Poll: Which major wireless carrier is your favorite?

Aaron Baker
Writer from  Dallas, TX
| August 26, 2011

According to JD Power, Verizon Wireless is the head honcho in the call quality department - save for the North Central region, where US Cellular took the crown.  Of course, this "(insert carrier here) is the best!" data is based on wide geographical regions with several test participants, so individual results can vary from person to person.  What works well for me in Charlotte (which, for the most part, is a melting pot when it comes to wireless) may not work well for the person in Iowa.  And while wireless call quality is important to a lot of people, many are enticed by special promotions offered by the various carriers.

So, I ask you, loyal reader - which major wireless carrier is your favorite, and why?  Cast your vote and give me the details in the comments section below!