I have been in this business for just shy of two years now. In the eyes of many in this industry, I'm just a kid. But the truth is, I've had just about as much experience and hands-on time as anyone else. I may have only got my start in the cell phone world back in 2006, but I made up for lost time, switching between phones as fast as I could move one and buy another.

In my short time, there have been a few select handsets that have truly stuck with me and made the biggest impression. Who knows, if I had missed one of these along the way, I might not be where I am today. So here lies my top five classic handsets in no particular order:

BlackBerry Curve 8330 (Alltel)

This is where it all started for me – where the term “smartphone” smacked me square in the face and my obsession began. That's a bit of a stretch as my first smartphone was actually the Motorola Q. But I traded the Moto Q for the Curve within a week, so I don't like to count it. The 8330 launched in September of 2007, not long after the original iPhone. I remember thinking how cool it was to be able to browse the Internet and update my Facebook from virtually anywhere. The 2-megapixel camera was the best thing since sliced bread and the keyboard was fantastic. I only charged the phone every other day, even after a day full of heavy use (those were the days).

It would be a serious understatement to say that things have changed in this industry since late 2007, but the BlackBerry Curve 8330 is still one of my favorite phones ever. I've been tempted to activate it again, just for kicks, but it's an Alltel device and Verizon reps don't like it when you beg them to activate phones not in their system.

Google Nexus One (AT&T)

My history with Android started long before the Nexus One. I owned a HTC Hero on Sprint, but I had watched all sorts of videos of Android from way back in the day (2006ish). The Nexus One, however, was the phone that took my love for Andy to a totally different level. Seeing as it was the first technical "developer's phone" from Google, devs went crazy over it.

Not only was software a huge plus on the Nexus One, the hardware was fantastic. In fact, I wish HTC would revisit particular design with a larger display and no trackball. Not a single Android device (no, not even the EVO 4G) is as iconic as the Nexus One. It may not have sold quite as quickly as the EVO or the Motorola DROID, but it was the full package and the epitome of what an Android phone should be. I have yet to see such attention to detail since the Nexus One. Here's to hoping the Nexus Prime can give it a run for its money.

Palm Pre (Sprint)

At this point in my cell phone career, I had worked by way into a position as a Sales Associate at Best Buy Mobile. Everyone was eagerly anticipating the release of the Palm Pre and I simply had to buy one on launch day. So I did.

The keyboard was small and near impossible to get used to, the power button was hard to press and the charging port cover was a pain to open. Although the hardware was lacking, webOS was incredibly smooth and polished, even in its early stages. Despite the pitiful battery life and lack of applications, I loved that darn phone. Gestures, multitasking and “synergy” alone land this phone on my top 5 classics. If only HP had learned from Palm's mistakes

Kyocera Strobe (Alltel)

The Kyocera Strobe, likely a phone you guys have never heard of, was my very first phone. It was a hand-me-down from my mother. It sported two displays; one on the outside above a numeric pad and a larger one inside fixed to a hinge above a full QWERTY keyboard. The external display was meant to quickly read text messages or place calls without opening the phone, but it was really too small for any real use.

Back then, it wasn't about specs, but more about features. The best feature of the Strobe was the QWERTY keyboard, which was split in half, divided by a directional pad. It also had a set of speakers beside the display for speakerphone (which I thought was amazing at the time). It was also kind of fat and heavy, but boy could I churn out text messages on this thing. I love the split keyboard design. We're beginning to see it software versions on tablets, but I wish someone would make another landscape QWERTY phone with a split keyboard.

BlackBerry Tour 9630 (Verizon)

After the Curve 8330, I was desperately waiting for RIM to grace us CDMA users with another phone. GSM carriers used to get all the love from Research In Motion, and they still do to an extent. But this is where my cunning truly shined. I won't go through the details but my mother and I both walked away with Tours on launch day. Of all the phones I've had in my life, I think I spent the most with the Tour.

I remember there being an app called I Heart BlackBerry which would log your daily usage time down to the seconds used – I used to log around 12 hours per day. (Yeah, talk about addicted.) I was actually reluctant to give it up when upgrade time came. But I eventually switched it for a Motorola DROID and never looked back. I took my obsessions with phones to the next level with the Tour, always scouring the CrackBerry forums for new software versions and themes. I even made quite a few themes of my own.

It was this very obsession with BlackBerry that I was introduced to Aaron "Hairon" Baker and eventually led to me doing what I'm doing today. Crazy … but true.

Here's your chance, readers. Set aside your obsession for crazy, over the top specifications and tell me what your top five classic cell phones are. Mine don't date back that far, but it was pretty tough to sift through all of them to choose just five.

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Aaron Latham
Aaron Latham atrix 4g, iphone 4, evo 3d, samsung gs2, nexus s
Rishabh Bhauka
Rishabh Bhauka 1-nokia n8 2-nokia n9 3-nokia n97 4-iphone 4 5-htc wildfire
John Eversley
John Eversley in no specific order HTC hd2, Motorola razor, HTC G1, HTC wizard and Motorola mpx 200
Nuno Torres
Nuno Torres 1 - HTC Evo 3D 2 - HTC Desire 3 - Google Magic 4 - Nokia ExpressMusic 5800 5 - "The all mighty" Nokia 3310
Rick Blake
Rick Blake Oki 900, Nokia 5150, Sony T637. Worst ever, Siemens S46.
Vincent Whalen
Vincent Whalen 1. T-mobile g2x 2. T-mobile mytouch 4g slide 3. T-mobile g2 4. HTC nexus one 5. HTC desire
Fonzy Paniagua
Fonzy Paniagua To Much To Name !
Arthur Mmayie
Ron McKenna
Ron McKenna Love my Inspire 4g with the Gingerbread now. Best ever to me.
Tyler Justice
Tyler Justice HTC Thunderbolt, Motorola Atrix, Iphone 4, Nexus S, my touch 4g
Mark Mann
Mark Mann On Verizon charge hands down
Elijah Epic Failure Alexander
Elijah Epic Failure Alexander Droid 3 Iphone 4 only b/c retina display Htc surround Droid 2 Htc evo shift Ps. There are romur of a evo shift 2!
Ivan Sencillo
Ivan Sencillo THE NEXUS ONE , G1, THE GALAXY S2 droid X, lg STAR! ;))
Ryan DeClue
Ryan DeClue Razr, HTC EVO, HTC hd2, original iPhone, huawei Tap
Tim Killian
Tim Killian 1. RAZR2 V9M 2. DROID 3. Razr v3m on vivo firmware 4. Moto T720c 5. Audiovox 8910
Casey Deeya
Casey Deeya EVO
Keith Mondello
Keith Mondello My Droid 3 by Motorola!
David Brewer
David Brewer 1. LG G2x 2. Droid Incredible 3. Sony Ericsson z520a(my first phone, 5 years later and it still works) 4. Samsung Moment(Stock=slow Amstel Rom on it made it better) 5. Sony Ericsson w760a and w518a( I love Sony's, they are good phones and last a long time)
Jonathan Council
Jonathan Council 5. Motorola Razr 4. Blackberry Bold 3. Motorola Tundra 2. Samsung Infuse 1. iPhone 3GS/4
Equaknox Knox
Equaknox Knox Evo,4g/3d, HD2, Touch Pro2...all HTC products..best..Waiting on iphone to step the game up..
Charles Shell
Charles Shell #1.Apple iPhone 4
Charles Shell
Charles Shell #2.Google Nexus S 4G
Charles Shell
Charles Shell #3.Motorola SLVR L7
Charles Shell
Charles Shell #4.Pantech Matrix
Charles Shell
Charles Shell #5.Samsung D307
Venessa Vintigan
Venessa Vintigan My droid 2!!!
Gordon Christie
Gordon Christie Google G1 wildfire galaxy s2 sensation htc wp7
Dwight T
Dwight T Motorola V8160, droid 1, droid 3, gz one boulder, the samsung with the headset with a camera the rotated around in 2003 or 2004
Tomas Antmark Dagobert
Tomas Antmark Dagobert (in random order) Nokia E72, SE P1i, Iphone4, SE K800i, SE xperia Play... and as a bonus worst 5 ever owned: LG o2x, SE W??(first one with gps) HTC hero, Ericsson GH337..
Richard De Ponte
Richard De Ponte Lg Optimus 3D Lg Optimus 3D Lg Optimus 3D Lg Optimus 3D Lg Optimus 3D
Bryan Catena
Bryan Catena 1.) nexus prime 2.) sgs2 3.) htc vigor 4.)htc sensation and evo3d 5.) nexus one ... ... .. 99.) nokia 5110.... 100.) iphone5 hahahahahah
Jason Torchy
Jason Torchy 5. HTC Evo Shift 4G 4. LG Env 2 3. T-Mobile G1 2. Motorola E815 (My favorite feature phone, hands down better than a razr at the time) 1. Nexus One (The phone that kept on giving months and years after it's release. If my power button didn't crap out on me, I'd still be with t mobile and rocking this phone).
Anthony Steven Nico
Anthony Steven Nico droidx2
Kevin Calderon
Kevin Calderon Droid bionic, Droid charge, Droid 3, htc thunderbolt, slvr l7
Andrew Lai
Andrew Lai Blackberry 9780 LG Shine 8700
Travis Lamar Pachan
Travis Lamar Pachan Thunderbolt. Charge. BB Storm. Palm pre. Droid x2.
Brady Cox
Brady Cox 1. Nexus Prime, (I hope) 2. Droid Bionic 3. Droid 3, (Bad ass keyboard!!) 4. Nexus S, (Stock Google!!!) 5. OG DROID!!!! (Stock Google!!!)
RockinRose Wolf Donnell
RockinRose Wolf Donnell Evo 4G and 3D
Nitin Damodara
Nitin Damodara iPhone,iphone3g,iPhone 3gs,iPhone 4 and upcoming iPhone 5 :)
Brady Cox
Brady Cox Do you mean the ones we actually owned, or what we WISHED we owned???
Arni Somo
Arni Somo Nokia 5510
Paul Cooke
Paul Cooke 5- Nokia 3310..........4- nokia 5320.........3- htc hd 2..............2-iphone 3gs.......1..Nokai N8
Yusef Mustafa
Yusef Mustafa 5. Droid incredible 4. Droid Eris 3. Sidekick 2. iPhone 4 1. Droid Charge
Mads G. Thomassen
Mads G. Thomassen #1 iphone4 <-- just great, fun, but sometimes boring! #2 Huawei u8800 <- good but stinky battery! #3 Nokia n900 <-- F.awsome but heavy & resistive! #4 Zte blade <-- ok, but slow! #5 Htc wildfire <-- ok, but bulls***!
Marrion Bell
Marrion Bell All blackberrys are wack as fuck
Marrion Bell
Arvydas Gr
Arvydas Gr 1. Samsung Focus 2. Samsung Omnia 7 3. HTC Mozart 4. HTC HD7 5. LG Optimus 7
Noah Braun
Noah Braun EVO 3D Inspire 4G Incredible 2/S Desire Droid charge HTC fanboy what??
Alberto Garcia Flores
Alberto Garcia Flores Motorola Razor - who didn't want that phone for it was the most thin. G1 - The first android phone. the first iPhone - The first Apple phone. Sidekick - Who didn't want a cool flip side screen with keyboard MDA windows - the most capable smart phone in it's time. Blackberry Pearl - Business people and elegant design and great smart phone.
Luis Montoya
Luis Montoya nexus line
Peter Kis
Peter Kis 5. Ericsson t68i 4. Handspring Treo 3. Palm Treo 680 2. Motorola Star Tac 1. Samsung Galaxy S II
Niang Gawane
Niang Gawane Motorola droid And LG g2x
Adrian Edwards
Adrian Edwards 1. Sidekick 3 2. LG G2x (current) 3. IPhone 3gs 4. Samsung Captivate 5. Helio Ocean
Tod D. Akamine
Tod D. Akamine Curve 8900 & sidekick lx
Jamil Oquendo
Jamil Oquendo 5. Nokia 3310 4. Sidekick 3 3. Startac 2. Razr 1. IPhone Those were the biggest game changers, not to say they were the best but the most innovative. The G1 is tied for fifth.
Moise Badou
Moise Badou The Motorola Startac ..., in 5 different colors...
Ken Scott
Ken Scott iPhone 2g, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and T-Mobile Dash
Rene Portillo
Rene Portillo Nokia 1100, motoRAZR, Nokia E71, iPhone, Droid
Edgar Perret-Gentil
Edgar Perret-Gentil oki 900, micro tac lite, nokia 8260, nokia n75, samsung GS II
Bryan West
Bryan West I love that people are posting phones that haven't even dropped yet.. Anyway, Evo 3D Nexus one G1 Palm Treo (the whole line was great at its time) HTC mogul
Cheng Saeteurn
Cheng Saeteurn 1- SK2,,, 2- SK LX,,, 3- Samsung Vibrant,,, 4- Sensation,,, 5- Razor
Devon Fowler
Devon Fowler G2x (after update) G2 G1 Sensation Tmobile-
Narone Versy Thomas
Narone Versy Thomas Htc g2, xperia play, droid x, that's about all as far as I'm concerned.
Jerby Nicdao
Jerby Nicdao Sensation, tmobile G2, iphone 3g, N95 8gb, N80.
Pierre DeBrosse
Pierre DeBrosse Timeport, Star Tac, Epic 4G, Sidekick 3, and Treo 700p honorable mention old school big brick nextel flip
Cole Mannuzza
Cole Mannuzza 1. LG enV VX9900
Ricardo Perez
Ricardo Perez Rotory!!!!!!!!!:-)
Xavier Santino Renteria
Xavier Santino Renteria 1. Samsung Epic 4G (still have mine for right now lol) 2. Samsung Infuse 4G (played with it, love it getting it next week) 3. Nexus S (played with it, like the Epic without a keyboard) 4. Samsung Galaxy S II (THE BEST PHONE OUT THERE. So I've heard....) 5. The rumored Nexus Prime (specs just sound pure awesome.) No specific order, Ive only owned one listed above (Epic) but I have played with the others (ofc minus the Prime and SGSII)
Lalo Unnecessarilylongmiddlename Cabrales
Lalo Unnecessarilylongmiddlename Cabrales Epic 4g palm pre motorola razr
Charles Martin
Charles Martin 1: iPhone 5 2: iPhone 4 3: HTC Sensation 4: Samsung Galaxy SII 5: Motorola Atrix
Teron Facey
Teron Facey Sony Ericsson K800i Nokia n97 HTC Touch Nokia 3395 Nokia 8800 Arte. That metal case on that arte you could use it to clobber somebody upside their head with.
Phillip McGriff
Akbar Mustehsan
Akbar Mustehsan EVO 4G, Sensation 4G, Droid Incredible 2, Galaxy S II, HTC Wildfire
Denis Maniti
Denis Maniti Nokia 5190, Motorola Startac, Motorola RAZR, Apple iPhone 3G, Blackberry Bold 9000 No specific order just some of the most recognizable of all time.
Miguel Rosas
Miguel Rosas All the Iphones r gay!! Sorry apple yu sux!!
Carlos Joesph Medina
Carlos Joesph Medina Nokia 6620 HTC advantage HTC EVO 3d
Ivan Aleman
Ivan Aleman Htc evo 4g, samsung infuse
Brandon Johnson
Brandon Johnson 1). Samsung Focus 2). Nexus One 3). IPhone 3GS 4). Moto Razr 2 Don't really have a 5th yet since that's all I've really used.
Miguel Mendoza
Miguel Mendoza 5. iPhone 4. iPhone 3G 3. iPhone 3Gs 2. iPhone 4 1. iPhone 5
Will Cowell
Will Cowell Razor and the evo last two most reliable phones I have had
Abo Rodríguez
Abo Rodríguez 1, EVO ,2, nexus ,EVO 3D ,3,blackberry8130,4,palm pre ,and iPhone ...iPhone sucks but the way !!
Michael Singer
Michael Singer 1. Nexus S 2. SGSII 3. Nexus One 4. X10 5. 3GS
David Hilgendorf
David Hilgendorf 5. Sidekick 4. StarTac 3. Droid 2. DroidX 1. G1
David Long
David Long iPhone 4 htc sensation 4g
Ben Garcia
Ben Garcia The palm treo was a great phone for its time
Michael Breeze
Michael Breeze 1. iPhone 3G 2. Palm Treo 700 3. LG VX6000 4. HTC Tilt 5. T-Mobile Dash
Mark Greentree
Mark Greentree N95, razr, g1, Nexus one, Sensation
Ramon Quintero
Ramon Quintero Nokia sea ray when it comes out
Dee Wright
Dee Wright EVO 3d
Keith D Campbell
Keith D Campbell Galaxy s II Motorola Photon 4G EVO 4G Nokia N95 Motorola RAZR V3i
Reuben Samuel A
Reuben Samuel A Motorola v710 LG-9800 Blackberry 8330 Samsung vibrant Lg-G2X
Brandon Weldon
Brandon Weldon Iphone4,iphone3gs,mytouch4g,htc evo,sanyo incognito
Frank Mendoza
Frank Mendoza Samsung g2 Samsung captivate Nokia 5800 LG shine razr
Jesus Jimenez
Jesus Jimenez 1. iPhone 3GS 2. iPhone 3G 3. iPhone 1st gen 4. Blackberry Storm 5. LG Chocolate
Miguel Rosas
Miguel Rosas Sprint HTC EVO 3D!!!
Al Cahawl
Al Cahawl LG Dare, HTC Incredible1 and 2, Xperia Play, ? (can't think of another one at this moment)
Bryant Hayward
Bryant Hayward HTC Sensation, Galaxy S2, G1, Motorola RAZR (I still have mine!)
Rey Amparo
Rey Amparo Htc Evo 4g Htc Sensation Htc Evo 3d Htc Hd2 Htc Evo Shift

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