T-Mobile confirms G-Slate Android 3.1 update rolling out now, 200MB plan overages coming August 14th

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| August 11, 2011

T-Mobile G-Slate

Ready for a fun game of Good News, Bad News: T-Mobile Edition? First up, the good news: T-Mobile just announced that the G-Slate's over the air update to Android 3.1 has begun rolling out. It's a staggered update, meaning that if you don't get it today or tomorrow, don't fret; the new software may take a little time to make it to your neck of the woods. Once the update does hit your beloved 3D tablet, you can expect the following enhancements:

  • Google Videos - A new Videos app has been added that allows you to buy and rent movies.
  • Recent apps list expanded - The recent apps list has been expanded to show all apps recently used. After opening the apps list, touch one of the apps to access it.
  • Home screen resizable widgets - Widgets built-in to Android 3.0 (Calendar, Email, Gmail, etc.) can now be resized vertically or horizontally on any one of the five home screens.
  • USB accessory support - Customers can now attach a keyboard, pointing device, or gamepad to the G-Slate for use with typing, gaming, etc.
  • Force close issues in the Google Talk and Music applications
  • Improved browser and widget responsiveness

Now for the bad news. Remember yesterday when we told you that T-Mobile would begin charging overage fees on its 200MB data plan as soon as this weekend? It really is happening. T-Mobile confirmed today that effective August 14th, customers signed up for its 200MB data pack will be charged $0.10/MB when they go over their monthly allotment. The maximum amount of fees that can be incurred each month depends on whether you're on a Value or Classic plan: Value users can only be charged up to $40 in overages, Classic folks can go up to $45. T-Mobile also said that it'll notify customers when they use 90 percent of their 200MB allotment and then again at the 200MB threshold, offering customers a chance to switch to a larger data plan to avoid overages.

So there you have it, T-Mobilers. It's good to see Magenta and LG finally getting around to updating the G-Slate to Android 3.1, especially since other tablets are already running 3.2. What's not so good is the fact that T-Mobile is introducing overages on its 200MB data plan. The move comes as a bit of a surprise considering how heavily T-Mobile's been touting its "unlimited" data plans while AT&T and Verizon have switched to tiered offerings. The upside here, I suppose, is that at least T-Mobile is still keeping the plan around, and if a customer feels like they need more data each month, he or she can jump from 200MB to 2GB for only $5 ($10 for Classic customers). What do you make of all of this news, Magenta folk? Excited about the G-Slate update? Bummed about the overages? Let us know! We're all ears.

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