T-Mobile to begin charging overage fees on 200MB data plan?

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| August 10, 2011

T-Mobile 200MB data plan overage fees

T-Mobile's 200MB data add-on has been a great option for those of us that aren't obsessively checking Twitter and cruising websites day in and day out, especially since customers that exceeded the 200MB allotment would simple have their speeds throttled rather than face overage fees. If a newly-leaked T-Mobile document sent to our pals at TmoNews is to be believed, though, that 200MB plan may be getting slightly less attractive later this week.

The leaked image shows that on August 14th, T-Mobile plans to grandfather the unlimited 200MB option and begin charging  an overage fee of $0.10/MB to new customers that exceed their 200MB monthly allotment. Customers will be sent a warning message when they hit 180MB and another when the 200MB threshold is crossed. The maximum amount of fees that a customer can incur will be $30 if he or she is on a Classic plan or $35 for customers on a Value plan.

Considering how heavily T-Mobile's been touting its overage-free data plans, it's kind of a surprise to see it take a step back with this change to the 200MB option. T-Mobile says that the change is necessary because demand for the 200MB plan has exceeded expectations and that it needs to switch to overages to stay competitive, but that doesn't make the move any less disappointing. Here's to hoping that T-Mobile's other data plans don't end up suffering the same fate at the 200MB add-on.

Via TmoNews