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The future of webOS has been in limbo ever since HP announced earlier this month that it would discontinue operations on webOS hardware in Q4 2011. Many think that HP will end up licensing the platform to other manufacturers, but a new report from the rumor mill claims that one company in particular may have its eyes set on webOS. According to Digitimes and its "sources from notebook players," Samsung is thinking about acquiring webOS from HP in order to "compete head on against Apple and Google." Neither HP nor Samsung commented on the rumor.

This isn't the first time we've heard about the possibility of Samsung adopting webOS, as a report back in June claimed that the Korean manufacturer was one of the parties interested in licensing HP's mobile operating system. The idea of Samsung snapping up webOS may sound a little strange to some, but out of all of the major manufacturers currently on the market, Samsung could be the one most likely to make such a deal. Although Android seems to have captured most of Samsung's attention, the company has also dabbled in Windows Phone 7 and has its own Bada OS, showing that it's not afraid to try out different platforms on its hardware. What do you all think of the idea of Samsung buying webOS? Is a Samsung-made webOS handset something you'd be interested in or would you rather see a different manufacturer take the reins of webOS?

Via BGR, Digitimes

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"Would you like to see webOS on Samsung phones?"

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Zaben Hashish web os style with Android apps/customization=BEST PHONE EVAR
Brad Ikenberry Anyone who hates webOS has never tried it. To let it fall by the wayside would be a mistake. There is a loyal market for it.
Alex Johnston Just don't put frickin' Touchwiz and Samsung Apps, then it'd be all good!
Nathan A. Relken Yes, yes, yes! WebOS is great... People just have to try it!
Isaac Dargan Web os and samsung would better the ios by far.
John Thomas Would rather see HTC aquire it. HTC builds better phones. After the captivate I swore I would never buy another Samsung android phone. So maybe.
Jason Vargas If they improve it a little and if it can use Android Apps. GOOGLE should buy webOS tweak it to Android and put it on Motorola Phones
Christian Anthony Diaz Wait I thought they were giving up on web OS? Or did I miss something here? 0_O
Juan Valenzuela Hell yeah!!
Michael Carioti Absolutely!
João Filipe i think samsung is fine the way they are :)
Arcy Valdez Wall when is verizon upgrading the droid charge to gingerbread
KoKo Malli Would love to see WebOs on a super amoled screen!
Peter Kis Heck yeah!
Jason King I love the idea of another great OS making it to market and this is why I was sad about the end of production of WebOS devices … If Samsung were to take on WebOS and put them on Samsung devices you can only imagine how sweet that would be. First off Samsung has to be one of the best hardware providers out there and that was a major issue for palm and hp. Second HP sold off a lot of touchpad’s during the fire sale and when HP gets most of its stock back in their warehouse they are going to open back up sales for the low low which will result in more people using WebOS devices. Third with all these people with touchpad this will result in more people creating apps for WebOS, think about it they have to start somewhere right. If Samsung does do this they will need to create/ port about 100 key apps, about 30 of them games and the rest production apps, social apps, e-reader apps and every Google app out there and I think the WebOS devices will be a true contender, really who needs 1 million apps ? SN: When I’ve look at anyone’s device whether it be apple or android I never see anyone with over 50 apps on their device,so Sammy make this happen.
Kathy Creighton No way. Waiting for developer to claim the prize money for porting Adroid on to my $150 TP. No access to Amazon or Google music clouds. Only PRE version of Evernote. Apps too limited and/or overpriced.
Francis Singh Would like totry it out on my nexus s. 4g
Juan Araya WebOs as a launcher like HTC sense , would be awesome on samsung phones. As long as the android market and apps are integrated the phone will sell fast.
James Armando Bazan HTC should use HP license to make webOS phones, who could turn down a candy bar webOS phone by htc?
Luis Félix NO, samsung should keep using android.
Jacob St Only problem webos has is marketing, sprint killed the pre, if the pre had the apple team behind it, it would sell
Faisal Bilal idk I never used webOS. Yet my hp touchpad order is suppose to arrive tommro so gonna try it. I would like to see windows phone 7 mango on samsung phones
Ash Hus Maybe but I Wana c meego on samsung phone
Adam Khana Charsi Samsung Note running WebOS?
Dwight L. Burton Not really. Why would I?
Mina Morcos as long as it dual boots with android its cool =)
Coty Cox As a palm pre plus user for over a year I really loved webOS better than any thing else I have tried. Multitasking is effortless and the underground community for hacks is amazing and so much easier than android. I don't like samsung hardware that much but webOS will look good on anything.
Austin Radus finally! Samsung should have been the people to purchase Palm anyways in the beginning
Hansel Starley I want webOS out of my life.
Adrian Salazar I think Samsung should buy webos and implement it as UI to replace touchwiz. Touchwiz sux....
Gilbert Krystal Z WebOS is awesome but what's the point HP has basically given up on it. No support = epic fail
Zach Cline I think HTC and web os would be a better match.
Leandro Arce I don't think so, it looks like an dead OS from the past, It say that webOS is faster in the iPad 2 than their tablet, so that's pretty weird, but no, webOS is not that good that android or iOS!
Aaron Horner WebOS is a beautiful OS, it just lacks in the development community and was crippled by shitty hardware. Remember samsung now has the founder of cyogenmod on their staff! I have no doubt that he and a crew could make WebOS amazing, mix that with SGSII hardware and you have a winner!!!
Radu Tanasescu webOs is the most capable mobile os out there, fast, good browser, only one to have true multitasking and so on. Never been a commercial success though and the lack of apps and decent hardware makes it boring. Samsung could change all that. And all you trolls out there should try webOS before you dismiss it, and don't confuse bad hardware with a bad os.
Latricia Emerson I would love webOS on something lik HTC my EVO would really be the ish..lol..but if Samsung picks it up then hey I'll probably buy..HTC is becoming out in my life :) time for a change
Anonymous I would like to see samsung mobile as a whole jump off a freakin cliff!
Rajesh Ramsaroop Google needs to buy WebOS and implement its shiny interface and multitasking abilities into android
George Deleija WebOS wasn't the problem it was the shitty hardware. I'd love to try it out in a conventional smartphone form factor.
Henry Murillo On an HTC better!
Brad Haislip It would be good I love web os
Ron Hudson I think that's just Web OS needs to make a comeback
Max Glose yes, webOS is great, it's just too bad the pre sucked
Wood Franklin Hell yeah
Seaedge Val I sure would like to see how Samsung try. Not sarcasm but really, I wanna see how Samsung use that WebOS on their smartphone line.
Jeremy Gillett android, windows phone 7, bada, webOs. sounds good
Pedro Santos Jr. I'd rather see webOS on HTC's phones. They seem like a better match.
Celestino Rodriguez Geezus let it die already -__-
Mitch Toland Jr. If another manufacturer were to make one I'd want it to be HTC
Javier Bustamante You mean that Os that is being discontinued? Hell No!
Mitch Toland Jr. I have an Evo 4g and love Android but the multi tasking and email setup on WebOS is awesome
Andrews Morrison Marrion bell is dead wrong. the best thing about webos is that preware allows you to fix anything that the phone lacked at launch. No need to wait for manufacturers updates
Aswin KG Expecting more High end android devices from Samsung, So 'NO' is my answer !
Andrews Morrison Webos was the multitasking king. But now I have the photon. Guess ill wait and see what happens with webos
Brent Legendre love to!
Luis Gomez Sure. Why not
Nathan Gendle Webos is kinda unintriguing
Matthew Kurtis Barber no i'd rather not hear about webOS at all
Ben Conover android
Ernest Marvin Esteban just keep on developing android and improving touchwiz on it. :)
Gordon Christie wait and see what the guy from xda makes for their phones maybe a brand new OS
Miguel Rodriguez webOS isn't horrible , i loved its multitasking , but then when I got the Evo 4G , bam fell in love with android lol
Marrion Bell webos fuck webos its sucks Yu cant download shit to it with out a computer and don't have half of the thing android or iPhone does wack
Michael Miller I'd be interested, yes. Would I buy one? Probably not.
Jeremy Gillett no touchwiz is really good. bada is doing ok but needs a refresh, anyone know the specs for the Wave 3
Ernest Marvin Esteban no.. it would fail.. samsung phones are great and a webOS would ruin and waste the good hardware samsung offer on their phones cause webOS has no apps
Keenan ThePhotographer Adams Android or I dont want it
Fazan Umar i want an iphone 4
Michael Glenn I would like to see it on the new iphone 5. oops did I start something? lol
Ilyas Khayrutdinov I would like to NOT see WebOS, period
Tony Abiama Sure, why not
Tim Killian MMMM maybe. But would they release it here or replace BADA with it. Guess it would depend if it gets released in the USA.
Ryan Etzel Hell NO
Mon Pronuevo first.. no way

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