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Hot on the heels of an ITC decision to hear more of Apple's patent complaints against HTC, it's been revealed that a German court has granted Apple a preliminary injunction that blocks Samsung from distributing or advertising the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in all of the countries of the European Union, save for the Netherlands. Florian Mueller at FOSSPatents has said that Apple has filed a similar suit against Samsung in the Netherlands. The news originally came to German news agency dpa from sources involved in the battle between Apple and Samsung. Apple asked the district court of Düsseldorf, Germany, to order an injunction against Samsung and its tablet, which includes fines of up to $350,000 for each violation or imprisonment of Samsung executives if the infringement continues.

Earlier this month we saw Samsung push back the Tab 10.1's launch in Australia due to an injunction awarded to Apple by the local courts. We've yet to see any sort of injunction issued here in the U.S., but the ITC recently confirmed that it will be looking into the matter between Apple and Samsung to determine whether or not an injunction is needed. It's not clear when we'll see a decision from the ITC on the matter, but in the mean time the situation abroad seems to be getting worse for Samsung.

UPDATE: For those wondering, Florian Mueller points out that Apple's injunction here is based on the fact that it feels the Tab 10.1 infringes on the iPad's design. This particular injunction does not involve hardware or software patents.

Via MobileBurn, FOSSPatents, dpa

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"Did Samsung copy Apple?"

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Jayvone Jones did apple copy samsung, htc, lg,
Zach Cline And the evo sucks.
Zach Cline Lol idiot. I have the droid x . Way to make assumptions. And you stupid fandroids try to claim that ios 5 is like android and that couldn't be further from the truth. I could see that if it had widgets but it doesn't. It has a notification bar- So what? It doesn't resemble androids in any way, And the last time i checked the google android team didn't have a patent on it.
Eric Quach its strategy guys, Apple lost their place in the mobile market share, they just need to take care of each android phone manufacturer one by one in order to regain their spot
Gerardo Ortega My old EVO can out run your Icrap.
Gerardo Ortega IPhone 5 is going to have a big screen to copy Android and is going to be the fucking same thing as all other Icraps.
Zach Cline Fandroids are the sheep •You salivate over anything with a huge screen and dual core processors, And that will eat your battery faster. Mark my words.
Zach Cline Jerry you don't know what the fuck you're talking about. The iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 are not the same thing. And second it's dual core. Not "duel" core.
Gerardo Ortega IPhone 3G and Iphone 4G same fu#ken thing, what change, other than the shape, IPhone 5 is going to be the same thing but the screen alittle bigger??? People that get the Icrap are sheep.
Gerardo Ortega It's call a duel core processor.
Zach Cline Lmao, Yeah let me get something that is glitchy as hell and drains my battery even faster.
Gerardo Ortega Droid X sucks balls, Get a real Android Phone with 4G LTE something that the Icrap would never have.
Zach Cline Lol at the stupidity fandroids type. Android fucking sucks. The soft touch coating on my droid x is starting to wear off on the battery door, Which by the way comes off in my pocket on occasion, And i've only had it a few months. Android devices are not the greatest thing since sliced bread like fandroids try to make them out to be. Once i'm eligible to upgrade again in november i'm done with hemdroid. Give me something that actually has good build quality and lasts more than six hours away from the charger.
Terry Bartee geez... HTC needs to rethink their intuitive keyboard... lol..!
Terry Bartee The fruit has already lined up replacements for sammy's materials. Their current "sue-happy" stance is literally Pathetic & unbecoming of a world leader of electronics. I have NO sympathy for apple anylonger... they're acting (as a Company) like the Spoiled Boat Jobs.
Jordan Acosta Android is better then apple that it.....
Jordan Acosta Apple Scare....
Gerardo Ortega Yeah Apple sucks balls. I had an iPhone and I traded for an EVO 3D, I'm so glad that I did because Apple sucks.
Ben Bartholomew All korean company's do this, just look at lg.
Sunny Patel No, they improved on it
Pierce G Hohenstein Ok to everyone that has left a negative comment towards apple, who copied apple after they released the iphone, smartphones weren't even a big thing until the iphone if you really think about it. Its unfair to judge apple based upon their patent infringement claims. Who makes a phone that every year since its release sells very well right up until the release of the next big device, that would be apple, I use android but if I had my choice id be using ios. it works, simply put, apple makes a product that they feel confident enough about that a: you can't take the battery out, and b: it has a flawless ui that needs no touch ups, save for notifications which are soon to be fixed. That's just my two cents anyways.
Sumeet Deshmukh Apple is shit in this deadly dual core , android compition!! Samsung isn't coping apple, and why they should??? Samsung have everything of thr own, own procesors, own display's own camera lences and many more!! Weather they r coping or not, i love samsung and i rest my case!! Using galaxy s ryt now and wanna jump to galaxy s2 white!! Have a nice day
Nikolas Manuelides come on!!! all tabs are almost the same, there is nothing soooo unique or special about iPad's design -__-
Roger Rodriguez Quick! Grab an ax and let's all cut the Apple tree!
Alberto Colon Reyes For the love of Pete!!! People is not about wether you think apple is bad or not, or if you like better the android or no!! The question IS; Samsung is copying?? & the answer is f-ing clear. HELL YEAH!!! you copy, you pay it!! That's why we made patent!! Morons!! Jajajajaja; I know a lot wont like this; suck it!!
Micah Madru Fuck apple and stupid patents
David Cohen And Google+ put it all together... @Vincent....
David Cohen Ice cream time....
Zach Cline @Jesus- Android is garbage.
David Cohen Hmm... how come no one talks where apple received there platform from... think then come back....
Danny Spaide Apple is starting to make the world angry, I personally stopped buying all Apple products. Too bad the galaxy tab is way better that the iPad. Germans should buy one from the US if they want one.
Branden McNeill Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!
Noah Vincent If samsung copied apple, then facebook copied myspace.
Jesus G. Nolasco Apple is garbage. GARBAGE
Zach Cline Apple doesn't suck idiot. But they all copy each other to a certain extent. I have to agree that apple is getting stupid with all of these lawsuits, They tried suing amazon on copyright infringement when amazon launched the app store, Pretty sure they lost that one. It needs to stop- Seriously.
Tyrone Rupert No, Samsung just making good phone and apple wants the world in there pockets. Its stupid that companies can't compete by phone sales instead of suing each other
Rian Kapadia no apple sucks
Rebecca Raven Yes...it's a communications device with a touch screen so you KNOW it belongs to Stevie. I hate these patent batttles.
Mohd Zakhri Samsung has improvise what Apple did. Full Stop.
Anthony Peña Apple is so full of themselves. They act like they're the only company that makes phones.
Hendrick Equis M Hasn't everyone copy apple according to them? Yes they had innovating products ... That now got done better , they have yet to do anything game changing in awhile and now is even harder to do so
Jubayer Dex Ahmed apples sucks man always overrated and accuse other company for violating patent crap. We need to eliminate apple
Henri Arro I can't really deside. I had Iphone but I got bored of it, I don't know why but it just got boring for me. Now I have the Samsung Galaxy S2 and I love it. I think that both Apple and Samsung have made good phones and tablets. I don't care who copied who, because they both have flaws.
Joel Gomez Apple copied the tablet. Ford invented the car and yet everybody makes cars that's progress. Apple did not even invent anything. All those technologies already existed. Apple monopoly controlled technology driven by greed and profit is not ideal.
Jason Loraine Im using the samsung infuse. I am a previous owner of an iPhone. I honestly feel that apple is like the little kid on the playground that wont share. I think Samsung is making a cell phone experience better.
Ayoub Hage Well this is how I'm going to break it down."FUCK APPLE FUCK STEVE JOBS AND IF YOU DOWN WITH APPLE WELL FUCK YOU TOO........... :) 2PAC TOLD ME TO SAY IT''
Leo Sjöberg Yea... Samsung copied the what? The layout of the menu?! Dear Apple, there are widgets on the android, this means you must press a button to reach the menu, meaning it is not the same. I also thought that layout was one thing people wouldn't sue... Problem is: apple stole non-patented stuff and patented it!
Brett James Burgoyne One thing we have to remember is that because of the open source nature of Android apple is in their legal right to copy much of the android platform. They can't patent it because it was already in use, but can use it as they please.
Mark Carruthers I would say the other way around. Apple is doing a lot more copying lately.
Richard Ameen Apple thinks that a copying of the iPhone or any of their products means that they are good devices with touchscreens... I would take an iPhone over my nexus but jeez apple
Jesus Gomez They need to stop with all this bickering and get to competing in the smartphone market
Christopher David Samsung had a touch phone out before the iphone. Do a little research people I know apple people aren't the brightest but you can't believe everything Steve Jobs says. Then again ios5 will be revolutionary because they copied what's been in android for awhile but I'm sure apple will try and sue for that too
Jozef Sakac No. The Galaxy S2 is out selling the iPhone4 2 to 1 in Australia and Android is dominating around the world and Apple are shit scared.
Angel Ortiz No fcuk Apple
Paul Moakley Apple wants to monopolize and control it all. Great if I wanted a locked down non-Adobe device I will get an ipad but instead I order the Android platform 10:1.
Alexander Rojas @hansel starley are you serious applr is behind on hardware because they are greedy people, and.please android has better software, and apple.copying.so.many features just proves it
Brett James Burgoyne I think syncronicity works really well here. As technology advances people try to make it smaller. Eventually people have come to the conclusion that a thin rectangular shape is the most economical/ergonomical. You don't see tire manufacturers suing over the shape of tires.
Alexander Rojas Touchwiz has been out longer so no, and apple is taking it.too far they need.to stop trying to.eliminate competition they are just like att
Justin Charles Reback Apple copied the LG Prada. Then got ideas from everyone else. Samsung just made good products that sold really well, so Apple had to Sue.
Frankie Eddy No body's want to eat 'apple' hahaha
Alberto Garcia Flores Doesn't apple get their parts from Samsung? @Hansel - by true, iPhone ios and android released their phones at the same time, apple with the first iPhone and android with the HTC G1. IPhone users will say yes Samsung copied the iPhone and Samsung users like me are will say no Samsung didn't copy the iPhone.
Frankie Eddy Apple sucks! Rotten in helL
Blake Nelson Before you say iPhone is stupid.. Maybe you should get one first.
Dylan Barrett Stop discussing this whole topic. Come to your senses and realize that the 10.1 is a sexy beast.
Marc OKelly of course everyone copied apple the orignal iPhone was revolutionary just like uhh the first personal computer or pc for those who still know what that means
Daeshawn Venture The Samsung Hercules, Galaxy S II and HTC Sensation are getting more interest from consumers than the upcoming iOs5. So apple will bitch and find any possible reason to stay relevant. The galaxy tab is nothing similar to the ipad. If that's the case then they'll need to go after the BB Playbook, HTC Flyer the pad from HP, Toshiba etc all the way down to the no name ones. Its obviously some kind of vendetta.
Mitch Lopez Yeah they did. They had the schematics since they were providing the chips for both iPad and iPhone. Besides there is nothing innovative about companies like Samsung or LG.
Michael Montanez hell no....i dont recall apple pantenting the rentangle!! they need to grow up just because samsungs tablet is MUCH BETTER then their crappy iPad
Evie Panther Yea . But I think apple still has way more apps I'm not 100 sure
Jon Jerico Calanio The touchscreen patent can be invalidated by prior art, and the multitouch patent awarded to Apple can be circumvented by the fact that Android uses a different implementation of said feature.
Christopher Huskins apple sucks....get the android tablets
Daeshawn Venture @Jon you hit that one right on the head!!!
David L. Clark Also, @Phonedog - you and all your sister-sites are like the kid in school who spreads rumours just to see people duke it out. I only 'Liked' all the pages so I could have chances at winning an iPad 2.
Jesus Cardenas Yes they did
Brady Jones Let's just agree everyone copied apple
Leif Rubinov fuck NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! apple is insecure
Paul Cooke who cares
Bob Houg did Samsung copy Apple? Yes they made a thin rectangle computer with a touch screen. How do you get a design trademark on a thin rectangle?
David L. Clark I find it amusing that 90% of the comments here are from anti-Apple users. And 95% of those comments left by those persons show no sign of intelligence, i.e. "apple sukcs, I want gs2 better," "apple fails," "abdroid wooHOO," etc. Not saying there aren't idiot Apple-users... P.S. Yes, Apple copied Android. But who copied Apple after the iPhone came out? Everyone. It is a world of global intellectual properties that no law or patent can stop from influencing the players involved. Apple recently won a patent they filed before the iPhone was released. That patent covers all touchscreen devices. And yet, everyone is still making touchscreen devices.
Fayez Noor apple is scare
Gabriel Cardenas I love android but not samsungg they dont think their products out their android overlay sucks (touch wizz) and they totally copied apple but apple also copied android.... Apple is just mad that samsung took the one good thing about their phone....but samsung didnt do better than apple
Jon Jerico Calanio Funny how Apple adds entirely different phones like the Epic 4G, Nexus S and Sidekick in its lawsuit. Either the lawyers are blind or Apple has a personal vendetta against select OEM partners. And lol at Android copying iOS. Similarities instantly end with the UI, where the entire file system and kernel structure of Android (which is based on Java and Linux) are different from those in iOS (Unix).
Håkon Bæverfjord I like seeing Apple feeling nervous. Competition is good for us. I switched to a Galaxy S II from a iPhone 3GS, and had no grudge against Apple. Now, however, in light of recent events I will not be switching back to Apple anytime soon.
Erik Rosli We live in a copycat world... deal with it. There were a few instances where Samsung took inspirations from Nokia's E series phone, and did Nokia sue? No. And this coming from the company who literally came up with iOS 5.0 which OBVIOUSLY copied from Android. Geez Apple, if you would know any better, try not bite the hands of the one who supplies your Cortex processors. -,-"
Ramon Quintero No they didn't. Steve jobs was right. It is the year of the copycats! Starting with Apple and ios5
Joseph Alan Richardson @Josh you've basically called the iPhone shit by saying that.
Josh Richardson Yes. Samsung are shit, they should stick to making tv's and fridges. There's phones are crap.
Dylan Greene apple is just jealous because its got competition now hahaha
Daeshawn Venture @Joseph exactly. I'm sure Samsung can find some loopholes in their manufacturing contract.
Konner Shea And everyone here that is saying Android copied iOS. No they didn't. You guys are the biggest tech illiterate idiots i've ever seen in my life. Samsung provides hardware for Apple. So Apple needs to shut up or they will have to look else where for hardware. Inside every iDevice, samsung is there.
Rilo Leighton This title was written to start a flame war. But people do love drama... -_-
Konner Shea @Israel Levia Why does everyone gotta say that? I've had TWO HTC devices, and they both blew total ass. I have the Samsung Focus and a Samsung Captivate. Both amazing phones. The inspire and Aria were two pieces of garbage that needed to be burned in a huge fire. I would NEVER suggest an HTC phone if my life depended on it. Samsung is amazing.
Hayden Morgan Apple sucks balls and needs to grow a set.
Daeshawn Venture The problem is Apple is beginning to lose their Smartphone reign. Android is more than a threat and windows 7 has potential to take ios out. People are sick of the locked down nature of iphone where with Android you can basically do what you wish and choose whatever manufacturer you want. They're basically just crying at this point trying to hold on to what will soon be a device of the past. (unless they come up with some miraculous life changing version of iphone which I doubt)
Steve Priole Poor Apple... That's what they get for SUCKING!

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