobile I really think that no matter who they merged with coverage will be bad anywhere it's down right bad in the Yorktown, VA area where I have family there but it's ok in FL where I live and in NY too They definately don't cover 97% of america Verizon does that lol
Jason Vargas Its Monopoly. Not supply and demand. Well in the cellular world Duopoly (ATT &VZW)
James Miller I'm on tmobile unlimited internet with flexpay, and have used 15gb in a month and haven't been slowed down
Jason Vargas @ Brandon. I've worked with cellular companies before. I see what ur saying and yes its true but they still don't have to charge you over 2GB. An 85 - 100$ plan for unlimited everything for almost 100 million subscribers will cover that cost. Also the company adds things to your phone pre-inatalled that you don't even want but the phone company has to pay for so they hike up the price of the phone. And I'm pretty sure that the 200+ deposit u give to ATT or VZW will cover other costs. Companies like ATT or VZW try to buy out competition so you will have no other choice but to join them.
Brian Edson They are taking a risky step. Not everyone is gonna understand how much data they are using, even with a tracker widget. They won't know that 1000 megabytes is equal to 1 gigabytes. And this one gigabyte is about half of what the average smartphone user uses every month. I just think they are unsafe as far as a customers point of view
Mathew Kennedy They don't have them here in Japan!
Omar S Gray T mobile has been great 4 me so I don’t care....
Cesario Brito Jr. I'm on Sprint and enjoying true unlimited. I just hope it stays that way.
Jason Vargas Even if have an old unlimited plan with T-Mobile they can still throttle you
Mathew Vasquez i use mine for work so its a big deal.
Jason Vargas Not Sprint
Nick Kathrein Rip off. Why should I have to pay $40 for home cable internet and have to pay another$30 to 40$ per each phone or device. The truth is most people who pay hardly use any data. I am on wifi most of the day.
Brandon Worley It's not greed... It doesn't suck.. its basic commerce and economics...goes all the way back to ur freshmen econ class...it's called supply & demand... Demand goes up...cost to meet that demand goes up.. to be able to supply that demand cost goes up... It's still cheaper than ur highest speed cable internet...
Brandon Beamon I'm with Cellular South and we have unlimited data so I'm good! :)
Abram Wenevermet Dennis Besides I never use over 2gb a month on my ipad & I use it all the time.. try using sprint in Louisiana then you'd agree..
Dustin Halnez For me, I have AT&T text me when i get to 65% and 90% of my 2gb limit. I honestly would have the data throttled rather than having to pay 10 more dollars to have one more gb. But that is me. I haven't gone over my limit yet so I'm not worried about it.
Luciano Ace Escobedo I'm on Sprint and its really fast I watch netflix with my tether app all day and it never slows down that's y I stuck with them I knew this day would come now I laugh at people when there phone bill is super high while mines stays at the same price every single time!
David Kimberlin honesty if I get hit with it. I will just move back to a normal phone... screw em
Gary Brown They just hurting the iPhone and android users. If you don't wanna go over 2 gb, get a blackberry or don't get a smartphone.
Jason Allen Lucas Its not a new reality...its nonsense.
Tim Nix I still have unlimited data and always will unless Verizon fucks that up somehow
Cory Wood Don't care! I got the old unlimited plan and never letting it go! Haha!
Patrick Turpin I just use wi-fi when I'm at home, it doesn't take off verizon's data... But it is unreasonable
Shayne Coyle Contrary to Abe, I'm on Sprint's network and its very fast.....and I have a feeling with all the tiered data rip off shenanigans going on Sprint is going to be getting a slew of new subscribers. Thats just my 2 cents
Amanda Rivera I dont understand why people.dont like tiered data. Its not a big deal. More than half the people that are one even a 2GB plan. Dont even use that.
John-Michael Kobes Co's got tired of getting rapped. Now they will rape everyone. Bend over, and get online. Or stop data use and save your behind.
Tim Gruber i don't care, i still have 19 months left in my contract
David Kimberlin nothing but corporate greed
Brady Jones Bottom line!
Brady Jones It is unaffordable
Abram Wenevermet Dennis Uh I'm on sprints network & its sooooooo slow that I have 2 use WiFi 90% of the time 2 use my internet anyway.. so tiered data wouldn't make a difference as long as its fast..
David Kimberlin tiered data is BS. a step backwards IMO
Amir James No, they just use it to justify price hikes.
Michael Marshall It sucks! I don't suffer from it but I still feel sorry for those that do. Plus if I decide to switch providers I will end up with it. I don't like the idea of tiered data.
Steve Moore Companies will nickel and dime you to death. Cheap greedy bastiches. That's all I got.
Romeo Martinez It sux. These companies are getting too greedy .

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