iPhone 4S casing

There have been many iPhone 5-related leaks as of late, but one device we haven't heard much about is the rumored iPhone 4S, the cheaper version of the iPhone 4 that may be joining the iPhone 5 in launching this October. Today MacRumors broke that trend, posting some images of what it believes to be the casing that belongs to the iPhone 4S. As you can see in the photos, the iPhone 4S frame looks a lot like the plain ol' iPhone 4 at first glance. Upon closer inspection, though, things are a tad different.

The first big change in the iPhone 4S casing compared to the iPhone 4 casing is the placement of the antenna breaks. This iPhone 4S shows two antenna breaks at the bottom of the casing, while the iPhone 4 had two different break placements: the AT&T model had them along the lower and upper left side, while the Verizon version had both at the top. There also seems to be a SIM card slot on the casing photographed above, meaning we're looking at a device that supports GSM tech. Whether or not this will be a GSM/CDMA combo handset like the iPhone 5 is expected to be is still a mystery. Rounding out our look at the upper portion of the iPhone 4S casing, we've got the mute switch and volume keys on the same side, just like on the iPhone 4.

Moving to the bottom of the iPhone 4S casing, we can see that that there's no dedicated markings for a Home button like there is on the iPhone 4 casing. Whether this means that Apple's planning to tweak the Home button on the iPhone 4S or not remains to be seen, but it's a possibility.

After seeing this alleged casing for a iPhone 4S appear, we're left to wonder else changes Apple may have in store for its new, cheap handset. Less storage? Keeping the display at 3.5-inches and bumping up the screen size on the iPhone 5? Replacing the computer chips inside the phone with tasty potato chips? All plausible ideas (except for maybe that last one). Thankfully we're not too far off from getting all the answers. Stay tuned, friends!

iPhone 4S casing

Via Today's iPhone, MacRumors

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Phillip McGriff Maybe the antenna adjustment will prevent signal interference hopefully... Because the "Death Grip" was crazy... As long as it comes to Sprint :D
Farid Fares i don;t like the idea of the 4s, the iphone is meant to be something special, especially its build quality, so bring a cheaper version of the iphone 5 would make it sound cheap, and i don't want to buy a cheaper iphone, either you have it or not, it won't feel special to have an iphone 4s because you would know that there is a better one (iphone 5)
Adam Grossen I have an iphone and my dad had and android. He hated it so much because it was slow and it never worked. He got a new iphone 4 from work and he loves it because its so fast and STABLE. I have tried out android, it really needs work because there are so many bugs in the software. And everyone complains about apple coming out with a new iphone every year. Think about how androids come out like every month! Android needs work to be competitive.
Andrew Midkiff ummm... Both Iphone and Android have their place they are both good, stop being a stupid sheep you retarted fanboys and rejoice in choice.
John Brown Does anyone ever comment about the question at hand.
John Fisher No Lorne iPhone is for people who don't want to have to reinvent the wheel to get their android device to work properly. If I have to root my phone to make it work properly something is wrong.
Paul Davis Please ditch the fragile glass, use something more light weight please.
Ty Johnson Never heard about it but I heard the sciphone 5 will be running android with miui rom and a high quality display.
Rodney Sosa Blackmon I want taco bell instead.
Ayoub Hage YEAH WELL UM.....UM..........MY PHONE MAKES CALLS.......AND IT CAN TXT AND .............IT MAKES CALLS.......UM AND......?
Zachary Smith i called this when the first rumors of the iphone 5 came out. its a very smart move for apple cause the iphone 3gs was a great seller for ATT with the 4S it will be a duel core phone and to have two duel core phones and one of them being "cheap" it will most likely bring apple to be the leader in the smart phone market!
Lorne Shaggy Sloan iJunk is for people that do not know how to work a real device.
Mohammed Uwais Hussain Koya its personal preference which os you choose . And i believe a cheap iphone will be hit in countries like india where no carrier subsidies are there .
Logan Robinson Hurry up already!!
Taylor Rentschler iPhone 4....iPhone 4s is like so next week!!!!
Nishan Dx De Zoysa Do what's gonna be new in it?
Huey Liggins Android is on every carrier and constantly gets released on a new phone year round. If apple thinks about making a device rumors drop. Android or well at least the hardware it comes out on try to top whatever apple comes out with. In one year each carrier will release 2 android phones that's labeled an "iPhone killer" iPhone had great success by being on AT&T shitty network alone and has done better since Verizon. Once October come iPhones will be like a virus. And honestly I don't like limitations that apple have but it's like a few of these people have been saying it's very stable. I just finished using my gf's android I told her I hate your phone. She said tell me about it. Later on I told her I'll break your phone. She said go ahead and then buy me an iPhone. You shouldnt have to fix(root) a phone straight out the box. It should just work day 1 minute 1.
Lau Nielsen I like how some are like "Ive had one bad experience with a phone, because of that every product they make sucks herpderp" sad, sad people. Apple has for me been the worse, OS freezing up etc etc, doesnt mean that every of that product will do the same though, stop being retarded.
Equaknox Knox Uhhhhh..enouph allready wit this iphone mess...its like a secret agent or something..just release the damn thing allready...3..4..4s..5....3 1/2..3.3/4...4n quarter..shit..unless it comes to sprint...then i dont give a ..fruity pepples...smdh..
Scroll Lock the cheaper the better..
Jason Fischer Not much at all.
Hector E Craig Stop the rumors people shit It's getting me and a lot of people annoyed.....
Anthony Peña I think I like my Android
Jordan Crawford I agree with Luis 100%
David Alvarez Android has %52 of users in the us and iphone %29..... So android is king
Jordan Ali if its a 3.5 inch screen im not buying i cant stand playing games on a small screen...im starting to hate my iphone
Lawrence Ang Yan Jan Iphone suck!!!
Chris Mathews I thought the cheaper version of the iPhone 4 was the iPod Touch.....
Michael Breeze Junior Santana... You obviously know nothing about tech or phones... Plus this is a comment section for a PHONE page
Mendez Roy Who cares that shhhhhhhhhh
Tyrone Rupert It does, but they hardware sucks for phones. All apple need to do is make a dual core unit with an 1.5 chip. An 8mp/2mpfcc regular flash disk space setup and you have a forever phone.
Patrick Geiger Junk. It seems like every 4 months Apple comes out with something slightly better then before trying to keep ahead. Why can't they just make a top of the line model that beats the competition for at least a year?
Tyrone Rupert See the problem with android is the fact that you have to root and customize the device to get it stable and what's the point of that if you just want to use a phone. I love android in everyday but I just left to IOS until ice cream is either the last upgrade or I'm staying locked in with the applegate.
Junior Santana Who cares, whats the difference between the 3g, 3gs and 4, they all look like the same crap to me
Jon Jerico Calanio Herp, all you folks who complain about Android being unstable - you're doing it wrong. My HTC Inspire 4G running CyanogenMod 7.1 is very stable and fast, it's not even funny. No random reboots or force closes, just smooth experience all around.
Marti Ruiz Is a piece of glass
Matthew Gonzales Landry Looks alright. Btw, all the people who are complaining that things are moving too fast........BLAME YOURSELF! If people didn't buy the products every year COMPANIES WOULDN'T UPDATE THEM EVERY YEAR. Now, you may not feel personally responsible because you don't buy the updated model but you are part of the consumer class and the majority of the consumers say they want new phones every year or so.
Jeffrey Ly Installed*
Jeffrey Ly and I never had that problem on my iPhone 4 (when I had it...) even tho I had like 170+ apps instaled
Jeffrey Ly +1 at John's comment, currently own an Android phone and it's a nightmare, most of the apps are made for older devices (ugly graphics in game/app), the icons for the apps are most of the time choppy and not well done (blurred up). Force closes 50% of the time. Lags up from time to time even tho I have 512MB ram and cm7 on my fking android phone...
John Fisher Lol if you're an android fanboy why are you commenting on an apple update. All i know is coming from two different android devices (Eris and dx2) the iPhone 4 has been 10x more stable and has never crashed. Android on the other hand was a nightmare. So if you enjoy constant reboots and a phone that needs an update to function properly immediately after it's launched android is for you!
Soheb Qureshi cheaper will be cheap in quality :D
Jaime Andrade Fn crazy. Dude at an att store told me this bout 3weeks ago and i was, sure buddy- whatever
Verleen Hottbiitch Wonderly Let me get my hands on one and this HTC Evo can go to hell.
Ricardo Spain Boy Dios Android is better than Icrap.
Josue Cifuentes This news are worst than Kim kardashians wedding
Jacob Eckstein People saying apple is garbage when they blow android out of the water and have sold so much more hahahaha ooookkk makes sense
Deepu Vcpanikar the matter is the gainer is only the consumer of that product
Andres Barroeta Apple copy their new notification system ios5 from android, apple is garbage
Tom Barcus I think it's iCrap.... :-)
Ash Hus If iPhone accept no iTunes I wud be happy bt I still luv ma 3GS whoooo!!
Mathew Frump It doesn't do flash without hacking and voiding the warranty.. gay
Eduardo Ordaz Its only going to be one Iphone and thats the refresh model.
Sean Martin I don't want one, but I think it is needed for the market. Brilliant!
Darrell Cunningham WHO CARES???,
Michael Miller Don't. Care.
Jason King How are you asking the opinion of a phone, just off the pieces ... WTF
Luis Valentin-Zeno What you mean the small changes both inside and out... Revolutionary, I'll stick to htc where the beautys at
Michael Sletten Its still an iPhone
Jan Michael Cruz iphone,iphone3GS,ipodtouch,iphone4,iphone4S,ipad,ipad2, iphone5, looks all the same to me
Ben Krupke since there is no dislike button,, ::DISLIKE:: ::DISLIKE::
Michael Schneider a new one will come out 2 weeks later
Kaz Bagatela I agree Matt Percan!!
Joe Lowrider ohh iphones not 5 norte sure
Joe Lowrider rme is good 4g
Matt Percan I think they they need to slow down the release of new tech stuff just a bit...you'll buy a brand new whatever and the next day its outdated. Let us get our moneys worth before releasing new products...gives us software and firmware updates on a regular basis but let us enjoy the product for a bit before making us feel as if we have wasted money on an outdated POS!!!
Rebecca Edwards do not know I did not get one
Jessie Ramos apple is garbage.
Mike Molina you can put an apple sign on and it will sell - so I think it will sell in the millions for sure
Hansel Starley Like I said before, there's no reason for a cheaper Iphone 4. They regular Iphone should being 50 bucks already, if not free.
Sam Bahhur iphone 5*
Jake Denning Wait what?

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