By now, the $299.99 price tag for certain devices on Verizon’s network isn’t a shock, especially after seeing some “lesser-equipped” devices running for nearly the same price. But, while it may be normal to see a price that high for the DROID brand name, we know that we’re really getting that $100 (or so) increase in price not just because of the name, but due to the technology inside the device. In particular, we’re talking about the LG Revolution (which isn’t a DROID-branded device) and the Samsung DROID Charge. Both of these devices will run a customer who’s qualified to upgrade, along with a new customer, $299.99 to start up service and walk out of the story with the phone in their hand. But, should folks have to pay for a feature they can’t use where they live?

Paying for features we don’t use comes with the territory. Considering how much our phones can do at any given moment, there’s probably days where we don’t use one feature, or even a handful of them. It happens. But, these features are considered pretty standard, like WiFI or Bluetooth, or even the GPS-connectivity. These may be things some folks don’t use, but these are the features that are expected to be in a device, so paying “extra” for them isn’t really the case anymore. However, 4G LTE is definitely something that we can consider “extra.”

Why? Because it isn’t the standard yet. Yes, Verizon is trying very hard to get 4G out to everybody, and so far they are doing a very good job of rolling out their advanced network. But, as it stands right now, the 4G blanket isn’t keeping everyone warm. Specifically, it isn’t keeping everyone warm who has access to these 4G-enabled phones. And what’s worse, is that these 4G-enabled phones are worthwhile even without the 4G LTE feature. Specifically, the LG Revolution’s specifications make it a high-end device that an Android fan, or even someone who just wants a thin phone with a large touchscreen display and impressive internals, would gladly pick up. The same goes for the Samsung DROID Charge. That 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus display and 32GB of available memory makes it a worthwhile device. It isn’t like 4G is making or breaking these handsets. No, they’re impressive by themselves, so having 4G-connectivity is just a bonus.

A bonus that someone may never use, even if they do pick up the phone. Now, I know that this is where the Verizon employee (or someone selling a Verizon phone in a third-party location) comes into play. It’s up to them to find the right phone for the right person, and not everyone is going to want to spend that $300. Furthermore, putting a person in a 4G device, when they can’t benefit from the advanced network just doesn’t make sense, right? Unfortunately, I know it happens. In my local area, we don’t have 4G LTE quite yet, but I know that 4G-enabled devices are sold in the local Verizon corporate location. Sure, we have a 4G market about an hour away, but if you don’t go there more than three times in a month, I don’t see how paying that extra $100 right out of the gate is worthwhile.

So, while many people believe paying more for the DROID brand name is kosher, I’m suggesting that maybe Verizon change up their pricing plans a bit. How? By knocking off that $100 for folks who don’t live in 4G-connected markets. At $199.99, the LG Revolution and Samsung DROID Charge would probably fly off the shelves, based just on their specifications. Verizon would have to change the pricing in specific markets, locations where 4G-connectivity isn’t located, and won’t be launched in the next . . . Let’s go with six months. And this has to be a verified six months, not just something the salesperson says to get a sale.

Yes, there are ways around everything if you try hard enough. But, one way that Verizon could stop people from driving to non-4G markets just to save the $100 on the sale of the phone, would be to verify their address. This would be easier with existing customers, but those who set up a new account have to provide their current address as well. If they live in a 4G-connected market, then they can’t save on the phone up-front. After all, where they live can make daily use of the 4G LTE, so paying the full $299.99 makes sense. But, for those who can’t realistically use that feature every day, paying extra for it just doesn’t make sense.

I know that none of this will ever happen. After all, Verizon is set on their pricing plan, even as other carriers are beating their prices for other “4G” devices handedly. But, it’s worth a discussion, I think. I’m interested in hearing what you think of Verizon’s pricing for 4G, and how you think it compares to the other wireless carriers. And, do you think something like the aforementioned plan could work? Let me know what you think.

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"Should Verizon make customers in non-4G areas pay the extra for 4G connectivity?"

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Kenneth L. Jackson
Kenneth L. Jackson Is there an extra. For me, its the same price as 3g
Toni Roseneau
Toni Roseneau No but I think it is messing with my service now that they put 4G on Hilton Head, SC and not Beaufort, SC(an hour away). In the past 6 weeks my service has sucked in my house and I have had verizon for over 5 years. I even upgraded to a new phone and hate it bc it's even worse service.
Nicolas Flores
Nicolas Flores Hell no
Richie Barrett Jr
Richie Barrett Jr Go kiss my booty fk this no
Griffin Higley
Griffin Higley No
Gerardo Ortega
Gerardo Ortega Ha Ha
Johnny Tooter Shackelford
Johnny Tooter Shackelford if you are dumb enough to buy a 4g phone in a non 4g area, then yeah you should have to pay it....it's called Stupid Tax!
Shehla Asghar
Shehla Asghar buisness is buisness i think its a good idea and come on guys u would do the same thing
Erman Guido
Erman Guido Of course not!!!?_?
Elizabeth DeHart
Elizabeth DeHart not only no, hell no
Brandon Quam
Brandon Quam I think if you buy a 4G phone, you should pay for the 4G towers if your phone has the ability to utilize them, whether you live in a 4G area or not. If you can't use 4G services, you shouldn't get a 4G phone. A person might have family out in the boonies. They could use their family's mailing address and get away with not paying the fees, while they're still using the towers in an urban area.
Luis Diego
Luis Diego Sprint made their customers pay for 4G when there was no coverage. If Verizon doesn't I'm suing sprint! Fo real
Timus Maximus
Timus Maximus Suuuure why not price gouge even more you bunch of A**holes Verizon is the worst...unlimited data uh-huh, that's a joke..at least sprint is unlimited I use mega data and dont get capped OR throttled but they're all crooks !!!
Tim Killian
Tim Killian I think you have the Revolution mixed up with the Thunderbolt. The Rev. is $199 on two year and the TB is $249 on two year.
Matthew Dyer
Matthew Dyer All my family has Verizon now so I don't really care about the smartphones . But I think it's crazy to pay for 4g anyways I don't think Verizon is bad at all I'm glad they have better coverage in VA and I have family there I just wish AT&T did I'm paying too much as it is with them as it is so I'm excited to make the move I'll never go to Sprint I always had payment issues even though I paid them on time who else had billing issues with them?
Romeo Cyril
Romeo Cyril No, but they will b c they r thieves.
Zach Cline
Zach Cline People are fucking stupid. Verizon isn't a charity first of all, They're in the business to make money just like sprint, AT&T , T-Mobile etc. I'm sure they aren't giving there customers handouts either.
Anthony Evans Jr
Anthony Evans Jr they will just pull a sprint and call it a smart phone fee
David Long
David Long No it's too much a month already
Steve Moore
Steve Moore "4G" is just a marketing term for 3G+ there is no 4G... just a way for companies to milk more bread from us...
Trey Rogers
Trey Rogers No! Same with sprint! If you don't have 4G in your area and they know that, then they shouldn't charge you for something that they KNOW you can't use.
Santos H. Jaco Erazo
Santos H. Jaco Erazo No..Sprint does that n it sux..I live about 20 minutes away from a 4G network..may b 1 day 4G will b everywhere..but no dnt charge em if they're not covered
Manuel Campas
Manuel Campas You don't pay for the 4G (at least not with Sprint) I got the Evo and I pay $10 a month extra so they can build up their 4G coverage...maybe Verizon is doing the same?
Kevin Kinchen
Kevin Kinchen Consumers should have a choice of their level of service. Otherwise it's like paying taxes.
Ryu Akira
Ryu Akira No, its bad enough that their data plan is unlimited but they still charge u if u go over 2GB, and I would always have a high phone bill so I moved to Sprint
Jim Eakins
Jim Eakins You are not paying extra for 4g, the data plans are The same price. If its because you pay more for the phone then don't buy it. No one is forcing you to buy a nice phone.
Angel Ramirez
Angel Ramirez Umm yeah? All these fkin idiots saying no don't realize if u got to a nearby 4G area you'll have coverage so why should they have to pay and not you? Don't get a 4G phone if ur area doesn't have 4G coverage dumbass
Narone Versy Thomas
Narone Versy Thomas That's a dumb question, then that means what u advertise is false and also it means you're hustling people to get money from the areas that's less fortunate to get 4g.
Brent Legendre
Brent Legendre super dumb, and worthy of cancelattion
Kevin Moore
Kevin Moore So what if you travel to an area that has 4G coverage?
Paul Gicewicz
Paul Gicewicz They shouldn't even make 4g users pay extra
Corey Perdew
Corey Perdew No Verizon costs a ton as it is!
Raymond Sosmoove Samuel
Raymond Sosmoove Samuel Y pay for something you can't use
Dan Drzewicki
Dan Drzewicki yes
Davidson Delice
Davidson Delice Hell fuck No but there going to anyway!
Nick Mazzamaro
Nick Mazzamaro No
Dylan Velasco
Dylan Velasco Fuck that....Verizon robs us enough!
Diaz Jonathan
Diaz Jonathan Also verizon makes enough cash..nuff said.
Martin Zamora Martinez
Martin Zamora Martinez So a customer living in a non 4g area would have to pay extra for 4g? That makes so much sense
Diaz Jonathan
Diaz Jonathan Well I'm in a 4g area but if I wasnt then my answer would be a big fat HELL NO!
Brittney R. Jackson
Brittney R. Jackson No...
Nathan Garcia
Nathan Garcia That's retarded just make it more widespread, then people move to other carriers. Duh. Simple Economics
Stephen Wagner
Stephen Wagner The 4g and 3g prices are the same. Stfu
Phillip Vu
Phillip Vu No
Matt Percan
Matt Percan NOPE
Carlos Nava
Carlos Nava Yes because only an idiot would get Verizon ..
Keri Horton
Keri Horton No!
Chris Hyson
Chris Hyson I think the issue is also these tech compnies just throw "4G" in peoples faces with out tryly explaining what it is - in english terms - 9meaning something other then your typical zit, no girlfriend living in mothers basement android user - would know
Moses Estrada
Moses Estrada Can't believe someone said yes...
Glenn Pettit
Glenn Pettit Sprint did the same thing, and then they changed it to all data plans pay an extra $10.
Derrick Wimberly Jr.
Derrick Wimberly Jr. No
Matthew Munson
Matthew Munson Then they should just sell 3G only devices, and if people want the 4g device they would have to get it special ordered.
Nichole Maldonado
Nichole Maldonado No!
Arica Nicole Guzman
Arica Nicole Guzman Noo! Why pay for service you don't have?
Robert Bratsch
Robert Bratsch If you live outside a 4G area and get a 4G phone and plan, you are stupid! Yes, Verizon should make these idiots pay.
Chris Hyson
Chris Hyson No, but lets be clear here. Sprint charges extra for premium data accross most of their smartphones. They do NOT charge for 4G. This seems to be a common theme among uneducated people.
Codi Carroll
Codi Carroll No.
Alejandro Castro
Alejandro Castro NO
Ariel Orellana
Ariel Orellana Yes
Trenton Whaley
Trenton Whaley Fuck that!
Luis Montoya
Luis Montoya NO!!
Tony Quintana
Tony Quintana No.
Francis Phimphivong
Francis Phimphivong Hell no. -.-
Justin Alan Smith
Justin Alan Smith That's just RETARDED.
Timothy Miller
Timothy Miller Hell no
Debbie Crowley
Debbie Crowley NO!!!!!
Gina Nguyen
Gina Nguyen no.

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