Samsung Stratosphere SCH-i405

The Verizon Android leak train continues today with the Samsung Stratosphere, a QWERTY-equipped 4G LTE handset that looks an awful lot like Sprint's Epic 4G. The device has shown up as the SCH-i405 a a couple of times in the past, but today a pair of press shots of the device have been handed to the folks at Pocketnow, giving us a clear look at Verizon's upcoming slider. Rumored to be arriving alongside the Motorola DROID Bionic on September 8th, the Stratosphere is said to feature an 800x480 display, single-core 1GHz processor, 5-megapixel camera, 1.3-megapixel shooter around front, 4G LTE connectivity, and Android 2.3.4.

In the past there was some confusion about whether the Samsung Stratosphere was this SCH-i405 device or Verizon's version of the Galaxy S II. Now that we know that Big Red won't be getting its own GSII, though, it seems like a pretty safe bet that this QWERTY slider will be dubbed Stratosphere when it lands. So now that we've finally gotten a good, hard look at the SCH-i405, are any of you QWERTY addicts out there thinking about snagging a Stratosphere?

Via Pocketnow

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"Do any of Verizon's new 4G LTE phones appeal to you?"

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Kenneth L. Jackson Yep. The HTC Vigor (coming out next month), which will be my next phone.
Felix Weber VERY interested in the Stratosphere. I'm not bothered by the fact there's no Dual Core.. But LTE? I'm very enticed by that. The fact it's a slider, especially based on the Epic 4G? >:O SOLD.
Darrow Fields Jr. Bests service period....Love my Thunderbolt.
Patrick Purviance Nope, cuz they're Verizon phones.
Mauka Side I have the Charge but it is not as fast as I thought it would be. I lose the 4G lte connection and the phone freezes up. While texting either the cursor goes off on it's own or the texting app closes ad goes nack to the home page. I'm gonna give the Bionic a try and get rid of this Samsyng Charge.
Zach Cline It's not extra of you already have unlimited data.
Edwin Brian Davis I'd love to get Verizon I guess, but I just can't afford it. The extra $40 a month is NOT worth the coverage.
Zach Cline It won't be better.
Karin Kroll Ross Waiting for 2nd generation when battery life is better!
William Smith First the EVO/ thunderbolt now epic 4g/ Wat ever use last year hardware and charge higher prices thanks Verizon !
Jeff Ritter No I use AT&T and their LTE is crap to me. The standard 3G on AT&T with an iPhone 4 pulls in fast data. Who needs a fat phone with a service that doesn't work everywhere every time and probably sucks the battery power down too fast.
Trever Pitts All I want is the blackberry bold 9930
Zach Cline Sprint sucks and they aren't getting the iphone.
Nicole Gunter Well my Verizon iPhone that I just hot has made me a new proud verizon customer and I got a mifI 4g lTE mobile hotspur which is good
Michael Chapman I am saving too much money with Sprint
Brandon Worley All of them... my tbolt has ZERO battery issues those that do need to learn how to set their device up properly. I may or may not have played w the new 4g launching later this week & it may or may not be a beast...
Shawn Smallwood no verizon is to rich for my blood
Jordan Mosley Not really, but I got one just to keep unlimited data (of course I got it before they said we could upgrade to 4g and keep unlimited -_-)
Dina Locklear Ball Waiting on Droid Prime from Samsung!
Erman Guido They have better 3G phones than 4G
Alexis Lara Maybe droid charge.
Kenneth Costello Since I am sprint, I just got the photon which is the bionic equivalent.
Tim Miyashiro None, because I don't have Verizon.
George Mellen My Thunderbolt is crying for his Gingerbread!!!
Tom Shock Ask that question when the Vigor comes out.. Then I will answer.
Timothy Parry Jr. Posting this from the lg revolution love the network speeds. Get about 22 down and 4 up. Tell me an iphone can currently do that.
Jd Davis Bionic all the way. Can't wait for Thursday!
Tamaris Jones Nope note til they have LTE window 7 phones
Bobby Ward Htc vigor is looking really nice right now and well probably replace my thunderbolt if all the specs hold up
Jason Young No. Sprint has the best 4G phones. Sprint is also getting the iPhone 5 in Octobeer with 4G. the other carriers can suck on a lemon.
Eric Ver Linden If your waiting for a 4G iPhone then you'll be waiting awhile, since the new iPhone will only be 3G.
Eric Ver Linden Verizon sucks and is overpriced so no.
David Hilgendorf DROID BIONIC!!!
Joshua Nathaniel Mackall I have the thunderbolt and not thrilled, wish I could've gotten the incred2 or the Droid x2, no 4G in my area
Scott Bitters Well maybe the Droid Prime if it's 4g
Scott Bitters No I don't have 4g in my area yet.
Champai Am No. I like my iPhone 4 and Mifi 4G together.
Kevin Schomer We will see what the bionic is like. No 4g in my area, but if I'm going to be stuck with a phone for two years, I'm upgrading to one with 4g capabilities.
Greg Phifer Droid charge and the bionic
Matthew Dyer I can't get coverage with AT&T when I'm in VA I just wish my contract ended already!!! :(
Mustafa Sidiqee No,they are just trying to over price last years technology with battery guzzling 4G
Jason Vanderhyde Not til its better rolled out and chip gets smaller and plays better with battery... Oh and I'm AT&T all the way ;-)
Darryl Mouzone No. Until 4G LTE is available in my area, its not worth it.
Christian Sanchez Not yet... Once 'Big Red' actually makes an attempt to get some LTE in my area, then we shall see.
Zmijewski Ginny DROID Samsung Charge. I got it after many problems with DroidX and love it! So far. ;)
Joshua Sanchez Nope not yet
Andrew Hackett no 4g lte :( att:)
Kong Yang All of them. Can't decide!
Dana Tyler DROID bionic
Anthony Douglas Look at the line of devices that other carriers have.....then take a look at Verizon's......nuff said
Chad Richter You must be poor then, tito.
Tito H Dominguez I have never been attracted to Verizon... IDK... it's either sprint or t-mobile for me... t-mobile has always had a better selection on devices..
Luis Cortes Moto Droid Bionic!
Ruben Perez HTC Vigor or the galaxy note if it has LTE
Daniel Lujan If there was LTE in my area then yeah.
Dan Drzewicki Seriously just switch to Sprint
Tim Killian Bionic!
Jaime Andrade Samsung droid
Jordan Acosta Sprint have better phones....
Chris Bellah Sprint > Verizon
Derek Blaney Waiting on the DROID prime preloaded with icecream sandwich in october.
Ben Broyles I'm rocking the kin 2. Suck it android and 4g!!!!!!
Javier Martinez no plans are to high$$$$$$$
Jonathan Jones Cant wait to see the Bionic
Eric Kroh 1 more year=upgrade
Tony Abiama No no no no no.
Gary Brown The bionic does.
Chad Richter If only the droid 3 was 4g...
Kyle James Sherman No. When does the Windows Phone Mango update come out?
Vicki Figueroa Recently got 4G in my area, so add that plus dual core on the Bionic & thats the phone for me! Just 2 more days & its mine :D
Steven Quintal Droid bionic does! :)
Jose Hernandez None.....
Richie Barrett Jr Motorola droid bionic almost same as photon 4g but better than photon cause 4g faster than sprint hey sprint u too slow on 4g u wasting my $$$on 4g
Byktor Urvaes Maybe the droid bionic
Jason L Naylor Sprints got the best phones!!!!!!
Jeremy Gross i want to move up to a 4g phone i still have a messaging phone and it sucks i am waiting for a phone that i really like proboly droid prime if its true my phone is about to crash and explode
Robert Sabado Waiting for the 4G iPhone!
Steven Morris waiting for the Droid Prime or the Iphone 5
Dre Day Motorola Droid Bionic.
Hansel Starley There's no verizon in my country.
Tony Drake Yes phone dog I currently am on the tbolt and loving it minus the battery life. I will always use HTC for the sense interface. I watched your video before making my decision between the charge and the tbolt. The only thing I don't like is that they put the charger port on the wrong side
Isaiah Rodriguez At&t is better just saying...
Ivan Sencillo Hell NO!!!
Rebecca Raven Nothing on Verizon is very appealing to me.
Dylan Vu Nguyen definitely the Droid Bionic, too bad it didn't come out in time for me to buy it.. So far the Droid Charge has been okay, but its had a lot of issues
Tim Merrifield Thunderbolt
Jesus Irene As of now, no. Ill wait and see for the bionic
Joel Rivera Droid Charge? Hell yes.
Steve Moore Nope! Battery life sucks on them all!
Luis Reich Nope. I will keep tbolt until nexus prime
Dylan Velasco Just the beasty thunderbolt
Andrew Welker I've got the Droid Charge and like it quite a bit. Still anxious to get a look at the Droid Prime.

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