Another day in the mobile realm, another patent suit.

Patent battles are commonplace in the mobile space, due to it being one of the most competitive markets in world. Companies are moving forward at breakneck pace and it's easy for them to cut corners and step on toes to get a product to market as quickly as possible. Usually when this happens, a suit is filed, a judge comes to a decision and there is some sort of settlement. The parties go their separate ways and all is well.

Unfortunately, all is not well with the world and it appears as if the current round of patent battles are never going to end. We wake up every morning to headlines detailing the daily dose of Apple playing the part of the kindergarten bully, pointing their finger and suing someone for "copying" them. As I've made very clear before, I totally support a company's or individual's right to protect their intellectual property. Patents are granted for a reason and should be used accordingly when someone encroaches on patented technology.

I completely agree with Apple's original lawsuit against Samsung. It was easy to see where they were going with complaints of the original Galaxy S device looking so much like the iPhone – which is likely why the design greatly changed before it hit US shores. Even TouchWiz has always been thought of as a fusion of the iOS and Android interfaces. The term “copying” clearly applied in the original case. And maybe it does in some of the newer cases, but there is a point where all of this becomes petty and reputations begin to suffer.

Apple didn't stop with Samsung. Much like Microsoft, who many believe is just after a stake in Android (they already earn $5 for every HTC-made Android phone sold), Apple has ventured on to target other Android partners like Motorola and HTC. Taiwanese-based HTC was found guilty of infringing on at least two Apple-owned patents. Despite Google entering the battle, “guaranteeing” that HTC would win and many throwing a red flag on “prior art” and vagueness, HTC claimed they are “open to having discussions” with Apple over the dispute. As most companies would, HTC just wants to put this behind them and move on. Apple, on the other hand, is relentless and has filed yet another complaint with the ITC, alleging HTC has violated five more patents.

Just when we thought it couldn't get any worse, Apple has also filed a suit against Samsung in all of the countries in the European Union, Netherlands and Australia, claiming the design of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 infringes on the design on the iPad (presumably the iPad 2). (My guess is, they're furious that they lost the title for thinnest tablet in a few short months.) Apple was awarded an injunction and the sales of Samsung's Galaxy Tab are to be halted until they are granted approval of the court. Oh, and there's more. They are also suing Motorola over the XOOM in Europe, also claiming it, too, infringes on the design of the iPad.

Google has spoken on the issue, calling Microsoft's and Apple's assaults "a hostile, organized campaign against Android" that is "waged through bogus patents." Apple is throwing its legal weight around and misusing granted patents. What's worse is these judges are letting it happen. Like I said before, I support a company protecting its intellectual property, but just because a product has the same general shape and size as yours, hardly means they're copying your design. Face it, the heavy, thick XOOM and thinner, lighter Tab 10.1 hardly look anything like an iPad. (Unfortunately, I still get asked all the time if my tablet is an iPad, regardless of which one I'm using and how unlike the iPad they actually are.) Protecting IP is one thing, being anti-competition another.

What I can't seem to wrap my head around is why Apple is actively trying to stifle all of their tablet competition when they current hold nearly 70 percent of the market. That is monopolistic and anti-competitive practice. Earlier this month, Needham analyst Charlie Wolf claimed that the iPad would retain up to 60 percent of the tablet market until 2020. Normally, I would call bogus on this claim as predicting anything in the mobile market is far-fetched to begin with. But if injunctions and patent suit decisions like these keep getting awarded to Apple, maybe they can hold off competition for the "better part of the next decade," even if they will need a Band-Aid or two for their reputation.

What do you have to say about these never-ending patent suits? Should Apple lighten up and channel more time and energy to fighting the competition with innovation instead of "bogus" patents? Is there anything about the design of the XOOM or Galaxy Tab 10.1 you can see that remotely resembles the iPad?

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"Has Apple gone overboard with Android patent suits?"

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Kody Prince
Kody Prince Apple sucks go.Android who's with me
James Intoxication Nwosu
James Intoxication Nwosu yes
Aaron Couts
Aaron Couts Apple is feeling threaten so isn't microsoft, that's why they are going after android with a vengence
Luis Lopez
Luis Lopez Apple is thriving right now.
Athren Glory
Athren Glory You know I completely understood why they sued Samsung for the "ultrabook" concept. And when it came to phones, I was very skeptical...but now with the tablets. Apple is just pushing their weight around. They should be forced to drop everything but the Macbook Air being copied.
Rico Woods
Rico Woods Yeah butyou know all they r going to do is make android more advance so f*** apple android ftw
Teron Facey
Teron Facey HTC just did a deal with beats by Dre let's see how fast it takes them to sue them with another "patent" lawsuit on Beats by Dre speakers in cellphones now.
Teron Facey
Teron Facey Yes! I heard now there going after Motorola cause the XOOM rip off the iPad. Really?? Just childish of them.
Aaron Early
Aaron Early Android is Linux. It is open sourced, it cannot be stopped now. Apple is very aware of this and they are very pissed off. It would be like trying to stop the Debian project or Red Hat. I bet Steve Jobs wears diapers at night for when he pisses himself in bed from his Android invasion nightmares.
Anthony Alecseenko
Anthony Alecseenko Why doesn't Google sue Apple for the design of IOS 5? That would put Apple back in their place and get them to shut the fuck up!!
Nathan Sheaffer
Nathan Sheaffer yeah, they are a bit over the top.
Gerardo Ortega
Gerardo Ortega Wtf, now Motorola. Fu#k Apple.
Raghav Tankha
Raghav Tankha If you ask me apple is full of two year old cry babies who going crying to their mom if everything does not go their way. apple stop crying, live and let live.
Raghav Tankha
Raghav Tankha If you ask me apple is full of two year old cry babies who going crying to their mom if everything does not go their way. apple stop crying, live and let live.
Taavi Kala
Taavi Kala Why do you bother asking if the answer will ALWAYS be "OF COURSE!"
Julio Anthony Lopez
Julio Anthony Lopez Yes ! I think they are afraid of a little competition ! Haha
Peter Kis
Peter Kis after "The Social Network", they should now make another movie about Steve Jobs and Apple. Oh, wait - "The Little Dictator" has already been made...
Peter Kis
Peter Kis Apple is losing its competitive edge - and just like any other company this happens to, they go down kicking and screaming. reminds me a bit of Gaddafi in Libya. I'm not sure why they picked Samsung for their fight, though, as Samsung is a very important member of Apple's supply chain. Going after your most important supplier is like going after your right foot.
Josh Nthecity
Josh Nthecity Possibly Steve Jobs is greedy for more money.
Josh Nthecity
Josh Nthecity Yes it has!!!!
Sungbin Go
Sungbin Go Apple iOS and Google Android system are different . understand Steve Jobs and Apple and Tim Cook
Sungbin Go
Sungbin Go Steve Jobs gone crazy
Ross Silva
Jesus Ruiz
Jesus Ruiz You know what they SHOULD DO? They should so the poeple who copy-cat the phone, not the people who make totaly DIFFERENT PHONES AND TABLETS. Steve Jobs needs to get laid.
Khun Vorakwadh Khut
Khun Vorakwadh Khut They dun want iPad to look like a Chinese-made plastic toy...
Nikolas Manuelides
Nikolas Manuelides I said it before, almost all tablets are the sae in shape, no one is copying no one, nor need to -__- I hate apple more and more everytime
Shawn Towle
Shawn Towle Way overboard. Everyone I know, including myself, refuse to buy any Apple products again because of it.
Tj Billingsley
Tj Billingsley Yep.
Brian Bohman
Brian Bohman Yup
Justin Azzarito
Justin Azzarito Im getting an iPad 2 as a gift tomorrow. Im selling it so I can buy the Droid Bionic next month, then cancel the contract next year so I can buy the first QUAD CORE ANDROID phone
Greg Phifer
Greg Phifer Antonio not saying Samsung is bad at all, honestly I want the Samsung galaxy tab 10.1 I just thought with the software and design of the Samsung galaxy s 2 they looked quite simalar and had that they had a case, do I think it was a big enough deal to sue over? No. The things that did seem sort of apple definitely were not the deal breakers that would have made someone choose a Samsung device over another android phone
Nathan Sheaffer
Nathan Sheaffer Who isn't Apple suing these days? If someone isn't getting sued by Apple everyday, you better start planning on the end being right around the corner. I don't use Apple products but don't really have any beef with them. I just wish they would stop being so uppity all the time.
Gerald Dawkins
Gerald Dawkins Better take note of the amount of $ Apple spends in Washington, and wonder why they continue to do this..$ talks
Gerald Dawkins
Gerald Dawkins Hello yea, they are just being annoying
Sina Balouch
Sina Balouch Yes
Tony Allen
Tony Allen If Apple's suits made sense, then I'd say to hell with it, its their right. Since they're cashing in on petty 'dress' infractions and vague software patents, hell no. I hope someone like HP pulls some of their smartphone patents on Apple, since Apple has done just as well at "copying" vague ideals in their phones/software.
Steve Doré
Steve Doré I like apple pie and juice
Oleg Narush
Oleg Narush Fuck gaydroid!
Muneer KhanVict
Muneer KhanVict I guess it like that old saying "if u cant beat em, sue em" nn still lose
Gerardo Ortega
Gerardo Ortega F#ck Apple
Itsok Imawelder
Itsok Imawelder i prefer none, apple good microsoft. the phone thing isnt the same. apple is patenting everything, android feels weak and shallow. iphone is the same. remember when the iphone came out. no one thought it would hit.... back when smart phones were really for smart people. not dummys like apple and google! cmb out!
Jesus Q Velasquez
Jesus Q Velasquez Android whould sue for the new notification bar apple copied from android
Garrett Vincent
Garrett Vincent Fapple.
Walter Perez
Walter Perez Google thieves!...where would android be without apple?...android is so crappy it needs as many manufactures to try and keep up with apple...ha!....wonder why so many android users are waiting for apple's new model?
Dina Locklear Ball
Dina Locklear Ball I agree and this is the reason why I wont be getting the IPhone, their tooo greedy and money controlled....Android is getting mine!
Moise Badou
Moise Badou Ummm..... YA !!
John Houda
John Houda Guess what, you guys don't need to do dogfights about every android phone that comes out. They are all pretty much the same. I am not following your stuff from now on. Phone arena and techno buffalo ftw.
John Houda
John Houda Way to censor my post phonedog.
Phillip Speiser
Phillip Speiser Of course they have to control everyone and everything.
Hayden Bridges
Hayden Bridges Apple has gotten a big ol head
Mari Soto
Mari Soto Android and apple fans ya really need to make up ya minds on what ya really want android fans always talk smack about apple but when apple comes out with something new who's first in line? And apple fans are really funny why would u keep spending lots of money for the same iphone just a little updated every year? My phone of choice is android and mp3 of choice is apple the best of both worlds so apple needs to grow up and give the people what they want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
David Mojica
David Mojica what about IOS5 concept of Imessenger ( blackberry) , notification system ( android), all this on the iphone it's just revolutionary... It's just a copy.
Casey Deeya
Casey Deeya The worm haz come OUT
Fredrik Jonsson
Fredrik Jonsson Apple currently has more money than the US government! (which yes, doesn't have to be a lot) They Just became the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world. And now they want to completely kill off the competition?! I thought monopoly was frowned upon in the west?!
Justin Azzarito
Justin Azzarito Fuck yes they have. Jesus. Fucking little whiney ass bitches
Angel Ortiz
Angel Ortiz Greed is bad. Apple you are going down. As a matter of fact Steve the Nazi jobs should step down.
French Twist
French Twist Android, baby <3
Paul Gicewicz
Paul Gicewicz Why would you ask this?
Sumeet Deshmukh
Sumeet Deshmukh Androids already have notification slide out! Ios is cheater
Anthony Peña
Anthony Peña Apples greed will be their downfall.
Jacob Chu-Hing
Jacob Chu-Hing Everyone in the crowd: " OMG!!! REVOLUTIONARY!!! OMG I WANT THAT."
Jacob Chu-Hing
Jacob Chu-Hing Apple: "Now we did something revolutionary, Pull down from the top to reveal a new way of seeing your notifications."
Chris J
Chris J Yes not everybody likes apple products. I dont
Justin Cartier
Justin Cartier Yes, apple is going crazy with these frivolous lawsuits. They are bullying the ANDROID device manufacturers because iOS can't beat ANDROID. So they would rather cheat than try to make a better product. I think apple should drop all this lawsuit nonsense, and make a different handset that runs ANDROID. I'm not saying they should stop iOS. Just make another iPhone that runs ANDROID. That way they can share in the profits of ANDROID, while Still making money from iOS. Then everyone would be happy.
David Mojica
David Mojica IOS 5 and all his "revolutionary" specification... are just a copy of android OS, a bad and inferior copy by the way...
Arpan Patel
Arpan Patel OMG YES
Jeff Daunis
Jeff Daunis Yes..they are acting like jealous fools
Silver Diaz
Silver Diaz your mom blows too joe
Ayoub Hage
Gerald Carter II
Gerald Carter II Hell Yeah!
Epoca Rudo Extremo
Epoca Rudo Extremo yes they have they trying to suit every one
Eric Shayna
Eric Shayna iOS is better and that's that.
Rickyo ODaniell
Rickyo ODaniell Like Adobe Flash, Google should cut them out of everything... Then their crappy attitude would be adjusted.
Gilbert Galvan
Gilbert Galvan Apple is scared of Android because it is way superior. Apple has no more innovative ideas. All Apple sheep would disagree though. Steve Jobs is not as smart as people make him to be. Screw Apples overpriced garbage!!! Cant wait for the Samsung Galaxy II to arrive to Tmobile.
Karen N Edgar Garcia
Karen N Edgar Garcia It just goes to show you that apple is feeling the heat from android and they're doing what it takes to keep android down. -1 apple
Rickyo ODaniell
Rickyo ODaniell Who... Apple..? Nooo...
Mat Tazz P
Mat Tazz P Cause there scared
Jesus Gomez
Jesus Gomez Isn't Apple iPhone gonna have the same drop down notification bar as Android, that should be a patent infringement
David Brinegar
David Brinegar Sounds like apple is getting scared of everyone's favorite little robot
Joe Napierala
Joe Napierala ....Android blows
Wayne Choice
Wayne Choice Yea..it's getting really stupid now..I love my Apple products but enough already Steve Jobs!!
Marti Ruiz
Marti Ruiz they copied notification bar of android and whats next ,widgets?
Brandon Ricker
Brandon Ricker yea their bitches alway wining about something while being a sneaky fucking rat and taking others ideas and hoping no one notices or they dont have the money for lawyer fees and time for court, little bitches they are, i would like to meet steve jobs and kick the shit out of his dying ass that boy not man needs a good fucking slap across the head on the fuctarded shit their stirring up dam trolls
Timus Maximus
Timus Maximus Apple is now in the roast pigs mouth...go Android
Joel Rivera
Joel Rivera Yeah, they've gone over. They just gotta lay back and take it because Android is f***ing them hard core. Apple, just take it and enjoy it or shut your mouth.
James Vincent
James Vincent YES
Larry Campbell
Larry Campbell Realistically, some of the apple suits have a small amount of merit. However, they have gone way overboard with some of the other suits. What is worse, is microsoft and apple buying the nortel patents by jumping the auction bid 600% just to keep google from obtaining patents. Attempting to monopolize the market is bad business. F steve jobs and his garbage...
Anonymous F* Apple! I know the Director of Global Business Intelligence for crApple and I'm gonna bring this up to him tomorrow night
Robert Salender
Robert Salender Jobs need his cancer money.
Lau Nielsen
Lau Nielsen Yes, they are taking patents for saying fucking WORDS. They already have their foolish sheep buying all of the products they make, yet they copy others AND sue people for copying them, makes no sense. Thats why I dont like apple.
Stephen M. Knipe II
Stephen M. Knipe II Yep
Jacob Chu-Hing
Jacob Chu-Hing Yes, have you seen IOS5... talk about "look and feel"... Everything in ios5 is a copy of every other company... The hypocracy is just hilarious... Sue everyone for look and feel, then copy everyone else
Mike Jackson
Mike Jackson I will never own a product that I can't use with other products its just not smart business! Android forever screw you apple
Joshua Guzman
Joshua Guzman Windows phone 7!!!
Terri Williams
Terri Williams Well you know...you can't be really happy until you have all the damn money on the planet. Of course Apple is ridiculous. Innovation? My God, do we need, what is it now, 57 iPhone models because each new one is "better?" Make your s*t right the first time instead of bilking gullible customers into forking over hard earned money because iPhone Twelfth Generation has mitered corners and a unique earphone jack. :P
Antonio L. Lopez
Antonio L. Lopez Greg,,the one using Samsung parts and tech is Apple,,,Samsung is the shit,,Apple is just a good software,,Samsung tech is the future with Android,,just loving My Samsung Galaxy Tab,My Samsung TV,,and thinking to get a Samsung Fridge,,and if I find a Samsung Sexy Girl,,,wowwww I get her too
Ed Brown
Ed Brown A bit of desperation, maybe.
Andri Alfansyah
Andri Alfansyah no one can't deny that Apple's products are always awesome and with the prices that cost a leg and hand. not all people afford to buy such expensive things while you can buy better gadgets with the prices that make sense out there.
Zaben Hashish
Zaben Hashish Its like a kid losing a boardgame with their friends and then throwing a tantrum by flipping the board
Henry Murillo
Henry Murillo Is like that south park episode where they were calling the annoying bikers fags? Yup, that's Apple lol and the more u called them fags the more they'll keep pulling this bs on
Arnulfo Barajas
Arnulfo Barajas @carlo... i think htc is big enough now to make a mobile platform without android
Dalton Aeschlimann
Dalton Aeschlimann Hey apple, how about that new notification system? Yeah...

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