AT&T cancels Pre 3 launch plans as HP adds 64GB white TouchPad to its online store [UPDATED]

Alex Wagner
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Published: August 19, 2011

HP Pre 3

Yesterday HP broke the hearts of webOS fans everywhere when it announced that it would "discontinue operations" of all webOS hardware, meaning phones and the TouchPad, in Q4 2011. The pain doesn't stop there, though, as a leaked AT&T email has emerged today to kick those users in their shins and throw a little dirt in their faces. The email, allegedly sent between members of AT&T management this afternoon, reveals that the carrier has canceled its plans to launch the HP Pre 3. Of course, AT&T never officially announced plans to launch the Pre 3, but we have seen leaked photos of the device with AT&T software preinstalled, suggesting that the carrier had at one point planned on offering it. The leaked email is available to view below. The full statement from the email (with bits like the Pre 3's internal name and SKU edited out to protect the sources) is as follows:

“This device launch has been completely cancelled. Please cancel all bulk orders and stop all work on packaging for XXX SKU(XXX)”

There is a little good, and slightly strange, news for webOS diehards today, though! HP today posted a new white version of the TouchPad with 64GB of storage on its web store. The snowy slate is priced at $599, meaning that this device will likely only appeal to the hardest of hardcore webOS fans and the rare gadget collectors that drool at the sight of a Palm Foleo.

The news of AT&T axing plans to offer the Pre 3 isn't much of a surprise considering that HP doesn't even want anything to do with webOS hardware, but it's still kind of a bummer. There's no word yet on Verizon's rumored/leaked Pre 3 variant, but I wouldn't hold out much hope for it. At least there's still a chance that some other manufacturer could swoop in and produce some killer webOS hardware, right?

UPDATE: Well, if any of you have any interest in picking up a TouchPad before it disappears, tomorrow may be the day to do it. HP has sent a message out to its affiliates to let them know that starting tomorrow, August 20th, the TouchPad's price will be reduced to $100 for the 16GB model or $150 for the 32GB version. Quite a change from the $500/$600 price tags that the TouchPad originally launched with just last month. If you just can't wait until tomorrow, some retailers have already begun slashing the TouchPad's price tonight.

AT&T Pre 3 email

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