Motorola DROID Bionic specs surface once again [UPDATED]

Alex Wagner
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| August 17, 2011

Motorola DROID Bionic specs

Over the past month or two, we've watched the Motorola DROID Bionic go from being one of the most mysterious smartphones in recent memory to one of the most oft-leaked smartphones in recent memory. Today that trend continues, as some more specs for the Bionic have emerged. There's been some confusion surrounding Verizon's upcoming 4G LTE handset, so hopefully this can clear all that up. According to the leaked images, the Bionic will include:

  • 4.3-inch 540x960 qHD display (meaning there's no 4.5-inch screen here)
  • 1GHz dual-core processor
  • 8-megapixel camera with 1080p video capture
  • Front-facing camera that'll likely be of the VGA persuasion
  • 16GB internal memory
  • 16GB microSD card preinstalled
  • 1GB RAM
  • Webtop apps similar to what's found on the Atrix
  • MotoPrint support for wireless printing
  • 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot support for up to eight devices

Unfortunately, what this leak doesn't contain are details on launch and pricing, meaning that I wouldn't go taking September 8th off of work just yet. Do any of you plan on picking up the Bionic when it finally hits Verizon's shelves? Or do you now have your heart set on the HTC Vigor or Moto DROID HD?

UPDATE: The DROID Bionic leaks don't end there! The folks at Android Central just posted the image you see immediately below, showing that the Bionic could carry a full retail price of $587 when it launches. Speaking of launching, the site's source claims that August 26th could be the day that the Bionic finally drops. That date's a tad earlier than the September launch that we got from both Moto CEO Sanjay Jha and a leaked Verizon roadmap, but hey, it's possible that Moto and Big Red decided that they wanted to speed things along a bit. It's also worth mentioning that Verizon normally launches new devices on Thursdays, but the 26th is a Friday. Whether or not the 26th is indeed the possible date or if it's simply a typo and should read August 25th remains to be seen, but we'll let you know more when we do.

Motorola DROID Bionic price full retail

Motorola DROID Bionic specs

Via DroidDog, TechnoBuffalo, Android Central

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