LTE iPhone reportedly undergoing carrier testing

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| August 15, 2011

LTE iPhone property list file

There are a lot of features that folks want to see Apple include in the iPhone 5, including a larger screen and a new form factor, but one of the most oft-requested of the bunch is LTE connectivity. Apple has previously said that it passed on using LTE in the iPhone 4 because including it would've forced the company to commit designs compromises that it wasn't willing to make, but a new leak has showed that Apple may finally be prepping an LTE solution. A report from BGR today claims to contain details on an internal iOS test build from a major carrier, which just so happens to include a property list file mentioning LTE.

So does this mean that Apple's hard at work on an LTE-enabled device? Probably. Does that mean we're going to see it this year? Probably not. Most folks don't expect an Apple device with LTE connectivity to arrive until sometime next year. But hey, at least we know that Apple's (likely) getting ready to get its LTE on.

Via Today's iPhone, BGR