After Google announced its plan to acquire Motorola, there was a lot of initial backlash. It centered on the fear that Google's plan for Android had suddenly shifted, and the search giant would be playing favorites with the house that launched the DROID line. (Into the focus of the masses, at least.) Google was quick to quiet the riots, confirming that nothing would be changing, and that the plan for Android was still intact. And soon after the announcement, some people started suggesting that Google begin focusing on Motorola exclusively, and begin releasing high-end phones much in the same way that Apple releases the iPhone. Basically, as usual, opinions on what Google should do run the entire gamut of ideas, but maybe some are right.

Actually, I think Google needs to get a handle on Android and its release into the world. There isn't anything wrong with choice, and it's great that that is one of the cornerstones of Android's success. But this is really starting to get out of hand. And I know that this may seem like a strange thing for me to be saying, but after seeing reactions to the launch of Samsung's Galaxy S II variants here in the States, I'm thinking I am not the only one who feels this way. But before I continue, let me point out that I don't think this is a deal-breaker in the slightest. Just, maybe, a bump in the road. In fact, there's no arguing that Google's current plan for Android is working quite well, as the platform's rise to fame and dominance has been like an unstoppable stream roller.

"Samsung released an old phone to the United States." "Samsung released the top-tier Android phone of the week." These are just a couple of the comments I saw around the Internet after the US launch of the Galaxy S II, and what makes them poignant is that they are true. Even as Samsung unveiled the "new" devices, people were already still talking about the Motorola DROID Bionic, or even the HTC Vigor. Basically, despite the fact that Samsung was indeed launching powerful smartphones, people were already talking about what is coming next. And with devices like the rumored Samsung Nexus Prime, why wouldn't they be?

And that's the problem in a nutshell. I feel like the public is starting to feel the effects of Android saturation, and they really are hoping that something is done about it. Obviously, dealing with products in the tech market means that there is always that possibility of new devices launching right around the corner. But for Android devices, it is absolutely expected. Here we are launching three new high-end devices, and we didn't stop talking about what's still coming. That isn't good, other than having great conversation.

So what should happen? That's the hard part. One possibility could be Google's direct intervention, and mellowing out the release schedules for some of these devices. Or, maybe spreading devices out over carriers, so there are more options per carrier over the course of a year. Or, another option could be straight from the manufacturers. If they release a handset, say to T-Mobile, and then release a newer device with better specs for the same carrier, they offer a hefty discount to those who bought the first phone. Realistically, I think the window could only be three months between devices, maybe four or five. But after six months the consumer should be able to live with their purchase, and a discount wouldn't be expected.

Will this ever happen? Probably not. After all, the more devices the manufacturers can launch, the more money they can make. Unfortunately, I think it's come to a point where a new Android phone, no matter how great the specs, is only interesting and drool worthy for a couple weeks at most. What do you think of Android's release schedule? Let me know in the comments below.

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"Are there too many Android phones?"

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Eric Quach because android is BEAST
Dari Junior actually when your a technology freak like me, to a question like this , hands down no theres not enough i want more. i love the new features they continue to come out with
Marco Raymond Doesnt disturb me that much because it makes the phones value go down quicker so ppl can but them cheaper after a certain time becuz new ones are always coming
Aaron Couts Yeah but there are very similar which is funny
David Kfir Borochov no such thing
Naram Moshe Sure but since only 1 pure Android Google phone comes out a year who really cares. If you buy a Nexus phone then you are good until you upgrade since Google gives all the the updates right away. Also to the people saying Google doesn't update phones that are out now, well that's because of Htc and Samsung choosing not to. Plus if your that sad you don't get the latest versions just root it and download a new ROM.
Lyn Gage HellzBellz man! How dare you!
Jan Kenneth Manzano do you have an samsung galaxy tab as a prize and how to win on it
Delores Woodard-Davis yeah there all and they are putting them out so quickly they don't work well
Angel Ivanov Way too many!
James Myers @zack....maybe for a year + it may be supported. But doesn't apple release a iphone every year? Seems the exact same concept. Ill buy a new droid each year and u will buy your iphone. You will have 1-4 updates and ill have new software, kernels,ui,and so much more. And after htc announcing that its unlocked its bootloaders,means that there's no.reason to even have updates. Who on android honestly waits for ota updates? Im running 1.9ghz running sense 3.5 (that's not even released yet) gingerbeaad 2.3.5 on htc inspire. Yeah exactly us android users and customize and try new things as needed or wanted. Apple.....u what?.....jailbreak? Go figure android is dominance
Jason Torchy Back in 09.... Not enough. Two years later with close to 50% market share... There is to many... Google can't win.
Taavi Kala There's never Too many phones. At least Android can offer variety. iPhone is an iPhone - an overpriced, uncustomizable lump of plastic and/or glass.
Michael Horn They can make all the junkdroid phones they want there will never be a android phone to outsell a iPhone plain and simple it takes multiple and multiple android phones combined to outsell the iPhone wait till the iPhone 5 is released on sprint and tmobile android is done when that happens
Zach Cline @Jason-Exactly. That's what i'm saying. At google I/O they said they'll support devices for up to 18 months after you buy whatever and that's a joke. It takes google and these manufacturers over a year to push out one update and then you're only good for maybe six months.
Zach Cline @Jason. You don't need a new device to come out every three months.
Isaac Johnson Yes. I think more windows phones should come out. Android has now become standard in most mobile technology...but its just boring now. Its the same thing over and over again, so more variety of GOOD operating systems would be nice. Only other GOOD os i can think of is Windows 7 Mango.
Kevin Joel Wipe your butt properly Ayoub Hage!
Johnny Cababe The problem is all these companies don't even let the phone have it's minute cause they always make a new. Samsung has put out about 30 phones by the time the year ends.
Ayoub Hage I walked in a Apple store today.WOW I THINK I'M IN LOVE :)
Scott Bitters Yes you buy one and within a month it's out dated.
Shaky Mrles Nope...
Jason Allen Lucas No it gives people choices, and thats what androids all about. If you want the same device over and over....get an iphone
Michael Figueira Yes! It's so confusing .There should be only one. It should have only one button to control it and only run apps that google approves by their strict guidelines. Too many droids is like too many beers...NO SUCH THING!
Jason King In respects to market share No they are right on track . In respects to putting out quality products Yes they are putting out way too many phones . My big issue is support and updates, after your first 6 months with the phone ... once that first 6 months is over forget about it ... Which is not right .. When you purchase a phone you are in for 2 years ans $200+ They should at least support updates that will last for the first 2 yrs of the phones life . Ice Cream sandwich is about to come out in a month or two how long will it take for current devices coming out now to get that update what a year ? Maybe that's asking for too much to get fast updates but it will show a sign appreciation of their customers if they do so. Also once the hype of a new phone has passed like the Bionic then people look to the next new phone with out it even being released .
Jeremy Roman no... choice is good
Dan Poller Never, cause when they come out with on they find more mistakes, so then they make better one
Scroll Lock Sarcasm..
Brandon Peters Lame question, are there too many cars, to many computers, too many televisions, to many clothes, too many shops, to many malls, to much air. What's the point of this question.
Garry Oak Calabrese Android is like a big all-you-can-eat buffet, Variety is a good thing.
Teron Facey This sounds like an Apple question to me lol
Zach Cline HTC has the best UI out there.
Zach Cline Ryan you get more with a contract and better deals. I have unlimited data and i'm not overpaying. Even if i were you get what you pay for. Maybe you should quit being cheap.
Anthony Peña Is Apple asking this question?
Brandon Cilli They need phones to suite everyone testers gamers and browsers so no they just trying to provid good but they need to stop skining it and let Google do what's right but I like HTC sense best if there going to skin it
Anthony Peña We are Android... you will be assimilated
Ashley Vaughan Yes. Hell yes.
Tyran Bamn Gray It will never be too many as long as the phones get better over time.
Romy Rangama There are too many Android phones cannibalizing each other, nearly same specs, same interface...I'd like to see more stock android phones.
Ryan Cook @Zach lets see unlimited plan thats half the price and no contract. maybe you should wake up and stop over paying.
Zach Cline Lol @virgin mobile and metro piece of shit.
Ricky Rodriguez we need more for virgin mobile and metro pcs
Tommy Klein Well I do like all the options you get so I like having alot of android phones.
Greg Smart Hell yea
Nick Koval Keep em coming;)
Harith Jones I could see this being a part of Google/Android marketing strategy. Saturate the market and get as many people familiar with your software. Get it into entire families, children, grandparents, high-tech, and lo-tech user's hands (this is how they are going to surpass Apple and iOS). Once this happens (which is pretty much has), then you buy a phone manufacturer (like Google is doing) and then you scale back and start a similar marketing scheme as Apple has with iPhone and iOS. I do feel they are intentionally holding back from phone release to phone release (this irritates me greatly). Just scale back the releases, blow our minds with every release and the world is yours for the taking (more quickly). It also comes as no surprise to me that they now put themselves in a position to be even heavier in the tablet game (XOOM) and will out compete Apple in the future (Apple has a huge head start). Google is smart and they ARE taking over the word! NOW, if they could only work on the fit and finish of their products I'd be sold even more than I am already!
Ken Kim Yeah, just too many of them...
Joshüa Petersen No we need more androids, the more their are the better! More to choose from so you can find the exact one that fits you. How ever they need to kill off the cheap wannabe smart phones that is giving Android a bad name.
Javier Trejo Not reely.. Hahaha
Joanna Enrique Ramos I have the htc sensation One of the best phones in tmobile
Jose Sut Yes Adroid is the best
Joanna Enrique Ramos Android is the best!
Rajesh Ramsaroop Yes, there are too many choices of cars, too many choices of tv's and microwaves, too many choices of airlines to fly with. Seriously, let manufacturers make as many androids as they want, and let the stupid uneducated people buy the crap androids. It's their fault for not researching. Or, if googling is too difficult for you, get the iPhone. There's only one iPhone.
Zach Cline Way too many.
Chad Richter There were too many when the g1 launched on t-bag mobile.
Vince Sclafani maybe. i see more android devices in usa than in italy
Cesario Brito Jr. Android is the best os. I couldn't care less what anyone else say. Anyway, I do think there are too many android phones. I mean they are dropping like babies. They need to slow down a bit lol.
Geo Foreal Yes and too many wack ones that can't hang!
Angel Meza He'll fucking yea some shity ones to
Daniel Lujan Yes, absolutely! Each carrier should have a mid and high end Android device instead of trying to make an Android phone for everyone. Quit coming out with low end crap Android phones. And before manufacturing a phone make sure all the specs and hardware are able to receive future Android updates. Quit with the bloatware and custom ui's (moto blur, touch wiz, sense) just give us stock vanilla Android goodness.
Trevor Sawyer No. There are too many companies playing with AOSP. Leave it alone and let Google do their thing. AOSP ROMs run like the wind on all phones.
Ivan Aleman Not enough lol
Huey Liggins Not really. It's great to have so many choices. But choose wisely. As soon as you get the best one a better one will cone out a month later. I still feel like not android but the companies who make these phones are still trying to best the iPhone.
Hansel Starley No but they are too many crappy ones.
Benny Archambault no theirs not to many phones because theirs viritiates to pick for the user
Kara Paar The more the merrier!
Brian Deriel Guzman yes, the manufacturers need to stop making so many different versions of the same device. ex the galaxys 2 line. Why dont they just use the same build on all carriers and call the galaxy II?
Frank Tiberius Marte Jr And the names of foods for a new OS on android too! I love Droid, but it can be a pain in finding the best one out there.
Aaron Jefferson I think so
Champai Am HTC has too many android phones.
Ricardo Lopez why shouldn't there be its the best os hands down!!!
Paul Armendarez Yesssssss
Tim Daniel I'm not a big fan of Andy
Rc Cavin Way to many.
Miles Lark Yes hell yes
Zach Cline Android is not the best. Thats's all subject to personal opinion.I like it but it's not the greatest thing out there like people try to make it out to be. Android is ruling the market because there are so many devices out now so of course there are going to be high sales.Like i said, Manufacturers need to be focusing on quality control, Pushing out timely software updates and improving battery life so we're not charging every five hours. The only downfall to having so many devices on the market is that carriers and manufacturers have a harder time keeping them updated,. Take for example- The droid 2 just got gingerbread- I read where someone said something about ice cream sandwhich dropping in october.That might be the case but my droid x and the droid 2 will never see it . Probably due to the hardware limitations and the mass amount of android devices being produced. I could get the bionic in november, But the only problem there is that there's going to be another android device out that's better within six months. So in a way you're forced to buy a new droid to ensure that you'll get the latest updates.
Dave Torres Every manufactor but Apple should build a flagship phone with updates as good as Apple. Apple is doing it right. HTC and Samsung, Moto should take lessons. I hope with the Nexus Prime coming out that will stop alot of crappy phones. Anyone need a Google+ invite let me know.
Patrick Ian Burke Yes. Far too many devices. Also a new one comes out like every 6 seconds.
Tyler Neill Yeah way to much android is way over rated, it's not even as good as ios or webos
Eric Ewreck It only took like 500 android phones to beat an iPhone.
Oscar Ruelas too much android is not enough
Leandro Arce Hell Yea!
Jacob Brown No, it is good to have different options. Obviously, you have to pay more for the better phones but it is nice to be able to pay little money for a smart phone!
Chris Bushing Yes I have an iPhone. But I want an android as a second phone and it pisses me off cause android is a sweet platform. It would be so much better if they had better standard qualifications in order to carry the android name
Macoi Ojeda Moralina Jr. too many, soo confusing but "leased high-end" id rather go for the high end, but before i can buy it was like theres new android again! WTF! :p
Bryon Carlin No it's the new standard for hardware manufacturers. That would be like saying a few years ago is their to many flip phones.

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