Over the past few years, we all have acquired a certain dependency on our cell phones. Not only are they a means of communication, but a source of navigation, endless entertainment, information and much more. The capabilities of the run-of-the-mill smartphone are truly amazing and far beyond what we ever could have imagined back when we were all rocking our Moto RAZRs. There is a catch, however. While phones are getting bigger and faster, batteries are getting smaller and OEMs don't seem to care.

I was spoiled back in the day with a slew of BlackBerry handsets, most of which could last two or three days per charge with moderate to heavy use. But I've recently lost hope as even RIM has given battery technology less consideration as they struggle to keep their head above the water. The change is only subtle, but it's definitely noticeable to a BlackBerry veteran. The Bold 9930, which I've been using for a few weeks now has been no better than the iPhone, with roughly the same usage between the two. It's not horrible, but it definitely isn't the battery life I've learned to expect from BlackBerrys.

With powerful, compact processors, great cameras, large displays and mind-blowing network speed capabilities, battery technology has become an afterthought. It's as if OEMs feel it's okay their superphone only gets five or six hours per charge with minimal use. Nonetheless, it seems pretty futile to sit and complain about waning battery life in smartphones. Making it a full day on a single charge is an increasingly difficult thing to do. So how does one cope? There are a few different options, and I've tried them all. None of them are quite as nice as the phone simply lasting the entire day on its own. But hey, times are rough and a man has to do what he can to get by.

Spare/Extended batteries

This is probably the easiest way to make it through a day when carrying a phone with less than stellar stamina. Charge up a spare battery or two before a long day out and when one battery drains, pop in a spare for another full charge, instantly. The obvious drawback to this is the extra luggage and the fact that not every phone has removable batteries. If your phone does have a removable battery, you can usually purchase them through your carrier or online from anywhere from $15 to $40.

Extended batteries are also a great way to get an extra few hours out of your phone. These will usually add a little more bulk, but it's worth it to many for those spare few hours. Extended batteries generally run from $40 to $80. Yeah, batteries are not cheap.

Portable juice packs

Battery packs are the only truly portable way to recharge your battery while on the go, and there are several different options to go with like the Mophie Juice Pack, ZAGGsparq, etc. Charge the block up before you leave and you can have anywhere from one to four full recharges. This methoed has three huge caveats, though: the chargers are expensive (usually around $100), the blocks are fairly bulky and you have to wait for the phone to charge. If you have a backpack or bag and can throw the phone in it for a nice long charge, this is the best path to take as they will typically work with nearly any phone.

Plugging in whenever, wherever you can

If I were to guess, this is the method of choice for most people. Carrying a spare AC charger, USB cable or a car charger with you at all times makes for an easy way to refuel when you're near an outlet or USB port. But again, it's slow and the chances of you coming across a power supply may be slim depending on where you are. Lucky for us, some adverts at bus stops around major cities have begun integrating refueling stations along the streets. Take what you can get.

I wonder how long this will last before they start charging – "Insert $1 for a half hour of charging."

Airplane mode/toggle data

When all else fails you, there is always a sure shot way to squeeze a little extra juice out of your phone. Data usage, voice calls and your phone simply talking to the nearest towers are the cause of a large portion of your battery drain. If none of the other methods are available to you, turning on airplane mode (or turning off mobile data) and using the phone on an as needed basis can increase your phone's battery quite dramatically. The obvious problem with this is in airplane mode, nobody can contact you in case of an emergency, so toggling the data connection as you need it may be the best route if you can't totally sacrifice communication.

A method of your own?

As always, I'm interested in hearing what you ladies and gents have come up with to make it through the day with your phone. Being a huge advocate of long-lasting batteries, I've tried a million different techniques. Some work, some don't. And a lot of them are more trouble than they're worth. I'm always open to new ideas and techniques. This is why I'm asking you for your input. What are your preferred methods of making your phone last through the day?

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Aaron Latham
Aaron Latham most of a day atrix 4g
Eric Quach
Eric Quach ya ya. barely
Nick Koval
Nick Koval My 1900 mAp battery lasts me only half a day
Rumle Borgmann
Rumle Borgmann i use skype if i wanna talk to someone
Rumle Borgmann
Rumle Borgmann i use it like 2 times a week :P so it can go though 2 weeks.
Wendi Martin
Wendi Martin my evo does but only because I bought an oversized battery for it.
Erman Guido
Erman Guido Droid 2 Global- NO
Carlos Joesph Medina
Carlos Joesph Medina HTC EVO 3D overclocked to 1.8ghz no way.. regular it does make it most of the day
Christian Chambers
Christian Chambers Not with my photon
Brandon Ricker
Brandon Ricker No but close to it when heavy use is happening 5-7 hrs, just text and min calls and WiFi off with low screen brightness yea a full day, HTC Sensation
James Roberts
James Roberts 2 days on my iPhone 4. Right now I'm about 2 days about 27%.
James Vincent
James Vincent My Optimus v with cm7 does quite well on battery life
???? ???? ???????
???? ???? ??????? I may not be a heavy user, but I still use my phone a lot! One time at 8:30pm my phone was at 40%. I don't turn off my phone at night, I just plug it in & unplug it about 7am. I bought an 1800mAh battery from eBay so that helps a little. It's right now 2:30pm & I'm holding 70% battery life. HTC Thunderbolt
Patrick Souza
Patrick Souza My Android phone. Sensation. No, Sam 4G. No, My G2X No,, my new 9900 4G Blackberry ,, umm hell yeah!!
Mamahnita Combs
Mamahnita Combs LOL no
Jose Gomez
Jose Gomez Well it also depends on what type of user you are, I'm a heavy user on all my past android phones and the always die on me, I don't mind taking my charger wherever I go though
Jose Gomez
Jose Gomez Don't think that there is any smartphone out yet that makes it through the day without charging it at least once after letting it charge overnight
Jose Gomez
Jose Gomez Don't that there is any smartphone out yet that makes it through the day without charging it at least once after letting it charge overnight
ShehrYar Asghar
ShehrYar Asghar NOPE samsung epic
Sergio Nayar
Sergio Nayar Yes - Atrix 4G, moderate use. Beyond that with high use through Lapdock.
Ian Walker
Ian Walker Yeah iPhone 4 no problem ! Before iPhone desire hd I had real problems getting that through the whole day.
James Jamison
James Jamison Yeap. Rooted HTC Sensation 4G with heavy use lasts over 24 hours on a single charge.
Gabriel Freeman
Gabriel Freeman Yep. Rooted Mytouch 4G running MIUI rom. Lasts all day.
Rod Jackson
Rod Jackson My HTC EVO need charged about 3 times a day
Joseph Horton
Joseph Horton Motorola triumph, great battery life. Get the battery doctor.
Ivan Aleman
Ivan Aleman Yeah my infuse does about 9 hours. Is good
Derek Lombardi
Derek Lombardi Yes... Nexus One CM7
Tim Fuhrmann
Tim Fuhrmann 35+ hours on my 9780. Pretty heavy user, lots of texting, BBM, facebook, crackberry, and youtube.
Zino Vikman
Zino Vikman Yes! Mainly because I get up at 5pm and go to bed at 8pm....
Patrick Diamond Duncan
Patrick Diamond Duncan Acer Liquid E, yes
Josh Evans
Josh Evans Samsung Mesmerize no...but just upgraded to gingerbread supposed to have better battery life...we'll see, already 72% and it's 1 o'clock.
Curtis VanSelus
Curtis VanSelus Yup with moderate use htc sensation
James Vincent
James Vincent Yes
Thomas McCarty
Thomas McCarty Mytouch 4g no...usually have to charge it atleast once
Kenny Tran
Kenny Tran I have an iPhone 3GS and I was wondering if there was an app like juice defender from android for the ios playform
John Cantu
John Cantu It makes it through my 9 hour work day
DeMonte Greene
DeMonte Greene No evo 4G
Mark Navarro
Mark Navarro Coming from a rooted EVO 4g to non rooted EVO 3d, I'm amazed that I can get 20 + hours with regular use and I'm a power user. All Android phones having sorry battery life is a myth just depends which phone you get.
Dee Motto Love
Dee Motto Love Yes my touch 4 g rooted 2.3
Fernando Arias
Fernando Arias Yes HP veer.
Sergio Rubio
Sergio Rubio When I had android no...on iphone4 it lasts almost two days on heavy use
Randy Wardle
Randy Wardle G2x...I usually have to charge a couple times a day, with fairly heavy use...
Juha Wahlsten
Juha Wahlsten Yes. Iphone4.
Mohnim Mazhar
Mohnim Mazhar On moderate use
Mohnim Mazhar
Mohnim Mazhar My LG gt 540 just about makes it
Ryan DeClue
Ryan DeClue People, you're carrying around a powerful computer running on a battery barely bigger than a postage stamp. Their not dinky flip phones anymore!
Sam Bahhur
Sam Bahhur yes, iPhone 4 lasts a whole day and a few hours next day! thats with heavy usage all day
Justin A Malakhow
Justin A Malakhow It's obvious that lithium ion battery technology has not been able to keep up with phone technology. I carry around a spare, as well as a charger AT ALL TIMES and I frequently have to swap out.
Nick Kalman
Nick Kalman I goes through the day no problem. WP7 rocks
Nathan Shoup
Nathan Shoup I use the Motorola Photon and my battery kicks ass!
Trenton Capps
Trenton Capps Yes sir, rooted mytouch 4g with 2.3.3.
Darryl Mouzone
Darryl Mouzone It all depends on how I use it. If I use it moderately, than I'll get a full day out if it. With heavy use, I'll only get half a day out of it before it needs to be charged.
Thomas Matthews
Thomas Matthews Just about. Blackberry 9780
Jill Godfrey
Jill Godfrey have a blkberry. Bold, usually with minimal use can make it through the day :)
Zach Cline
Zach Cline DROID x sometimes. It depends on how much i'm on it. I don't have time to be on it at work do I easily get a full day . But with moderate to heavy use I get about seven hours.
Joseph Rincon
Joseph Rincon yep no problems bc i have an iphone4
Amar Shah
Amar Shah Atrix all day!!
Ramon Quintero
Ramon Quintero no HTC hd7
Jeff Ritter
Jeff Ritter iPhone 4 does pretty easily.
Mitchell Martinez
Mitchell Martinez iphone4
Mitchell Martinez
Mitchell Martinez yes
Rene Saenz Jr.
Rene Saenz Jr. iPhone 4 yes... Samsung captivate no....
David Long
David Long My iPhone doesn't cause I play on it all day
Richard Virgen-Slane
Richard Virgen-Slane My nexus one did and so does my HTC sensation. :)
Nathan Griffin
Nathan Griffin Yeah it makes it through the day but it doesn't work for half of it lol
Tim Killian
Tim Killian Depends on what I do. Battery will drain fast if I do a lot of stuff.
David Harness
David Harness Yep. iPhone 3GS
Hars Han
Hars Han YEA my Nokia 5230 with cfw does 1.5 days
Liz Zetina
Liz Zetina Ummm... NO! Android's Huawei Acsend
Allyson McAtamney
Allyson McAtamney Nope. Pantech impact
Dalton Severns
Dalton Severns Yep and I have the env 3. I can go 3 days with a good charge and I still use it heavily for everything.
Larry Valdez
Larry Valdez Yes htc aria
Gary Brown
Gary Brown I get about 5 hours out my OG Droid. So my answer is no.
Javier Pineda
Javier Pineda Htc running Android needs two charges a day but sure use it a lot
Jeremy Gross
Jeremy Gross ha i have an env touch send 4 multi media messages and check Facebook a couple of times plus like 5 five minute calls = dead battery piece of crap
Brad Haislip
Brad Haislip Yes the bold 9930 makes all day
Tanmoy Nandi
Tanmoy Nandi My Sensation does make it through the day with always on 3G and facebook, news, twitter, GMail.... Quite happy with the performance.... :)
Jennifer DeAlmeida
Jennifer DeAlmeida EVO 4g and I have to switch batteries at least once a day. Thank god I have a spare battery charged all the time. The single worst thing about most Android phones. :-(
Shawn Gaster
Shawn Gaster Not really big iPhone 4 user here, and the battery life isn't all it's cracked up to be, using it most of the day for company purposes, around half a day tops
Kristy Pena
Kristy Pena My touch 4g sucks my batt dies so fast i say in 5 hrs thats with no apps on my phone
Aaron Villalona
Aaron Villalona my iPhone 4 lasts a day and a half!
Dustin Epps
Dustin Epps Atrix last all day
Oscar Niebla Fuentes
Oscar Niebla Fuentes Yep, Original Droid non-rooted still rockin' android 2.0
Chris Mejia
Chris Mejia 6 am to 8 pm with motorola triumph I'm happy considering it has a 1380 battery
Moses S M Kawuma
Moses S M Kawuma My samsung galaxy S2 lasts through out the day. I charge it once ever night!
James Armando Bazan
James Armando Bazan HTC inspire ...no
Martin Rodriguez
Martin Rodriguez When I had the Sensation no. But my iPhone 4 will last the whole day.
Jared Dore
Jared Dore Htc sensation, yes from 6am till 9pm
Todd Donna
Todd Donna Yeah Droid inc 2. Makes it two.days usually
John Fisher
John Fisher Danu my wife is on the phone all day playing games and it still lasts over a day sometimes even 2. With the android phones I've had (eris, DX2) battery on heavy use would not make it through day.
Josh Hutchins
Josh Hutchins On my iphone 4 it has the best battery in a smartphone ive ever had (og droid, droid inc) at the end of the day i have about 50% left with heavy texting and moderate web usage with wifi almost always connected
Paul Armendarez
Paul Armendarez 13hrs with moderate use EVO 3d
Surendrasinh Jhala
Surendrasinh Jhala Very rarely on my arc....:(
Ateeb Tallaat Khan
Ateeb Tallaat Khan My phone will make it through the day with moderate use (txt, music, facebook, google voice) ...Samsung Infuse 4g (wifi on only; gps, bluetooth off)
Fan OfDreaming
Fan OfDreaming Not really. Battery life was already bad on my EVO, I admit, but now I think it's gotten worse. Must get a new phone.
Ben Dupree
Ben Dupree Yes and I'm a data abuser!!!!!! Rooted HTC EVO 4G .....(iphone killer)....LOL
Ben Conover
Ben Conover depends on how much i use it. CM7 has really made the most of my 1350 maH battery (backflip)
David Hilgendorf
David Hilgendorf Yup!!! DroidX2 and soon to be BIONIC!!
Quentin Hickman
Quentin Hickman FUCK NO-Samsung vibrant!!
Jaspreet Singh Sarai
Jaspreet Singh Sarai I have the infuse 4g and I make it through 4 days without chargeing and I text, call, and use web, email, and video surf a lot. I also okay games a lot and use apps to much but still mine does not die fast.
Christopher Wesley
Christopher Wesley No. My EVO 3D will make it to about 1 and then will need a charge. But better than my old EVO. I will be investing in an extended life battery. Everyone needs those
Jake Mexin
Jake Mexin Yup my iPhone 4 lasts all day and then some and that's with heavy use of Internet, text, Netflix the lot!
Melvin Mejia
Melvin Mejia Hell yea iphone 4

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