HTC EVO 3D, Samsung Conquer 4G software updates coming soon to a phone near you

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from Omaha, NE
Published: August 17, 2011

HTC EVO 3D Samsung Conquer 4G software updates

The updates are coming! The updates are coming! That is, they're coming if you happen to own an HTC EVO 3D or plan to pick up a Samsung Conquer 4G. As you can see in the image above, the Conquer 4G's update is slated to arrive on August 21st, which just so happens to be the day that it'll be launching. The update is build number EG15 and should be pushed to a user's device after it's activated. What goodies does EG15 pack? Just a lone security patch. Certainly not the most exciting update ever, but hey, we can't really complain about getting better security.

All of you EVO 3D owners can expect an update to software version 2.08.651.2 to be pushed two days later on August 23rd. If you don't feel like waiting, though, you should be able to pull the update down manually starting tomorrow, August 18th. This can be done by going to Menu > Settings > System Updates > HTC Software Update > Check Now > OK > Yes. Once the dust settles and the update's installed, you'll find the following fixes:

  • Device Lockscreen stuck in "half-state"
  • Ability to transfer all contacts over bluetooth
  • Birthday one day off between contacts and Facebook when synced
  • Random GPS coordinates issue
  • Lockscreen displays 3 digit temperature correctly
  • Spiderman demo lockups
  • Making additional preloaded apps uninstallable by user
  • Update to applications: Spiderman, Watch, Qik

We're glad to see Sprint continuing to pump out updates for its devices, and it's especially exciting to see that EVO 3D users will soon be able to uninstall even more preloaded apps if they wish to do so. Good on you, Sprint. EVO 3D-ers, you're going to come back and let us know how your update's working for you right after you pull it down and install it later tonight/tomorrow morning, right?

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