In case you haven't heard, Apple's next iPhone should be arriving sometime in the next month. It has been rumored what seems like a million different times over the past few months, most contradicting several previous rumors.

Our iOS-focused network site, Today's iPhone, has attempted to clear things up a bit (to no avail) by rounding up all of the iPhone 5 rumors. Sorting through all the muck, the general consensus at this point is that the iPhone 5 will be missing LTE connectivity, tote a larger display than its predecessor in a like-sized, rounded casing, an A5 chip and an 8-megapixel shooter.

Google, although they are not a manufacturer of hardware, have their own things in the works for this Fall. Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS), the supposed merging point of Android for phones and tablets is said to be releasing in the coming months. As per usual, Google is teaming up with hardware makers to create the next iteration of their Nexus line. It is still unclear which manufacturer will do the honors of making the actual Nexus 3 (or Nexus Prime as it is being called), but it is believed there will be Ice Cream Sandwich flagship devices released on every carrier around the same time.

Boy Genius Report “received some information from a source with knowledge of Google’s Ice Cream Sandwich plans,” stating Google is aiming for an October release to combat the iPhone 5 with a device (or two) or their own. As Jonathan Geller mentions, original DROID owners will soon be coming out of their two-year agreement and Google wants to make sure they have a worthy (stock) Android-based upgrade option available when the iPhone hits.

It definitely makes sense and I'm glad that – if the rumors are true – Google has decided to act swiftly and get their next software upgrade to the masses STAT, at least in the form of a Nexus device. But I'm left wondering if it will even matter.

In the past, Google has had trouble with its Nexus line, both in releasing them on multiple carriers simultaneously and in marketing them as “special” or “exclusive” Android phones. Of course most of us know that Nexus devices ship with a stock flavor of Android and will be the first to receive software updates. But most uneducated, average consumers would have no clue as to why they should purchase a Nexus phone over any other Android phone or an iPhone.

And that's really it. Apple has created a rather large foothold in the mobile space and one of the most desired products … ever. They need not explain to users why they want their proucts or compose a long, over the top specifications list for people to flock to their popular device. People will buy the iPhone regardless of the specifications or features because they know it will work exactly as intended and be a great device, across the board. Not only that, it is almost guaranteed that the hardware will again be unmatched. Apple is known for building quality hardware and the iPhone has never been an exception; I figure they won't disappoint with the iPhone 5 either.

On the software side of things, the two companies are on different ends of the spectrum, oddly enough. In terms of software, we know exactly what to expect on the pending iPhone. Apple revealed their upcoming firmware update in great detail and has released a beta version to developers. With the Nexus 3, however, we have no idea who will be the partner manufacturer and not a clue what the software will entail (bugs, a totally new UI, etc.). I don't expect ICS to be a total failure. But we know the original time frame for the ICS release was "before Christmas." If they're pushing for an October release, they will likely have to cut corners along the way. All we know is it will be a fusion of Gingerbread and Honeycomb – this leaves everything else up in the air.

Don't get me wrong, I can't wait for Ice Cream Sandwich phones in all their beautiful, buttonless glory. But on the large scale, their timely release will likely have little to no effect on iPhone sales. Some Android lovers will stick to their favorite platform, but Apple has a reputation for selling devices like hotcakes, regardless of what competition (or lack thereof) they face. I've learned to expect no less from the Cupertino-based company, despite how things should be.

Tell me, readers. Which would you buy if they both released around the same time? iPhone 5 or Nexus 3 (Prime)?

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Jonathan Carrera
Jonathan Carrera android FTW!
Jesus Ramos
Jesus Ramos Windows 7 phone team
Lee-Ann Kerster
Lee-Ann Kerster Android!!!! Way more customizable.
Tbel Abuseridze
Tbel Abuseridze PC, lol
Ron Scott
Ron Scott Android is the most popular os in the world. Live wall papers and hidden app drawers? Not even the half of it. Loading flash videos and getting twice the performance for half of the money or less? How about the fact that only two ( very expensive) carriers carry the IPhone. What about the fact that of you want an Android phone, you have so many options on price and features, but with IPhone 4 you only have 3 ( unless you count the white version as a different option) ? IPhones are for wealthy yuppies, old folks who can't figure out how to delete app ( especially if it involves multiple window changes) or people who like to burn money for sport.
Ron Scott
Vanna Sem
Vanna Sem Im not rich so FuCK Apple. Droid nation
Eric Quach
Eric Quach Android
Xavier Dabeast Storay
Xavier Dabeast Storay Windows....too..
Xavier Dabeast Storay
Xavier Dabeast Storay Android...
Zoar R. Fonrouge
Zoar R. Fonrouge android!
Henrietta Anne
Henrietta Anne Android xxxxxx
Leo Gomez
Leo Gomez Android for life. No brain washing for me.
Blaze Nicole Cregger
Blaze Nicole Cregger ANDROID ALL THE WAY!!!!
James Intoxication Nwosu
James Intoxication Nwosu team Android till death do us part
Al Painter
Al Painter Team WP7!
Harriett Holmes
Harriett Holmes iPad & android evenly
Aldo Gallinar
Aldo Gallinar Team iPhone:)
Mahbod Haghighi
Mahbod Haghighi Team iPad Not iPhone , Team Android Not iOS
Nick Hurd
Nick Hurd Android
Jonathan Rash
Jonathan Rash im on android i had a iphone a i was not impress me apple only thinks apps will keep the going but not
Mohamad Akbarinia
Mohamad Akbarinia I'm on Android side
Ernest Trevino
Ernest Trevino neither--I'm on team webOS!!
Mike West
Mike West iPhone because in the year 2029 you'll be able to set it up your way. It only took 3 yrs to give it "official" wallpaper and multi-tasking, oh, and the abilty to use video. One day it won't just be app launcher squares that sit on a screen that scrolls left to right. One day the text app will have a delete all button. One day the bezels surrounding the button and ear mic won't take up half of the screen, one day they will join Microsoft and sue every competitor who thinks outside their box, then kill off their ideas. One day we will have a phone with limits galore. I bring you, the iPhone 2029! Kneel and wonder!!
Tony Venegas
Tony Venegas Motorola triumph ftw :D android
Milos Mita Mitic
Milos Mita Mitic IPHONE
Robin Severs
Robin Severs Windows phone 7
Angel Ivanov
Angel Ivanov Team iPhone and Windows Phone 7 :)
Afshin Perjia Mahini
Afshin Perjia Mahini wp7 > andriod
ShehrYar Asghar
ShehrYar Asghar android
Carl Joseph Bialorucki
Carl Joseph Bialorucki TEAM Android/WP7 =)
Malik Huntington Brock
Malik Huntington Brock I wanna state a fact. Now when this iOS 5 comes out ppl will be all excited about it and will be talkin about it. Two things I HATE about iOS is! A long time ago when they discovered the ipod Touch had Bluetooth they included Bluetooth in an update... That u had to PAY for! $9.95 I think. Second I had this app called beat rider 2 years ago on my itouch that I paid for.. I can't even find that app anymore! Also an iPhone comes out every year and they just end the improved on with an S. Iphone 3G, iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5... Oh I wouldda never saw it coming!! Omg what a huge surprise!! An iPhone 5s? Wow! Booo!!
Mandel McGuire
Mandel McGuire Android is marketing there OS so anyone could buy it. Kids are gonna grow up with it.
Paul Martin
Paul Martin Team WP7 baby! 2% market share! We're gonna be a long shot third place like Sprint in no time! Nahhh team Android lol.
Gerardo Ortega
Gerardo Ortega Android all the way
Ben Mattson
Ben Mattson iPhone all the way.
Juan Carlos Munoz
Juan Carlos Munoz Webos
DeMonte Greene
DeMonte Greene Team android
Cindy Lou
Cindy Lou Android bcuz I don't want to pay more for less if I had iPhone lol
Harvey Brown
Harvey Brown Team Android.... For people who think outside the box.... And don't wanna be confined. Did i mention no jail breaking or void warranties and free replacement.....lol
Alan Pang
Alan Pang Go team Android
Jamil Oquendo
Jamil Oquendo No WP7 love? SMH.
Andrew J. Hwang
Andrew J. Hwang droid
Dustin Martin
Dustin Martin TEAM ANDROID @mugesh I didn't realize there was a team symbian lol. They're quitting
Scott Belbin
Byktor Urvaes
Byktor Urvaes The iPhone is a icon, but Android is just better.. :-)
Thomas Rodriguez
Thomas Rodriguez Android
Eric Hooper
Eric Hooper im on team unlike this stupid site.
Keith S. Hundley
Keith S. Hundley How bout team smartphone?
Moise Badou
Moise Badou Android
Erik Rosli
Erik Rosli Android/iPhone? Can't we just have both? *Zing!*
Brennen Resendes
Brennen Resendes Team Android give me some customization not simpleness
Orrett Douglas
Orrett Douglas Android...its more customizable and you can learn a lot more just from using it
Danny Stewart
Danny Stewart Android & iPod touch 4G. Got it all!!
Leighton Chappell
Leighton Chappell IPhone
Mandel McGuire
Mandel McGuire TEAM ANDROID! MY SMARTPHONE MY WAY! From entry level to highend.
Brandon Henshaw
Brandon Henshaw IPhone. That's all I need to say
John Smith
John Smith Team droid~~~~~~
Terry D Wheelington
Terry D Wheelington Android for sure!!!
Lewis Nfamitrust Terry
Lewis Nfamitrust Terry Team Android, hands down....
Garrick Rainey
Garrick Rainey Android duh! Hands down!
Erick Orozco
Erick Orozco Android ftw :D
Julian Lombana
Julian Lombana Android
Xue Xiong
Xue Xiong Team!!!!!! android baby!!!!!!!
Richard Boo Colaluca
Richard Boo Colaluca team andriod
Rocky P. W. Watts
Rocky P. W. Watts Doesn't matter..................I'm just a PhoneWhore
Gabriel Cardenas
Gabriel Cardenas Woop wwoopp!! Team android!!!!
Jerry Muniz
Jerry Muniz I uses to be iphone but now I like Android more...\m/(-.-)\m/
Hunter Messer
Hunter Messer Both. I have an iPhone 4 and an LG Thrive. And am getting the HTC Inspire 4G tomorrow.
Edwin Tinoco
Edwin Tinoco team BLACKBERRY!....
Andy Vuong
Andy Vuong Neither...like 'em both!
Trevor Myers
Trevor Myers @Alberto Garcia Like what?
Blair Hagen
Blair Hagen 4.3 inch screen? Android
Moses Estrada
Moses Estrada Android!
Tommy Klein
Tommy Klein Android forever.
Anas AbdulWahab Al-Banai
Anas AbdulWahab Al-Banai iPhone ..,
Alberto Garcia Flores
Alberto Garcia Flores I have the iPhone killer so Android! You can do so so many more things with android.
Luke Magsino
Luke Magsino Android is cool and all but fragmentation and bad hardware is a bitch. TEAM iPhone!
Nick Kalman
Nick Kalman Wp7 and iPhone. Android is a joke
Ediben Yoonan
Ediben Yoonan android fuck iphone
Jose Hernandez
Jose Hernandez Team ANDROID.... iphone has the same ui since the first 1. It's not customizable and very basic. The iphone is a phone for people that like simplicity. Not for me...
Ted Williams IV
Ted Williams IV Team android! *starts to do the robot*
Jimmy Stranahan
Jimmy Stranahan I'm in the middle, I use both. Each phone can do something the other phone can't, it's always nice to have accessibility to that option where and when I need it. So I guess I'm neutral!
Brian Davis
Brian Davis Io like iphone but it gets boring and u can do more with a abdriod but i geus jb is not out of question so iphone
Robin Sin
Robin Sin Anti iphone
Loanna Campos
Loanna Campos android
Tim Fuhrmann
Tim Fuhrmann Team BlackBerry. Android and iOS are for app addicted kids.
Dawn Seiden Klein
Dawn Seiden Klein Team Android since my G1
Jamar Fairweather
Jamar Fairweather Android Forever!
Jose Umana
Jose Umana Android all iphones are the same as the last
Panayotis Perlegos
Panayotis Perlegos android!!
Ross E.
Ross E. Detonately android
Sam Rick
Sam Rick Android FTW.Iphail is soo 2007.
Jessica Chislom Knightner
Jessica Chislom Knightner Team android!!!!
Oscar Zavala
Oscar Zavala Team ANDROID!!
Anthony Roca
Anthony Roca Team Zack Morris cell phone from Saved by the Bell lol!
Vanessa Carpena
Vanessa Carpena Team iPhone all the way!!!!!!
Julio Anthony Lopez
Julio Anthony Lopez Been having android for years but I'm switching to the iphone5 so I guess team iphone
Zach Cline
Zach Cline Android is ok, Its not that great. I own the droid x and the battery door has been coming off in my pocket, Not to mention how the soft touch coating is starting to wear off after only two months of owning it lol. I'm getting an iphone in a few months.
Jeff Alamillo
Jeff Alamillo Team iPhone!!!
Pierce Swan
Pierce Swan Team android all the way. Tablet and modded phone.
Shawn Martinez
Shawn Martinez Team green poision iphone jb FTW!!!!!

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