HTC Sense 3.5 previewed in 5-minute leaked video

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| August 29, 2011

HTC Sense 3.5 HTC Bliss

Last week we were treated to images of both the HTC Bliss in the wild and the new version of Sense that's said to be coming along with it. That leakage continues today with more Sense 3.5 goodness, but this time we've got something even better than still photos: video! The new clip, courtesy of the same folks at responsible for the past Bliss leaks, clocks in at nearly five and a half minutes long and shows off several of the new features found in this new Sense build. What kinds of features, you ask? Some of the enhancements shown in the video include the ability to add or delete home screens, a new launcher with phone and app drawer icons, and a new way to adjust the volume or set your phone to vibrate/silence. Check out the full video for yourself below.

So far this latest version of Sense looks like a nice update to HTC's Android skin and it should keep fans of the UI happy, especially if those rumors about it being able to run on older devices pan out. As a quick reminder for those of you interested in giving the Bliss and its new Sense a spin, the rumor mill has pegged HTC's female-focused handset for a September 29th launch. Good thing we've got this video and some screenshots to keep us busy in the mean time, huh?

Via Droid-Life,