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Last year we saw Apple introduce an 8GB iPhone 3GS alongside the shiny new iPhone 4, and it looks like the folks in Cupertino are planning to make a similar move this year when it introduces the iPhone 5. According to "two people with knowledge of the matter" speaking to Reuters, Apple parts suppliers have begun manufacturing an 8GB version of the iPhone 4. The device could be launching "within weeks."

One of Reuters's sources also claims that Apple is currently planning to launch the iPhone 5 at the end of September. The new handset is described as looking largely similar to the iPhone 4 but with a larger screen, improved antenna, and an 8-megapixel camera. Those details go against recent leaks and reports alleging that the iPhone 5 may feature a new body with a tapered back.

The news that Apple may be prepping an iPhone 4 with less storage to launch alongside the iPhone 5 isn't much of a surprise, as the company has done the same sort of thing in the past. As I said earlier, an 8GB 3GS debuted alongside the new iPhone 4, and when the 3GS first debuted back in 2009, the 8GB iPhone 3G stuck around for a while as the cheaper alternative to the new iPhone. Moving to the iPhone 5, it's interesting to see Reuters report that the iPhone 5 may look similar to the iPhone 4, contrary to all of those case leaks we've seen lately. Like MacRumors suggests, my guess is that some of these sources may see parts intended for use with the 8GB iPhone 4 and think that they're actually meant for the iPhone 5, leading to claims that the new handset will look similar to the current iPhone. What do you all think? Will the iPhone 5 look mostly the same as the iPhone 4 or will it feature a new body?

Via MacRumors, Reuters

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"Would you buy an 8 GB iPhone 4?"

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Samuel T F Lau
Samuel T F Lau Definitly not
Kevin Joel
Kevin Joel NO!
Ron Scott
Ron Scott It has no memory. What's the point of having a phone that plays music, movies, downloads apps, etc. if you don't have enough memory to do any of that stuff? People will buy these and get frustrated within the first 2 or 3 months. Look out Craigslist, here it comes ;)~
Darren Penix
Darren Penix nope!
Kenneth Pineda
Kenneth Pineda Iphones are just fancy paperweights!!! Droidboy for life!!!
Adrian S Hobbs
Adrian S Hobbs nope
Tom Ahola
Tom Ahola No I would not buy any iPhone because I value freedom and also environmentally conscious companies.
Carol Dudley-Bowen
Carol Dudley-Bowen No thanks
Adrian Allen
Adrian Allen I apple company really a greedy company they just want every one to buy buy not worth it !!!
Adrian Allen
Adrian Allen Hell no 8 gig ain't shit I want more from I phone 4
Adrian Allen
Adrian Allen Hell no 8 gigs ain't shit I want more gigs
Nils Palenius
Nils Palenius No androd is My thing
Mario A. Tinoco
Mario A. Tinoco hellz nahh that would be a waist of money cause I can almost finish that in only ma songs and videos
Ryan Etzel
Ryan Etzel Hell NO I wouldn't ever buy it.
Kathy Pearlman
Kathy Pearlman no
Scroll Lock
Scroll Lock i'm so bored of iphone...i would rather use android phones..
Beatmaster Kess
Beatmaster Kess As long as the phone is cheaper:) than 350
Beatmaster Kess
Beatmaster Kess Yea :) I would I never owned an apple product over 8 GB so I'm used to it
Peter Hofer
Peter Hofer Nope I have about 10 gig apps now u still need room for pix and music
Caleb Jeffers
Caleb Jeffers Hell no.
Nathan Parks
Nathan Parks Half*
Nathan Parks
Nathan Parks No. Ios is boring and gets buggy and slow after using it had a year
Eric Ambrose
Eric Ambrose Nope! I'm waiting for the IPhone 5 when ever it comes out.
Bryan Platt
Bryan Platt Nope not even if it were free iPhone suxx
Robert Skeen
Robert Skeen Nope
Jonathan Childress
Jonathan Childress No
Nick Cochran
Nick Cochran I would for updates since I get one update for my android phones if I'm lucky
Ash Hus
Ash Hus I would buy but I already got 16gb 4
Paul Davis
Paul Davis Apple is for fags...
Kris Sinclair
Kris Sinclair Apple is obsolete
Tomas Mijares
Tomas Mijares No I have 40 gigs on my Thunderbolt :p Plus I would never buy an Apple product Except Their Macs
Zack Kjelland
Zack Kjelland Yes if it was on tmobile. 16 gb doesnt sound like alot but it really is. I have 11gb free!
Jose Pablo Islas
Jose Pablo Islas No
Keith Johnson
Keith Johnson No
Angel Ortiz
Angel Ortiz No
Jeremy Tanner
Jeremy Tanner I would never buy an 8 gb iPhone. my old 3gs was 16 and my new EVO 3d is getting upgraded to 32
Vic Espinoza
Vic Espinoza Yes just so I can carry an iPhone and an android both on Google voice.....Apps!
Nammir Saad Jabboory
Nammir Saad Jabboory And its a androud 2.2.1
Nammir Saad Jabboory
Nammir Saad Jabboory Well no because I got samsaug galxy ace
David L. Clark
David L. Clark I would buy a 64 GB iPhone 5... ;)
David L. Clark
David L. Clark For those thinking that this makes sense with the iCloud, it does not. iCloud is simply a MEDIUM. It is used to keep your devices synced. Unfortunately, it cannot be used for immense amounts of storage. So, storage space on your device will still be taken up.
Tanya Elcock
Tanya Elcock I'm struggling with 16GB as it is!
David L. Clark
David L. Clark I would buy a 64 GB iPhone 5...
Michael Perez
Michael Perez I would. If it's at cheap price(if they bring it out) why not?
Andrew Michael Houghton
Andrew Michael Houghton Haha yea right. I can barely fit all my music and apps on 16GB
Ivan Aleman
Ivan Aleman No I got the Infuse for 18 gigs
Mason Schmitt
Mason Schmitt @austin apple would never add a SD slot because then they would loose lots of money and it's just not like them to do that
Danny Lall
Danny Lall Nope it's too small
Josh Martinez
Josh Martinez Dear android fanboys, enjoy your devices in about six months when their speed has diminished.
Asim Qazi
Asim Qazi Iphone sucks!! <3 HTC and Android
Júnia Rosa
Júnia Rosa Nope ...
Tyler Madsen
Tyler Madsen yah
Ross TheBoss Rosetsky
Ross TheBoss Rosetsky i wouldent even get a iphone im a android user!
David Crowder
David Crowder Yes If it was $50 I have the 3GS in 8 gb and it works perfect
Mike Cross
Mike Cross @$19.99 sure will!
Edgar Echevarria
Edgar Echevarria not enough GB for me... maybe if it had an SD slot
Gordon Pendleton
Gordon Pendleton Hell yeah duh
Ayoub Hage
Ayoub Hage No
Hassan Ali
Hassan Ali Nopa less memory
Galen Omkar Melchert
Galen Omkar Melchert I wouldn't buy an iPhone.
Buckaroo Banzai
Buckaroo Banzai No
Taavi Kala
Taavi Kala Nope, even if it was 1 TB I would rather get an Android or a WP7
Matt Cain
Matt Cain Why would anyone buy any phone with only 8GB of memory?
Austin Flynn
Austin Flynn Just make a SD card slot!
Ricardo Lopez
Ricardo Lopez i could get a dualcore 4inch android phone so why would i
Evan Wolfe
Evan Wolfe I wouldnt buy another iphone in general, i am so bored of my 3gs, i am just waiting for the galaxy s2 to be released in the us
Quentizas Jacobs
Quentizas Jacobs Nope iPhone 5, but I will say that with Apple's icloud it does make sense.
Brad Mogol
Brad Mogol I doubt there will be a 8gb iPhone 4. Isn't there a chance there will be a 64gb iPhone 5?
Michael Gonzalez
Michael Gonzalez I would... If it was made by htc and called the sensation
Tommy Christiansen
Tommy Christiansen NEVER EVER THAT APPLE CRAP!!!
Byktor Urvaes
Byktor Urvaes Nope...... that will be a stupid decision.....
Suryo Lee
Suryo Lee Nope buying galaxy S2
Jeff Ritter
Jeff Ritter No I think that's too low of storage space to be able to enjoy it.
Eric Crane
Eric Crane I own a ssgs2 with 48gigs of memory and that's still not enough. It may appeal to some if if is 49$ though.
Levi Warfel
Levi Warfel I barely need 8 GB...
Sergio Espinosa
Sergio Espinosa Yes
Derrick Wimberly Jr.
Derrick Wimberly Jr. How bout the iPhone 5
Travis Lindsay
Travis Lindsay Nope waiting on the Samsung Galaxy S2.
Kong Yang
Kong Yang Nope. Android for life!
Keven Sotto Ngujo
Keven Sotto Ngujo No thx... Apple sucks... Ill wait for the nokia smartphone powered by WP7 mango...
Tyler J D Macleod
Tyler J D Macleod Nope have to go bigger GB , 8gb is a complete waste
Vincent Hung
Vincent Hung I'm not even gonna look at iPhone 5, 6, or 7 and hopefully by then Apple is dead
Vincent Hung
Vincent Hung Samsung Galaxy S2!!!! did you know it cost apple $28 to make an iPhone?
Cenk H. Uzunboy
Cenk H. Uzunboy No. Because my Htc Sensation never allow it. Yeah it's so smart.
Michael Mitchell
Michael Mitchell I have iPhone 3GS with 32gig and 3G
Lewis Hachmeister
Lewis Hachmeister Pshhhhh....no.
Tally K Blu
Tally K Blu I'll stick with my htc inspire 4g. Not interested in iphone at all really.
Cora Rininger
Cora Rininger Nope!
Adrian Salazar
Adrian Salazar I'm waiting on the iPhone 5 to see what it brings to the table, otherwise ill stick to my android powerd HTC Sensation 4G...
Sam Rick
Sam Rick Android FTW!
Luis Robles Figueroa
Luis Robles Figueroa No... even if the price is super cheap. These days 8GB I'd nothing. I would fill that memory quick. Like in matter of hours from buying the phone.
Peter Marshall
Peter Marshall Nope, I'll see what is the best Droid when my contract is up.
Brandon Moore
Brandon Moore I work for best buy mobile I have the thunderbolt and I'm about to get the iPhone 4 just bc I can lol but no not a 8 g I'm getting the 16 gb white
Brandon Johnson
Brandon Johnson Oh dear, this comment thread reeks of that fanboy smell. I wouldn't buy an 8gb iphone because that's an old phone, but I wouldn't buy any of the current androids either.
Vincent Huynh
Vincent Huynh Nopw
Maxim Buvin
Maxim Buvin I wouldn't mind it)))I don't even use 3 gigs on my current one
Equaknox Knox
Equaknox Knox Possibly if was on sprint...and able to be jailbroken....
Nick Kalman
Nick Kalman Nope I'd wait for iPhone 5
Mike Jackson
Mike Jackson Nope
Rafael Guzman
Rafael Guzman No way
Mark Strong
Mark Strong Yep
Mateusz Lesniewski
Mateusz Lesniewski I'd rather have a nokia 3310
MinnieMouse Lovingu Waddell
MinnieMouse Lovingu Waddell No I will wait for the iphone5 to come to sprint.
Christina Elena Amaya
Christina Elena Amaya i think iphone should keep its high standard and not make a cheaper phone

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